Big Data world of knowledge, fun, money, and espionage!

In the initial entry on our blog post, we have made a commitment to write about the latest trends in various aspects of digital product development – backend, frontend, usability, code issues and how to hack them, the big data solutions…. Exactly, the big data. For anyone concerned about personal information, online privacy, be they developers or not, big data surely has been a trending topic for the latest months. In today’s entry, being a second blog-revival article, we’d like to introduce big data & data science field for developers and lay people alike. Keep reading!

Imagination-appealing big data visualizations

Internet made data science famous. Hypothetically, a reason here might be popularization of tools by which knowledge can be made digestible. Visualized, tailored to the latest design trends, animated, and so on – all of this can be done with knowledge repositories. And thus the developers to the data science porn gave birth – see Reddit’s r/dataisbeautiful to see some overwhelming examples of high quality data presentation.

Certainly, tons of inspiration is out there, clearly showing that tons of aspects of life can be measured, the data compiled, analyzed and the conclusions represented as, for instance, animated chart.

Big data made career not only in science, but also in marketing. Mining the demographical data for marketing purposes makes ad targeting and remarketing possible at all. For the users, those functionalities are presented as an opportunity to select the type of advertising content they’re interested in, opening themselves up – in a way – to the companies that are interested in accessing them as their potential customers.

Codete’s own data science solution improvement

Codete has created a big data analysis & visualization tool in its own respect. Simple, but clever. Use a variety of big data technology stack – Apache Spark and Kafka Queue, spice it up with Stanford Core NLP and Textrazor, and you have a panel displaying worldwide tweeting tendencies in real time. Twitter’s not as omnipresent as Facebook, being a more specialized tool, useful for specific users. What kind of content spreads across Twitter?

On the one hand, all celebrity-related stuff, including actual statements directly from music, cinema, TV or other showbiz branches stars – be they written by them directly, or issued by their PR delegates. On the other, Twitter is serious mainstream media and politics field day. Twitter has been recognized as pretty much another official platform for politicians to make their statements. For anyone aware of how bomb-throwing @RealDonaldTrump has been ever since DT has been elected president of United States, knows what we’re talking about here.

Burst that data bubble!

Looking directly at what interests people across the world might be both useful and pleasant for those looking for interesting insights – quite mind opening, actually. For instance, do you know what is the breaking news at a given moment in Central Europe, as compared against, say, northern US states and, on top of that, southern? Knowing that internet did not produce the promised global village, integrating us all, but rather the informational bubbles, in some respects maybe even reinforcing the divisions instead overcoming them, this tool may prove useful for bursting those bubbles a little bit. You think that the breaking news you’re all in are in the world’s global eye? Well, better verify this.

For more insights covering the topics of big data, data mining and processing for various purposes – keep in touch. Soon you’re hear about our thoughts on Apache Spark and Big Data ecosystem. Hear you soon!


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