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Let’s meet in Berlin, the beating heart of Europe's tech ecosystem

With its cutting-edge innovation and high competition, Germany’s capital is a hotspot for scaleups looking to thrive in the tech industry.



As a Berlin-based software house, you're no stranger to the high competition and constant drive to stay ahead of the curve. That's where we come in, offering professional software development and IT consulting services to give you that advantage.

Located just a short flight away, Kraków shares a similar culture to Berlin, making it an ideal outsourcing partner for a software development. Our team of experts has already helped over 20 companies from different industries in Berlin achieve their goals through bespoke solutions and strategic consultancy.  Some of our clients were spreading their wings with us; others had already been large enterprises when they decided to trust us.

But Codete is not just limited to the Berlin market. We're also proud to offer our services to companies across the region, mainly those who share our passion for innovation and the highest standards.

Meet the benefits resulting from the Berlin x Kraków partnership below:
Warstwa_1Same timezone, no delays. Accelerate project success with efficient, real-time communication.
Warstwa_1Strategic advantage. Make your mark on the Berlin map with our top-tier technology solutions.
Warstwa_1Build lasting partnerships. Our teams are known for exceeding project expectations.
Warstwa_1Innovation at your fingertips. Outsource to Codete for cost-effective, high-quality IT services.

Let's work together to establish your company’s position in the German IT market!

Meet Codete - Software House Berlin

We're proud to offer top-notch IT solutions to companies of all sizes - from startups to enterprises. Our teams work with businesses in a variety of Berlin-located industries, including energy, transportation, and hospitality. With 70% of our engineers holding senior engineering positions, we have the know-how to handle even the most difficult projects.