University4Industry (U4I) is a prosperous startup from Germany that provides sustainable educational solutions for the digital era. Together, we’re working on the development of their e-learning platform for corporate clients. 

The project

The U4I platform offers made-to-measure online education in areas such as machine learning, blockchain, and IoT. Our partners at U4I guarantee personalized e-learning paths composed of their educational content, tailored to the needs of their corporate clients. Their clients can decide on as many individual paths for their employees as they wish.

Our software developers’ job is to make using and maintaining the platform as smooth as possible.

E-learning Software Development Case Study: University4Industry

The challenge

Our primary goal is to streamline the process of assembling new courses from already existing pieces of content. We aim at developing a top platform for digital learning that will allow for easy assembling of made-to-measure courses on the basis of existing content. It will be simple to use, maintain, and update.

Our solution

On the one hand, our engineers are optimizing the existing code on both front-end and backend, ensuring efficient file processing and high safety. On the other hand, they are working on additional features, such as allowing other systems (meant for hosting learning content) to integrate with the U4I API or implementing a new rating system inside the platform.

We’re also building a bulletproof infrastructure behind the platform and a monitoring system that allows for quick discovery of potential problems.

Client testimonial

“Highly recommended! We have been working continuously with Codete since 2017. The development of our online platform for corporate learning has greatly benefited from the experience of Codete’s frontend, backend and iOS developers. Support from Codete’s DevOps engineers has helped us to bring our infrastructure to a whole new level of performance and stability. We are very happy how smooth the cooperation is and how we could benefit from Codete’s talented team in different situations and for very different tasks. We in particular like that it is always possible to find the right engineers with the right seniority fast, as new challenges come up. Thanks!”

Jan Veira, Managing Director and Co-Founder, University4Industry

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Tech stack

  • Front-end: ReactJS, Redux, Webpack; Typescript, Mobx
  • Backend: PHP 7, Yii 2, MySQL
  • DevOps: Terraform, Ansible, Grafana, RabbitMQ, Redis


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