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Case Study: People Analytix

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08/10/2021 |

2 min read

Codete Team

We assisted People Analytix in implementing modern DevOps practices. 

The company was facing problems caused by being hosted by a Swiss-based cloud provider, known for its limited services. To overcome that, we’ve been tasked to implement a large number of services in-house, maintain them, and prepare for scaling up without the assistance of cloud autoscaling solutions.

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Challenge: Introducing DevOps best practices

Before we jumped into the infrastructure, our client was forced to update it manually, causing bottlenecks in the CI/CD process. The development team has been dependent on an administrator, who was the only person in the company who could run deployments onto production services. 

Thanks to Codete DevOps assistance, we made it possible to simply offload such tasks to the dev team, with proper orchestration in place. As for now, every developer with the ability to perform deployments or rollbacks can do so without extensive training.


Solution: Smooth transition to GCP

As our client grew with us, they began to use Google Cloud Platform to perform some of the big data tasks. Once again, we’ve managed  to onboard them on the GCP cloud in a transparent manner, with no disruption to the customer. Currently, the company is utilizing a multi-cloud setup (Swiss Exoscale and GCP). 


Results in numbers:

  • more than 20 virtual machines
  • 60 big data batch jobs being managed as a code
  • 4 environments, total of 100 running microservices
  • all microservices are deployable by the dev team and managed as a code
  • 12 databases (some of them around 1 TB in size)
  • 14 infrastructure services, which support actual product services


Tech stack

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GCP, Exoscale, Terraform, Ansible, Prometheus, Jenkins, Hasicorp Vault, Python, Docker and Docker-compose, OpenVPN and IPsec tunnels


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Codete Team

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