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Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: Examples of Use

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03/08/2022 |

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Dominika Reszke,

Piotr Wawryka

Cyber threats, cyberattacks, and other serious security incidents give many business owners some sleepless nights but artificial intelligence in cybersecurity is something that may be the answer to their concerns. AI-enabled digital transformation may definitely save the day, and more and more areas get enhanced by the huge possibilities artificial intelligence offers.

Some of the most common AI-powered areas or AI applications include facial recognition, virtual shopping smart assistants, recommendation systems, manufacturing robots, self-driving cars, chatbots enabling 24/7 customer service, as well as creating personalized textbooks and smart content.

Finance and e-commerce are also those sectors that use artificial intelligence for cybersecurity reasons the most often, with AI-enabled threat detection topping the list of use cases. Interestingly, the majority of the companies in the banking sector have already implemented AI in areas such as risk management and revenue generation.

With AI on board, corporations may provide highly-effective solutions for threat identification – handling large amounts of data and offering fast response times. However, even more spectacular results can be achieved with the joint forces of disciplines such as data science, machine learning and cyber security. All of them complement or enhance human intelligence greatly.


Table of contents:

  1. Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity in brief
  2. AI systems in cybersecurity – examples of use
  3. Cybersecurity companies – examples of services
  4. AI & security teams – key takeaways

Artificial intelligence cybersecurity in brief

Finding the right solution to automate threat detection is something worth fighting for, and artificial intelligence is one of the means to achieve that. In brief, AI helps to detect and prioritize threats and take automated remediation actions accordingly.

Pattern recognition is in heavy use here, and AI-powered systems and devices analyze a huge amount of data in order to function properly. This way, the number of human errors can be significantly reduced, and security alerts become more accurate.

What’s worth noting, artificial intelligence belongs to emerging technologies – ones with the potential to truly change the world – along with Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Biometrics, and the like.

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Artificial intelligence helps in the detection and prioritization of cyber threats and the execution of automated corrective actions when necessary. 

As for AI in cybersecurity, it is being used by numerous businesses, departments, groups, and individuals, including security teams across various organizations, and particular cybersecurity professionals offering their services on a freelance basis. However, the shortage of qualified cybersecurity staff is a serious drawback in the development of this promising discipline.

AI systems in cybersecurity – examples of use

AI in cyber security and risk management has many facets, and AI-enabled threat detection is just one of many possible use cases this powerful combo offers.

In detail, they include:

  • possible threat identification
  • cyber incident response
  • home security systems
  • CCTV cameras and crime prevention
  • credit card fraud detection and risk reduction
  • border control security
  • AI-powered biometrics technology
  • fake customer reviews identification and handling
  • anti-money laundering
  • email spam filters
  • securing authentication
  • detecting zero-day malware
  • cloud security automation
  • enhancing sensitive information security

On top of that, we may also indicate some lesser-known, or more specialistic, instances of AI & cybersecurity applications. They include underside vehicle bomb detection, threat screening for large events, military reconnaissance on the modern battlefield, oil and gas threat detection, and infectious disease detection, to name but a few fascinating examples of AI and cybersecurity combo in action.

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Although it can be expensive to hire cybersecurity experts, cyberattacks can be much more costly. According to IBM's analysis, the average cost of a data breach surged to USD 4.24 million in 2021, the highest amount in 17 years. 

In general, AI helps security teams in handling security issues in a modern, more efficient way. Of course, hiring cybersecurity professionals is not cheap but things like malware, ransomware, or phishing attack, as well as denial of service, zero-day exploits, or password attacks can be way more costly. The average data breach cost skyrocketed to USD 4.24 million in 2021, the highest value in 17 years, IBM’s report indicated.

Cybersecurity companies – examples of services

Also, there are many AI cybersecurity companies, and cybersecurity platforms offering their services in the areas of AI-based cybersecurity systems, security infrastructure, or threat hunting. Malicious activity prevention and fraud detection are topping the list of AI and cybersecurity use cases.

There are cybersecurity geeks in Codete, too, and some insightful articles by Codete’s AI in cybersecurity professionals include:

  1. Cyber Security: Definition & Best Practices | Codete Blog – a blog post on best practices in cybersecurity to combat cybercrime.
  2. Cloud Security Vulnerabilities – Know Key Risks | Codete Blog – a blog post on cloud security vulnerabilities & key risks involved.

AI & security teams – key takeaways

Artificial intelligence – the future of cybersecurity – is something efficient security teams simply can’t do without even these days. Top-notch security professionals use cybersecurity systems of various kinds, making the lives of millions of people, neighborhoods, communities, and whole nations safer and more convenient.

In times when the number of cyberattacks is skyrocketing, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are becoming a go-to solution for detecting and prioritizing cyber threats and handling them effectively; machine learning in cybersecurity is one of the areas that may be very important in this regard.

With a growing number of digital transformation participants, more and more threat factors occur and the attacks get increasingly sophisticated, with tools like adversarial AI applied. What’s more, they tend to affect more significant entities – high-profile corporations, governments, and critical infrastructure. Uncontrolled, cyberattacks may have grave consequences – of both immediate and far-reaching importance.

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If you, too, want to be on the safe side and find out what good artificial intelligence in cybersecurity can bring to your organization, contact us now.

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