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Codete and University Hospital in Krakow Partnership for Medtransfer

Artur Olechowski d08c1359d2

23/07/2020 |

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Artur Olechowski

On July 16th, Krakow-based Codete and the University Hospital in Krakow signed a partnership to collaborate on Medtransfer, a growing digital health platform for patients and doctors. The platform is designed to facilitate the transfer and analysis of medical imaging files, e.g. MRI or coronarography results.

Medtransfer allows patients for secure and easy transfer of medical imaging files via the internet. It also supports doctors in analyzing them by means of artificial intelligence. Experts from the University Hospital in Krakow will assist Codete in testing the platform’s functionalities, both already existing and in development.

As Codete’s CEO,  I’m glad that the University Hospital in Krakow has decided to work with us on the platform because the expertise and experience of their specialists are invaluable to us. Collaborating with doctors will enable us to create a solution that truly matches their needs.

The medical personnel from the University Hospital in Krakow will be testing the platform to give their feedback on the processes of sharing patients’ data in the cloud, as well as on the analysis of medical documentation with image processing methods and artificial intelligence.


Medical data safe in the cloud

Medtransfer’s basic functionality is transferring data in the cloud. With this technology, patients can share their medical results (such as MRI or ultrasound scans) with their doctor via a time-limited link. The files are protected with a special code.

MRI or ultrasound scans are usually large files that can’t be sent in an email. They usually have to be delivered to the doctor personally or by traditional post, which is not really convenient, fast, or safe. Especially in recent months, during the coronavirus pandemic — explains Innocenta Dźwierzyńska, Medtransfer’s founder. — Sending these files through Medtransfer only takes a couple of minutes, and the doctor can view them right away on the platform. 

But it’s not the only functionality of the platform supposed to make the diagnostic process more efficient. Implementing AI solutions will assist doctors in analyzing their patients’ medical results.


AI support for faster diagnoses

Codete is already developing a tool that will support doctors by means of deep learning methods, e.g. using convolutional neural networks, which are designed to detect patterns in images. Deep learning methods for image processing make it possible to calculate, for example, a brain tumor’s volume based on MRI scans alone.

Artificial intelligence will support doctors in the diagnostic process, allowing for faster diagnoses, and as a result also faster treatment.

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Artur Olechowski d08c1359d2

Artur Olechowski

Managing Director at Codete. Master of Law, a graduate of postgraduate studies at the University of Economics in Krakow. In his daily work, he masters the combination of business strategy and technology.

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