Codete partners with Łukasiewicz — Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG, the third biggest research network in Europe.

Codete and Łukasiewicz — Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG, part of Łukasiewicz Research Network, have joined forces to bring business, science, and technology closer together by supporting each other with their competencies. 

Łukasiewicz — Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG is a network institute specializing in applied IT, technical IT, and information technologies. The institute deals with widely understood cyber security, artificial intelligence, data analysis (decision support systems), IoT (Industry 4.0, Smart Cities), digital public services, and laboratory tests.

Codete EMAG partnership

The unit carries out tasks that affect the computerization and IT security of Poland. Among other things, it participates in creating the National safety assessment and certification scheme as well as the privacy of IT products and systems in accordance with CommonCriteria. The Łukasiewicz-EMAG Institute also co-implements the project providing for the launch of the Cybernetic Security Center.

Together with Łukasiewicz — Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG, we are looking forward to collaborating on disruptive digital projects, drawing from each other’s enormous expertise in technology and cyber security.


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