We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched a recruitment campaign #BECOMEACODETER2020 to attract talents in software engineering to join our company.

Our recruitment campaign #BECOMEACODETER2020 aims at attracting top software development talents to Codete by promising them space for growth. Inspired by post-apocalyptic aesthetics of popular films and games, and timed with the pandemic new normal of uncertainty, the campaign is intended to breathe in some hope into the job seekers by presenting them with both stable and exciting career opportunities.

We want to show Codete as a company where software engineers can grow both professionally and personally, where they can do something meaningful. Somewhere they want to stay — says Artur Olechowski, Managing Director at Codete. — I’m proud to say that right now we have more than 150 IT specialists on board, and over 20% of them have been with us for five or more years.

Codete recruitment campaign 2020 - #becomeacodeter
We’re hiring! Check our join.codete.com for exctiting job opportunities for software developers and other IT specialists

With diverse projects from a wide variety of business verticals and hands-on experience in plenty of technologies, from machine learning to blockchain, Codete offers numerous opportunities for ambitious software developers.

One of our Senior PHP Developers, Oktawian Sokołowski, says: I came to Codete when I was looking for a company that is grown enough to operate on large scale projects and is still small enough to be agile and care about every human on board — He adds, — It’s great to feel that someone is listening to your needs and you are not just another no-name ant in the anthill.

Codete recruitment campaign 2020 - #becomeacodeter
Apply and get a job you’ll love or refer your friend to us for a chance to win a brand new PS5 and grab 5000 PLN in reward.

The job opportunities and details of the recruitment process are to be found at join.codete.com, alongside with all the necessary information on our referral program.

For more information, visit join.codete.com

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