Does recruitment process have to be stressful for candidates? Not at all! Our activities focus on positive candidate experience. Let me show you our perspective on IT recruitment which definitely makes Codete stand out from the crowd.

Transparent and short IT recruitment process

There are two main stages of recruitment process in Codete: a meeting with recruiters and a business conversation with product owners. During that time we assess candidates’ skills and match them to a project which meets their expectations. We respect candidates’ time so that we keep the meetings productive.

IT recruitment process

First step of recruitment

First step is divided into two meetings: a general conversation with a Recruitment Specialist and technical discussion with a tech recruiter – one of our Software Engineers. We usually hold the interview in our office so a candidate can see our work on a daily basis and feel the atmosphere of the place. However, if there is such a need, we can organize a job interview on Skype too. At the beginning, we intend to find out what kind of a person our candidate is – learn about the projects he developed, technologies he used and the team he worked in. We also try to identify his motivation to work and plans to study new things. Furthermore, we tell a candidate about our projects, internal initiatives and opportunities waiting for him in Codete. We always encourage them to ask as many questions as they can. It is time for both sides – a candidate and the company to learn about each other.

After the HR meeting, we move directly to the discussion with a tech recruiter. Then we identify candidate’s advantages and possible flaws to work on. He can expect from us some technical questions regarding specific technology, algorithmic challenges and problem-solving tasks. We also look for his joy from programming and internal curiosity to explore new languages, frameworks or tools. We believe that passion and solid technical knowledge should go together because this very special combination makes the difference when it comes to programming.

If, after the evaluation, the selected candidate fits the project, we organize a meeting with the product owner. Between these two stages of recruitment, we are in constant contact with the candidate.

Second step of recruitment

The next step is a business conversation between the particular candidate and the product owner. They talk about the project and their expectations. Due to variety of projects, this step of recruitment can differ a little and cover also some technical questions, challenges or even pair-programming.

Nonetheless, that’s a great opportunity for the candidate to learn more about the project. We want our candidates to be well informed so they can make a conscious decision if the project meets their expectations and they want to join Codete. If, after the meeting, both the candidate and the product owner are keen on working together, we make an offer to the candidate.

This is how recruitment looks like in Codete. It is a general overview because the process can differ a little due to a specific role or a project.  However it always finishes with a feedback, no matter if candidates joins Codete or not, because we believe that “feedback is a gift”. This is the foundation of our process.

The power of feedback – Codete Evaluation Report

Giving personalized feedback is definitely the best way to appreciate the candidate’s willingness to spend time with us during the interview. This is why we have decided to create Codete Evaluation Report (CER) – a document which provides complex information regarding candidate’s technical and soft skills.

What distinguishes CER from a regular feedback are for sure its elements and length (1-2 pages A4). CER is a kind of report from our recruitment meeting. The candidate can find information about general overview on how they handled questions regarding programming in a specific technology and problem-solving skills.

The next part is dedicated to candidate’s strong points and identified weaknesses. Our main aim is to verify these areas and provide valuable recommendations (i.e. articles, repositories, documentation) which help our candidates to fill some possible gaps.

The final paragraph of CER is a place to refer to candidate’s oral English skills and social competencies (i.e. communicativeness, working in the team). Due to international teams and direct contact with our business partners, this part of feedback is also very important in candidate’s total evaluation.

Giving so extended feedback to the candidates who went through a job interview, definitely set us apart from many companies (results from the 4th edition of Candidate Experience Report show that in Poland 72% of applicants are not informed about the reasons for not being qualified for the next stage of recruitment). That is a hard work but very satisfying. Fortunately, the candidates appreciate it and they are more willing to stay in touch with the company in the future. In our opinion, recruitment is also about building long-lasting relationships, isn’t it?

Friendly atmosphere and mutual respect are what our candidates like most

As you could see, in Codete we are very open to give feedback. But we also look to hearing from our candidates. After the recruitment meeting, we ask candidates about their impression and suggestions. They can share their thoughts with us in the anonymous survey. We collect this feedback and analyze it in order to make the recruitment process even better.

We are proud to see that our candidates appreciate the atmosphere and the way we conduct the job interview. We try to decrease their stress to enable them to perform well in the interview and it really works:

Both sides of the interview were so good, the interviewers are nice persons and made me felt like if I knew them before, I think that’s amazing because they make the people feel comfortable. In the technical part, the questions were focused and got me straight to the point, I think this is good because it avoids you to get lost in the answer. Thanks!

For us, any candidate is an equal discussion partner. We want the recruitment meeting to be productive and informative, so we ask candidates some questions but also talk with them about most important aspects of working at Codete. Good to know, we and the candidates look at our recruitment in the same way:

The informative soft part without the hassle of “classic HR riddles and what-ifs” – which is the definite upside. The great technical part with lots of technology stack talk but without logical riddles and actual hard-skill-test like “How would you code this-and-that” – that felt like mutual respect of knowledge and skills was in the air rather than live coding to check skills on the fly – very impressive and outstanding from the usual crowd.

However, the most motivating feedback for us is when the candidate admits learning something new during our meeting. Knowledge sharing is always important for us:

During the interview I felt comfortable and I already got a plenty bits of advice which could improve my skills before next step.

Honestly, that was the most enjoyable interview I have ever taken part in. The technical part was great. I had a chance to verify my current knowledge, but at the same time I’ve learned something new as well. The soft part was really good for warming up and I really felt that my time was precious there. I wish I would someday be interviewing people in such manner.

Having such a positive feedback from the candidates convinced us to apply for a membership in Coalition of Friendly Recruitment (Koalicja na rzecz przyjaznej rekrutacji). Since 2016 we are a proud member of this initiative and amongst over 300 companies, we spread good practices in recruitment area.

What makes the candidate a perfect fit for Codete?

While considering the candidates to join Codete, there are four key aspects we pay attention to: technical skills, social competences, curiosity and codeter’s spirit. We do believe that thanks to this special combination of features we managed to build a unique team of people whom it is a joy to work with.

Technical skills – most of Codete employees are on the senior or regular position. As we are a trusted partner for multiple recognisable brands across the world, we have to be sure that we work with skilled and experienced developers in the particular technology.

Social competences – every Codeter has a direct contact with our business partners during daily stand-ups and meetings. In this situation good communications skills (also in English), problem-solving, critical thinking and proactive attitude come in handy. There are the key competencies we look for in the candidates. Here you can read more about soft skills.

Curiosity and open mind – when you have an opportunity to work on different projects (health tech, automotive, fintech) and use many tools, steep learning curve come in handy. It is not possible to know everything but the point is that when you are curious about programming and open to learning new things, you can catch up easily and gain valuable experience in many projects at Codete.

Codeter’s spirit – it is said that people tend to work with those who are similar to them. Codeters like to laugh, drink good coffee, and spend time together. Spreading positive energy, sharing know-how with the others or coming up with creative initiatives – this is what Codeter’s spirit means. We want to work with those who share this approach. That’s how the Law of Attraction works!
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How to perform well in a job interview – our tips for candidates

We have chosen for our candidates just three suggestions that will always help them to make the first impression great. This is as simple as that:

Be yourself – we know that a job interview is usually a stressful situation for candidates. But believe us, we do our best, to make you feel comfortable. Try to relax and see in a recruiter not a judge but a fellow, who wants to get to know you better. Show your passion for coding, tell more about your interests and things you like. Stay positive and do not forget to smile!:)

Do not be afraid of exposing your limits – we appreciate honesty. If you are not sure about your answers to our technical questions, it is really OK. Just say that you do not know it yet, but would like to, and the tech recruiter, for sure, will provide you with a proper answer. This will be a good opportunity for you to learn something new!

Show your curiosity – feel free to ask as many questions as you want. A job interview is a time for you to learn more about the company, projects and internal initiatives. Have you heard about CodeteCon and would like to become a speaker? Would you like to join Codete Video Club? Ask for details! We will be more than happy to answer your questions and see your real interest in being a part of the Codete team.
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Recruitment is only the beginning

In Codete we believe that recruitment is the only one of many steps to build the best place to work. There is still some work ahead to fully unlock the potential of new joiners and show them possibilities to grow within the company. Our experience shows, that well organized IT recruitment process can be valuable for both the candidates and the company as they can learn about each other. Do you like our recruitment and would like to give it a try? Here you can find a list of open positions in Codete. See you there!

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