Throughout the year we’ve been publishing regular company updates, but the time has come to sum things up and round down the most important facts from our company life in 2020. 

This has been an exceptional year — full of surprises and unprecedented events, including many hardships. At Codete, we experienced some stagnation in March, but luckily, a huge rebound already in the second quarter. The third and fourth quarters of the year allowed us to make up for the losses caused by the lockdown. 

As for today, the situation in the company is very good. We still have a strong upward trend in revenue, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it continues in 2021. 

Here’s a brief summary of 2020 at Codete.


Codete’s business growth in 2020

Some projects have ended, but in most cases we’ve tightened our relations with the clients. We’ve started to collaborate more closely to get through the crisis together and practically always managed to work out a sensible approach.


We’ve managed to exceed last year’s result by 30%:

  • The number of clients increased by 20%.
  • Right now, we have 43 active clients.
  • We’ve entered a new market: Hong Kong.


The most popular requests from our clients as to competencies were:

  • Backend – 1st place (the most popular frameworks: Java, Python, PHP)
  • Frontend – 2nd place (the most popular framework being React)


Almost 200 Codeters in 2020

We’ve also noted a significant growth in the number of our employees and we’re still hiring! Right now, we’re nearing 200 people in total (and the majority of our team are senior level specialists).


  • The IT Department increased by 30%.
  • The Business Department increased by 3 employees.


This year, Codete made exactly 100 offers to candidates:

  • 73% senior / lead 
  • 18% mid 
  • 8% junior / intern  


Recruitment-wise, the most popular technologies in 2020 were:

  • JavaScript (25% of all recrutations)
  • .NET
  • PHP


We received 108 recommendations in total, from Codeters and people outside of the company. If you happen to know any talented software engineers searching for new job opportunities, we encourage you to take a look at our stellar Referral Program. And if you’re one yourself, don’t hesitate to browse our careers page.


Building a knowledge-sharing IT community

2020 was very different from previous years when it comes to events, as the world shifted to online meetings. So did we! Until March, we held 7 meetings onsite, but later on focused on web talks – and we definitely plan on keeping them going in 2021.


In 2020, we had 23 Codete web talks on ZOOM:

  • 4 in cooperation with meetup groups
  • 7 in cooperation with our partners from Germany, Serbia and Spain 
  • 3 series of Speech & Teach web talks (2 x React/Node.js, 1 x PHP)
  • 3 Codete Coffee Breaks (web talks about recruitment process and work at Codete)  
  • 1 workshop: When Going Viral by Max Ringelheim

You can watch many of our web talks on Codete’s YouTube channel. Stay tuned because there are more to come!

Thanks for staying with us in 2020 and hope to see you again in 2021! 

In the meantime, you may want to take a look at our IT Outsourcing in 2020 report. 

IT Outsourcing 2020 Report by Codete



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