Home24 is a leading online store for furniture and home decoration accessories. It serves thousands of customers in eight countries — seven in Europe, one in South America. We’re helping the e-commerce giant to optimize their technology stack and provide support in backend, front-end, and mobile development.

The project

We’re working for one of the biggest home and living e-commerce platforms in Europe.

We’ve provided the company with three dedicated teams of experienced software engineers: backend, front-end, and mobile. Their complementary competences allow us to supply our client with multiple lines of support, from building a backend platform for automated testing to assisting them with frontend and mobile technology processes.

e-commerce software development case study - Home24

The challenge

Our ultimate goal is to take our client’s platform to the next level. Its size is the biggest challenge — Home24 has approximately 1.5 million active customers and more than 100.000 stock keeping units (SKUs). This results in huge traffic, massive amounts of data, and a complex site structure.

Optimizing and automating numerous processes behind the website and two native mobile applications often require implementing innovative technological solutions. But that’s our specialty.

Our solution

We have already implemented a couple of significant improvements into the platform, including a backend system for running automated tests based on Codeception. We’ve also built Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes for the mobile apps and completed converting the iOS application code to Swift. Now we’re polishing the UX and UI of the Android app and migrating its sources to Kotlin. We’re developing new features and functionalities as well, like displaying products with Augmented Reality (AR).

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To boost the performance and scalability of the platform, our front-end engineers are assembling a set of small node.js applications, each responsible for a different part of the website. This approach will also speed up the development process, as smaller applications are easier to test and deploy. The node.js apps will communicate with a repository of shared React components through http requests in such a way that all pages will have the same asset URLs. As a result, the platform will take significantly less time to load.

In order to maintain flawless communication with the client, we frequently visit Home24 headquarters in Berlin.

Client testimonial

“We’re pleased with choosing Codete as our technological partner in constantly developing the Home24 platform. It is a complex environment and we’ve already had the chance to cooperate with developers across different technologies and disciplines. They have proved to be top-notch engineers and great people to work with that have integrated well in our teams and never felt like Freelancers. We appreciate Codete’s expertise and experience in software development, as well as their flexibility and willingness to understand our business perspective. We’re looking forward to our future collaboration.”

 — Florian Leinfelder, Home24

Tech stack

case study home24 tech stack

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