2 tracks, 6 presentations and lightning talks. We will shed some light on the idea and history of CodeteCon in an upcoming paragraph, now all you need to know is that current second edition will be held on May 18th in SpotKawie on Berka Joselewicza 23 in Cracow!

Beg your pardon?

CodeteCon is a conference (or a meetup if you prefer) during which we want to share not only our knowledge but also learn some cool things from other people: both from speakers and attendees during networking. In the past, during annual mountain getaway we had leads doing presentations for the rest of the company but in the fall of 2015, inspired by Inviqa’s DevDay, I managed to convince management to have a local, recurring event during which each and every employee can present something interesting s/he knows or was lately working on. And it was good! While the number of people in the company goes north it’s easier and easier  not to know everybody and have no idea what they’re working on. And maybe, just maybe, they’re solving a problem you’re trying to tackle too? Or maybe a team on the floor above is pulling out their hair on something you have a solution for? Internal event was an amazing solution to enable different people and  teams to share experience with each other.

After two inhouse events we decided to take a leap forward: make CodeteCon open for everybody! With only little tweaks on talks arrangement (one lightning talk after each presentation was not as good idea as it seemed – listen what people are telling you in the surveys!) we booked a venue, invited speakers from friendly local VML office and wished for the best… To our joy we had around 150 attendees! Thanks to quite positive feedback we feel we’re going in the right direction and here we are with the next edition.

Important links

Eventbrite – the event is open for everybody and free but we kindly ask you to sign up so we can better assess amount of chairs, drinks and snacks we need to provide
Event on Facebook – so you can click that “attend” button and invite your friends too
Event on Meetup.com – for all of you who are not a fan of Zuckerberg’s platform
Codetecon.pl – modest homepage of ours. For now it’s serving as a link hub and allows you to submit a talk for the next event but we promise we’ll build something better in near future!


The event and presentations will be in Polish thus in the gallery below you will find talk abstracts written in Polish too.

Last but not least

We really hope that line-up we have is to your liking and we will see you on May 18th! Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions – we will be more than glad to address them.

Also from now on we will have always-open Call For Papers – this means that anytime you want you may go to codetecon.pl, fill in the submission form and let us know that you would like to take part in the next CodeteCon as a speaker! Next event will be held in the fall of 2017 but worry not, the submission is in no way obliging you to be present then – if the date won’t work for you we will be glad to reach out to you when next event takes place. If you’re not seasoned speaker but want to start the journey, do not hesitate to contact us! We’ll do our best to help you out with this big step. Believe me, that particular step is worth all the effort.

Team Leader

As a child, perhaps like most of us, dreamt about creating all those cool computer games he was playing but in the end around 2006 found himself in PHP world and stayed there until this very day, trying to make that world a little bit better every day. MongoDB Team @ Doctrine // Fan @ Symfony