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Angular Developer: How to Get This Job in 2022?

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04/08/2022 |

7 min read

Dominika Reszke,

Tomasz Soswa

In the times when the number of single-page web applications and mobile apps is ever-increasing, being an Angular developer who often makes them come to life seems to be an interesting and quite promising career path.

Angular – the TypeScript-based web framework initially released in 2016 – may not make the headlines that much anymore but still, more software developers or software engineering professionals use it than it is in the case of Vue.js, ASP.NET Core, or Django, 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey suggests.

Node.js and React.js are topping the list but the Angular web framework (also referred to as Angular 2+) is still used by 23.06% of professional developers which can be called significant popularity, especially when compared to AngularJS’ sharp drop in interest over time.

Also, Angular is „loved” by 52.27% of developers who have been using it and 7.18% of those unacquainted with it want to start developing with it in the future. But how to make this dream come true? How to get the job of Angular frontend developer in 2022? Let’s see.


Table of contents:

1. Angular developers – the role in its essence

2. Angular developer – how to get this job

3. Angular development – is it worth it?

Angular developers – the role in its essence

Building dynamic, client-side single-page applications, or the Angular mobile app development, is what Angular developers are known for the most. However, the versatile Angular framework can be successfully applied in a variety of other use cases by companies who want to rule the Internet.

The requirements for the Angular developer role reflect this versatility and often include:

  • delivering (building, optimizing, and maintaining) front-end applications
  • updating and perfecting existing apps for improved functionality
  • designing visually appealing user interfaces
  • conducting performance tests and unit tests
  • making     sure high performance is maintained on all platforms and devices
  • collaboration with other team members, including backend developers

But the role of an Angular developer cannot be boiled down to simply using the Angular technology. There are many other abilities, skills, and tools that successful candidates should have at their fingertips to get the Angular development job.

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Angular developer – how to get this job

To land an Angular developer job, one needs to fine-tune auto presentation skills before the job interview begins. But, first and foremost, the knowledge of particular development tools or technologies should be deepened.

Desired skills, features, tools, and technologies

Some of the requirements for the position of Angular developer may include:

  • in-depth knowledge of software development
  • the ability to use Angular best practices
  • essential skills, like npm, CSS and HTML language, Git, and RxJS
  • the ability to apply UX concepts and design thinking
  • firm understanding of Angular best practices
  • the ability to use server-side rendering for faster, SEO-optimized apps
  • thorough knowledge of adjacent technologies, including Node.js and Webpack
  • practical use of JavaScript/TypeScript programming languages
  • good command of the practice of unit testing (testing small isolated pieces of code)
  • experience with RESTful APIs

A successful job interview

Responsive, powerful, visually appealing, offering a superb UI/UX, and incredible loading speed – that’s what Angular apps are supposed to be. And that is what Angular developers should be able to offer their prospective employers and show off in front of recruiters.

What may tip the scales during a job interview, is presenting versatility in using not only Angular per se but JavaScript/TypeScript in general, as well as other programming languages and frameworks, and proving to be a gifted HTML coder. That’s because one of the ways to draw the recruiter’s attention, is simply showcasing the ability to build Angular apps that are faster on one hand and very aesthetic on the other – and this can be achieved by the use of HTML and CSS.

Successful candidates should also be aware that testability was one of the main ideas behind designing Angular. For this reason, both unit testing and functional testing are some of the skills that recruiters and employers they represent may pay special attention to.

Showing the ability to handle all the tasks within the process of the application development – regardless if it’s going to be developed mainly with Angular or another framework’s use – may pay off, too.

It’s also crucial to be aware of and acquainted with the new Angular features and new versions being introduced. And new releases usually mean new enhancements, so candidates simply need to keep track of what is currently going on within the technology in question. Knowing new technologies and improvements in the software development process or web development is a must, too.

As for the Angular framework, the latest releases include version 13 (of November 2021) and version 14 (of June 2022) – and upgrades have been completed twice a year in recent years. It’s good to know, for instance, that Internet Explorer 11, as well as View Engine, is no longer supported, contrary to Ivy which has become the only supported view engine, and that the Angular Package Format has been updated, to name but a few important changes introduced in version 13.

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Angular development – is it worth it?

But is getting the Angular front-end developer job worth making an effort? Is this career path worth choosing? What compensation does the role offer? What does the future hold for Angular web developers?

Well, an entry-level Angular developer (with 1-3 years of professional experience) may expect to earn a little over 100k PLN gross per year, while senior-lever Angular developers (with 5+ years of experience) may count on the average gross base salary of over 180k PLN.

However, sticking to the idea of being an „Angular developer” may be a little tricky as it’s just one piece of a puzzle or one of the components of a set of frameworks a good front-end developer should know. The basic skill should always be a good command of the underlying language (JavaScript, or its superset, TypeScript).

This way, you might not only apply for the positions advertised as being proper for „Angular developers”, but also those meant for React or Vue ones, as picking up another framework within a given programming language may be relatively easy.

However, as a means for creating dynamic web pages and web apps, Angular can be one of the important parts of a solid tech stack of any front-end or full-stack developer, along with the frameworks or technologies such as React, Svelte, or Vue.

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Dubbed one of the most popular front-end JavaScript frameworks right now, Angular we know today is not the same as it was in its early days. The contemporary version is a complete rewrite so the Angular.js mobile development is history and new Angular.js websites or Angular.js web services are not created anymore.

But Angular 2+ is in heavy use nowadays. There are many world-renowned companies that have decided to apply it. Apart from Google (which stands behind its development), these include household names such as Netflix, Samsung, PayPal, Deutsche Bank, and Forbes, to name but a few corporate giants who use it.

And, as the demand for mobile and web developers will probably remain very high in the years to come, versatile Angular developers may be in relatively high demand, too. Remote Angular development positions will surely also be available.

If you’re an Angular programmer looking for exciting job opportunities, be sure to check out Codete’s current job offers regularly.

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