Codete considers 2018 to be extremely successful, we participated in the prestigious ranking Gazele Biznesu.

We’re glad to tell you that we took 5th place in Małopolska, Lesser Poland province and 69th place in Poland.

Codete on the top! Gazele Biznesu 2018

codete gazele biznesu 2018


Gazele Biznesu is a ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium companies. The title of Gazele Biznesu is a hallmark of well-managed, honest and well-known companies. Companies in the ranking must meet several financial criteria, including turnover and profit increase for three years in a row.

Gazele Biznesu has been carried out for over 18 years and this is the 19th edition. The 1st edition of this ranking took place in 2000. Small or medium-sized companies start in the ranking, which thanks to the extremely dynamic development are doing very well, even much better than larger competitors from Poland.

The author of the ranking is the Coface Poland business intelligence, which is responsible for verifying the financial data of submitted companies. The list is published in the form of a more than two hundred pages as a special edition, which is attached to the December issue of “Puls Biznesu“.

In this year’s list in the Małopolska voivodeship, following companies from Krakow stood on the podium: Ailleron, Miquido and Paweł Ochyński CSG. We are very proud that we competed with such well-known companies on the map of Krakow.

The result, 5th place and 69th place in Poland, is very impressive considering the total number of almost 4500 companies included in the statement.

Codete is proud that the company can co-create a dynamic development of both the Małopolska and Poland-wide markets.


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