Today, most organizations need to update their employees’ skills to match the demands of rapidly changing markets.

If a significant percentage of your budget goes into employee development, you can make the most of your resources by building a custom e-learning platform. This is how you can provide learners with an online training experience that brings the most benefits and offers the best ROI, thanks to unique content designed with your business requirements in mind.

In this article, we zoom in on the benefits of custom e-learning software development for companies that want to launch e-learning programs to improve their employees’ performance.

E-learning in business — statistics

  • According to a survey by Global Industry Analystys, around 77% of corporations based in the United States were already using online learning, and 98% of them planned to incorporate it into their programs by 2020. (via:
  • Enterprises were quick to understand the benefits of e-learning and embraced it immediately. The corporate e-learning market developed by a smashing 900% between 2001 and 2017, according to Brandon Hall Group Research. (via:
  • You can be sure that in 2020, it will grow even more. According to a study from 2019, e-learning has prompted the expansion of income for 42% of organizations.
  • The American Society for Training and Development survey of 2500 companies revealed that businesses with comprehensive training programs had 218% higher revenue per employee and 24% higher profit margins. This means that investing in employee education is a smart move.
benefits of custom elearning software

Benefits of investing in custom e-learning software

Focus on your unique business needs

An off-the-shelf e-learning solution includes a wide range of skills and topics. But you can’t be sure about how many of them will be relevant to your organization. Moreover, if you’re trying to train your employees in an area that is unique to your business, an out-of-the-box software won’t help you.

A custom e-learning solution, on the other hand, will cater to the specific needs of your learners. It allows you to create scenarios that feature your key business elements, like a particular checkout system, and integrate company-specific processes and procedures to offer workers a realistic learning experience. That way, your employees can gather all the information they need to master the tools which they will be using on a daily basis.

Connection to the real world

The main value of custom e-learning solutions is that your online training courses can be closely tied to real-world situations. Tailormade e-learning offers learners the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired once they leave the virtual classroom.

By creating courses that match the unique needs of your business, it will also be easier to convince employees to take the online course and show how the knowledge they acquire will be useful to them on a daily basis.

Greater knowledge retention and recall

Custom e-learning solutions help to improve knowledge retention because learners are more likely to remember training experiences that were relatable and relevant. And you can only accomplish that by building your own content and platform.

That way, learners will be able to recall information while at work and get better at their jobs since they will commit the subject matter to their long-term memory.

Organizations usually strive to make custom online training experiences as memorable and relevant as possible. They create custom e-learning courses for specific job skills, processes, workflows, tools, or departments.

Instead of asking employees to participate in a one-size-fits-all program, you can deliver a personalized e-learning experience that offers the key information that will become relevant once employees get down to performing their jobs.

custom e-learning software development

Cost savings

Even if building a custom e-learning platform comes at a relatively high upfront cost, in the long term, these costs become very reasonable.

And e-learning brings plenty of cost efficiencies on its own. According to one report, the tech giant IBM saved around $200 million after switching to e-learning. Moreover, every dollar invested in online training resulted in $30 gain through greater employee productivity since the staff could resume work faster and apply new skills immediately.

By using e-learning learning platforms and content, companies can reduce the cost of instructors and learning materials. That way, they also get an opportunity to minimize expenses related to travel, hotel rentals, and equipment. This is especially important if your employees are scattered around a country, continent, or even the entire world.

Greater performance

By sharing information and skills that are important to your organization, you will be boosting your business performance. Custom e-learning software allows companies to align their learning messages with the culture of their workplace to make it more relevant and relatable. In many contexts, this translates into greater immersion and consequently, greater knowledge retention.

For example, if you shoot a video about how your inventory system works in the actual warehouse where you can see the brand name, the learning materials will be far more realistic, and learners will benefit more than they would from generic content.

By building a tailored software solution, you can identify business and learning challenges that are unique to your organization and use industry training approaches to address them in the most efficient way. This is something an out-of-the-box solution could never offer.

Improved motivation among learners

Your staff is still employed full-time at your organization, so they don’t have the time or energy to pursue a complicated study program where most of the work needs to be done by them.

They want content that is short, mobile-enabled, social, and visual. Don’t forget that employees might become overwhelmed, distracted, or impatient during learning. That’s why the flexibility regarding where and how they learn has become increasingly important.

By building a tailormade e-learning solution, you can address their unique needs so that the e-learning platform can meet their unique criteria. You’ll be able to make learning relevant, engaging, motivational, and measured. These are the critical components of successful e-learning platforms, together with the accessibility of mobile devices for learner convenience.

Getting all of these criteria in an off-the-shelf solution would be much more difficult and probably come at a higher cost.

custom e-learning software development

Increased efficiency

According to one report, e-learning increases learning retention rates by 25% to 60%. In contrast to that, the retention rate of traditional face-to-face training is much lower and ranges between 8% and 10%.

When accessing an e-learning platform, participants can control their learning process. They can access learning materials at any time they prefer and on any device they want, provided that you build a mobile-enabled e-learning software.

Moreover, if they forget something, there’s nothing stopping them from revisiting the material whenever needed. Learners could retake an online quiz if they failed for the first time.

All of these components make e-learning much more motivational and take a lot of pressure off the entire process. As a result, learners won’t focus on how they appear in front of their peers but focus on actually learning the new skills and retaining knowledge.

Lower employee turnover

By creating a custom e-learning platform and equipping learners with tailormade content, you’ll be able to connect directly with your employees and address their specific needs.

One of the most important tools for reducing employee turnover is corporate induction. Note that many employees decide whether they will stay at a company within the first week. If you deliver learning materials that are engaging, motivating, and supportive of the induction experience, you can reduce your employee turnover. As a result, you’ll avoid all the costs associated with recruitment: sourcing, attracting, recruiting, and onboarding new hires.

Greater ROI

Even if custom e-learning is usually initially more expensive to produce than an off-the-shelf solution, it offers a much greater return on investment over the long term. An experienced technology partner will help you to identify the best approach to meet your business objectives, timeline, and budget for your e-learning investments.

That way, you can be sure to deliver the most effective training to your employees. Moreover, it pays to design custom e-learning solutions with maintenance and expansion in mind. This enables you to easily and inexpensively update your learning materials or add new content without having to start from scratch.

custom e-learning software development

On-brand design and content

Developing a custom e-learning platform means that you can include your branding materials to create a deeper connection with learners and make them aware of your expectations regarding the skills and knowledge.

Most of the time, it’s your employees who build a reputation for your organization. They are the ones who help your customers or clients on a daily basis. They represent your brand. By participating in an online training course that clearly conveys your brand message and image, your employees will further align their work behaviors with company standards.

Support for onboarding and other processes

You’re the one who knows your business needs and objectives better than any commercial e-learning course. A one-size-fits-all course can’t cover processes like employee onboarding, no matter how great they are.

If you invested in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, you could teach your staff how to use it only by creating a specific course for it because the tool has been configured to serve your unique business needs.

Any business procedure, knowledge, or process that is unique to your company will require a custom solution. It’s the best way to teach your employees what they need to know.

Shorter training time

By investing in a tailormade e-learning platform, you can create online courses that your employees can complete a fraction of the time required for off-the-shelf options, improving their performance. They will no longer have to sit through courses that contain lots of unnecessary information that isn’t relevant to your business at all.

You can customize your content to deliver only the materials that bring value to your learners. That way, your employees get back to their job responsibilities quickly without worrying about how the length of the online training sets them back on their day-to-day responsibilities.


Organizations looking to create an attractive workplace that offers plenty of opportunities for professional growth choose e-learning solutions today.

If you’re not sure whether your business could benefit from custom e-learning software, check out this article where we compared all the pros and cons of off-the-shelf and tailored solutions.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We have plenty of experience in delivering custom software to companies operating across various industries and know what it takes to build fantastic e-learning solutions.

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