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Codete Captured Berlin at CoMeet 2023

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29/06/2023 |

4 min read

Dominika Mizerska

On June 22nd, 2023, in the heart of Berlin – Kreuzberg – a group of IT and new technologies professionals and enthusiasts met to discuss the latest trends. The interior of modern coworking space bustled, full of conversations around tech innovations. Both our clients and pioneer solutions fans came to the German capital city to share their interests and experience with others.

The reason for this buzz can be only one – CoMeet. After the pandemic reality, Codete organized this vibrant networking event again, and it couldn’t be missed! 

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The first post-pandemic CoMeet is about to begin 
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Ulrich Otto, CEO at Exadel, starts the Meetup session with some practical insights

"Preparing this edition of CoMeet had excited us even more than in the previous years.” – said Olga Komorowska, Partnership Manager at Codete. “The possibility of returning to one of our favorite and most modern European cities was challenging and thrilling.”

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Gopi Krishnamurthy shares his insights on boosting developer productivity with AI virtual assistants
codete captures berlin at comeet 2023 photo1 4bef238a43
Karol Przystalski, Codete's CTO, giving his presentation on LLMs

The main topics of the lightning talks and further discussions were: possibilities of using technology in favor of business, security with IAM solutions and AI, and the whole event was held under the name: “Powering Profitability in the Digital Age”.

“If I were to sum up CoMeet 2023 in one sentence – this was an event with the lectures at the top level. Each of our speakers received a lot of questions after their presentations, so some of them we had to put on networking after the official part. I really enjoyed the involvement of participants – discussions opened up that were very substantive and added value to the lecture.” – says Olga.

IMG 2940 60c160623e
Nicholas Hanser commenting on current parameters for financing rounds and M&A exits

The list of presentations was full of creative and interesting topics mentioned by the experts: 

  • Karol Przystalski, CTO & Co-Founder of Codete Global, was talking about a critical look at large language models.
  • Nicholas Hanser, Head of Technology at Saxenhammer, focused in his presentation on the look at current parameters for financing rounds and M&A exits.
  • Philipp Paul, the IT-Expert IAM at Finanz Informatik, talked about increasing the company's security with IAM solutions.
  • In a lightning talk by Alex Bahlk, the Fractional Director of Product at Product People, we could hear about how to maintain market competitiveness and increase profitability.
  • Gopi Krishnamurthy, the Chief Technology and Product Officer at Clariness, told us about boosting developer productivity with AI virtual assistants.

CoMeet 2023 gathered plenty of our friends and clients from around the world. There was a lot of time for networking, strengthening business relations, and planning the next steps in our business cooperation. 

IMG 2942 5fa0ec4a57
Philipp Paul promotes boosting the company's security with IAM solutions
IMG 2961 1 0f6736678e
Alex Bahlk on maintaining market competitiveness and increasing profitability

“One of the CoMeet’s key values is the networking environment that we've managed to create – one that not only helps people from IT companies meet and exchange insights, but enables building lasting, trust-based partnerships. It’s all thanks to our guests who decide to join us and spend this June evening with us. This time we could count not only on the friendly vibes but also on a huge dose of the audience’s engagement and interest.” – mentions Olga.

IMG 2994 490c2b8c96
A quick cool down after the energizing talks 

Although the official celebration of CoMeet 2023 finished just a moment ago, the next edition is already in our minds. We hope to meet again soon and keep working together on the most inspiring projects and technological solutions. For more information about the upcoming CoMeet editions, visit comeet.codete.com/

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Dominika Mizerska d75c6e7ac9

Dominika Mizerska

Creative Copywriter at Codete, travel enthusiast, and dog (mostly pug!) lover. When not writing, she likes spending time going to the cinema and reading reportages. Dreaming about parachuting, constantly planning further journeys, and revealing the next fragments of the scratch map as often as possible.

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