At Codete, we do our best to ensure remarkable candidate experience. We want the recruitment process to be beneficial for both sides, whether it results in hiring the candidate for the role or well, not this time. We value our candidates’ time and appreciate their effort, and it’s important for us to leave the door open to meet them again on another occasion.

That’s why at the end of every recruitment process, we prepare a personalized Codete Evaluation Report (CER) for each candidate that we get to know better during a full HR and tech interview.

What makes Codete’s recruitment process special?

We usually start with analyzing the candidate’s CV, and if they seem to match the profile of the job that they’ve applied for, we schedule a preliminary interview that we usually refer to as pre-screening. If all goes well, we invite the candidate to a full, 1.5 hour-long tech and HR interview (either online or at one of our offices). Lastly, the candidate is interviewed by the product owner in the project they’d be working for.

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Recruitment Process in Codete

To spice up our recruitment process, enrich the candidate experience, and — most importantly — help our candidates grow, we’ve come up with the idea of personalized Codete Evaluation Reports.

Codete Evaluation Report

Our recruitment team always aims at providing Codete candidates with positive experiences. We always try to create a friendly atmosphere and keep the applicants informed about each step of the process. We gather and respond to their inquiries and impressions.

The key element of our recruitment process, however, is the extensive feedback that the candidates receive from us.

We take the time to prepare individual Codete Evaluation Reports for everyone that we get to know during a full HR and tech interview.

The document contains plenty of insights from our HR and tech recruiters. It identifies the candidate’s strong points, things to work on, and personalized recommendations for developing their technical skills further. Everything they need to know to grow and take their career to the next level!

The anatomy of a Codete Evaluation Report

On average, a Codete Evaluation Report consists of two A4-sized pages and six main sections:

  • the current stage of the recruitment process,
  • a summary of the interview with references,
  • an overall description of the candidate’s strong points and areas to work on with a list of recommended sources to learn from,
  • an analysis of the code sample provided by the candidate (when code sample analysis is a part of the recruitment process),
  • a commentary on the candidate’s soft skills (including English).

Each CER document is prepared by HR and tech recruiters together, to give the candidate the most comprehensive and valuable feedback.

Candidates about Codete Evaluation Report

We hope that by giving our candidates their Codete Evaluation Reports, we help them to unlock their potential. We’re always curious about their feedback on the document. And we’re proud to say it’s been very positive!

Here are just a couple of opinions of the Codete Evaluation Report that we’ve received from our candidates.

One of the candidates wrote:

“It gave me useful information about myself, what I already know and the most essential what I have to learn.”

Another candidate commented:

“Good evaluation of skills upon which I can agree without hesitation- feedback was on point and very meaningful regarding informations, especially on technical aspects. It provided good references for improving skill set.”

And one more candidate stated that:

“Very detailed CER, I’ve never seen feedback with such amount of details.”

Thanks! Such nice words keep us motivated. 🙂

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