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10 Django Packages Every Developer Must Know

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26/08/2021 |

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Dominika Reszke

Django projects need Django packages, as they significantly limit the time necessary to develop high-quality Django apps. They simply take the burden off programmers’ shoulders by providing a fair amount of code so that they don’t need to write everything from scratch.

And Django – a useful, versatile, free, and open-source Python web framework – is grabbing attention due to its impressive abilities. This list is very long and encompasses such advantages, as impressive speed, scalability, security, and versatility, as well as stellar documentation and tutorials available to create or enhance a website.

Moreover, it offers professional support of a vast and helpful Django community and many features that enhance development at every stage. And of course, Python itself is easy to learn even for junior developers, and on top of that, it offers a large library, and other endless resources.

Table of contents:

  1. Django packages vs modules - what sets them apart?
  2. 10 Django packages every developer should know
  3. Django & packages in brief

Django packages vs modules - what sets them apart?

What needs to be pointed out in the beginning, is that there is a certain confusion regarding Django. First of all, it’s worth noting that Django is a framework, and not one of libraries, so the terms such as „Django library”, or „Django libraries” may be regarded as erroneous.

Another issue is mistaking Django packages with Django modules. Although numerous Django benefits may be found in modules, the difference between Django packages and modules (that, in fact, are Python ones) is that the latter are single Python files packages consist of. In other words, a number of modules constitute a given Django package, or a collection, and are narrower a term.

What can also make a Django web app more reusable are Django plugins, another interesting Django-related term.


TOP 10 Django packages every developer should know

Best Django apps may be developed with a little – or rather major – help from particular Django packages. But which Django packages seem to be the most valuable? 

Some say that, when choosing one, it’s essential to pay attention to those most-used, or available in stable versions, while others point a finger at Python 3 packages, or those supporting a variety of use cases and Django projects.

Our list of top 10 Django packages embraces:

1. Django REST framework

A solid base to build any HTTP-based REST API, praised for providing powerful and flexible tools as well as impressive usability, authentication policies, serialization, and extensive documentation.

2. Sentry

A service meant to monitor a running application and errors or crashes that occur when it’s working. It’s important that events are sent from every language.

3. Django GUID

A library enabling matching a single HTTP request with all messages coming from logs (the so-called correlation id). Django GUID is WSGI-supported and also ASGI-supported.

4. Cookiecutter Django

A framework for Django 3.1 that enables quick setup of a new Django project. Works with Python 3.9. Secure and handy - comes with a custom user model.

5. Django Debug Toolbar

A toolbar that helps debug a Django application in the browser, offering many built-in as well as third-party panels. It works on Django versions 2.2, 3.0, and 3.1.

6. Django Channels

WebSocket async support in Django, available via several locations. User-friendly, flexible, allowing for customizability. 

7. Celery

Celery is one of basic yet powerful libraries for asynchronous tasks (running in the background) processing. A guide on how to integrate Celery into a Django project can be found here.

8. Database-backed Periodic Tasks (Celery Beat)

An extension to Celery that enables storing and managing (creating, editing, and deleting) a periodic tasks schedule in the Django database, backed by the Django ORM.

9. Django-baton

A handy, cutting-edge, responsive, and user-friendly interface for a Django admin, based on Bootstrap 5. Created with Python, JavaScript, SCSS, HTML, and some other languages.

10. Graphene-Django

It’s about making Django data available through an interface based on GraphQL. Some tips on how to add GraphQL functionality to your Django project may be found here.


Django & packages in brief

Django is a high-level framework that allows for truly quick development. The most powerful Django packages outshine many other tools and impress software developers with their incredible usefulness, versatility, reliability, scalability, security, accessibility, as well as providing first-class guidance and assistance.

What also sets them apart is that – because the Django web framework follows Python’s „batteries included” approach – some of the large Django packages are provided with „sophisticated and robust capabilities”.

They can be successfully and easily utilized in a variety of projects with the idea to develop some of the most cutting-edge Django web apps in mind. Some of the use cases of the best Django packages include REST APIs, debugging tools, and forms.

And do you agree with our list of top 10 Django packages? Are there any additional you’d recommend to other software developers? Which of the packages is, to you, the most tested and proven, or useful, in day-to-day work?

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