Have you cooled down after CodeteCON #LBN2 in Lublin? I hope you still have few minutes to read this special conference summary. Make yourself comfortable and pour yourself a proper drink. Here’s the recap of the second edition of CodeteCON in Lublin.

CodeteCON #LBN2 at Lubelskie Centrum Konferencyjne

For those who have never been at CodeteCON – it is a technology conference which brings together hundreds of developers, attracts engineers passionate about IT and programming. During the conference we share the knowledge on how to use emerging software technologies in real-life use cases. There were already three editions (except the internal ones) in Krakow while in Lublin this was our second time and we did it well.

Our second edition of CodeteCON started on 12 April at Lubelskie Centrum Konferencyjne.

We are amazed at the number of attendees – over 180 people registered and appeared at Lubelskie Centrum Konferencyjne. I need to add some impressions about the venue, which was absolutely beautiful spot. LCK is a prestigious conference facility with a multifunctional application with the latest technologies in 11 conference rooms. It was a pure pleasure to organize a technology conference in such a modern and functional place like Lubelskie Centrum Konferencyjne.

CodeteCON #LBN2 Lublin technology conference

At 6pm we had a ball

This edition focused on topics like Frontend, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Programming Architecture. Our mission and key to a good relationship with attendees is to make everybody happy and satisfy everyone. I think we made it what is proved by the fact that the event was very highly rated – 4.86 out of 5.

This time CodeteCON consisted of 4 lectures (45 minutes each) and 3 lightning talks (10 minutes each).

CodeteCON #LBN2 Lublin technology conference

Let me tell you something more about every presentation.

First speaker at CodeteCON was Patryk Omiotek, Software Engineer at Intive with his presentation: Frontend and Machine Learning. Machine Learning is not a new field of computer science, but its applications are heard more often. Many teams would like to implement ML in their projects, unfortunately not always considering the good of the product and the end user. During presentation Patryk showed what Frontend has in common with Machine Learning and how to use ML for a process of developing products and services.

Presentation brought together all attendees and Patryk was highly rated with his speech.

Second on the stage was Piotr Hejwowski, Senior Developer at Intive with his presentation Apache Spark by example. Piotr was talking about basics of Apache Spark starting from reasoning why one would even use the tool and smoothly getting to how it can be used. Later on he showed Spark’s ecosystem and how well it integrates with existing tools out of the box. The point that I also like to see in tech talks about tools was present in this presentation – Piotr mentioned as well when using Apache’s tool may not be the best idea ever and what one should consider before employing it right after hearing the presentation. As Piotr said: “Apache Spark has been with us since 2012, which is already some time. It still has a magic shell that we will try to effectively dismantle at this presentation. (…)”. Piotr has answered the following questions about Spark: How to turn it on? How to write the first query? What’s going on there underneath? What can I load there?

CodeteCON #LBN2 Lublin technology conference

Third on the stage appeared Paweł Janusz, Solution Delivery Manager at Onwelo. Paweł presented very interesting lecture about Programming Architecture: he took us on the journey from blurry pulpa style to a more hyped serverless approach showing what people tried in the meantime. The history was sprinkled with Paweł’s thoughts and insights into how the architecture could be planned, what should be considered and some tools which will help a developer design an architecture that lasts. He raised the issue of the most important thing in software architecture and what exactly can be done in this field. Paweł invited us to his trip of Architecture and his experience about it. It was an inspiring presentation and as one of the attendees said:

…back to the roots.

The last full-size presentation was given by Sławomir Sobótka, Trainer and consultant specializing in Java EE technologies at Bottega IT Minds. The talk was highly anticipated even though it was not strictly a tech talk, but touched enough points for developers to be interested. During joyful 45 minutes Sławek was talking about how people not only communicate but perceive communication. Once foundations and psychological background had been set up, Sławek gave us a handful of tips on how our communication can be more effective and thoughtful, what can pay off not only in work but also in our personal lives. Sławek presented differences in communication between IT and business and communication models.

CodeteCON #LBN2 Lublin technology conference

It’s about time for Lightning Talks session

Except for the main technical presentations at CodeteCON we decided to show our attendees soft skills lightning talk. At our latest edition in Krakow we tried it for the first time and people really liked it, so we repeated it in Lublin.

We think it’s a good idea for developers to know better soft positions in the workplace and the most important thing – to understand better their goals or challenges. We wish to learn how to communicate with people from business, marketing or sales department.

That is why the first lightning talk was about Marketing Trends in 2018 presented by Agnieszka Krawczyk, Marketing Manager at Codete. In this talk we were advised of 10 main and most important trends in online marketing. Besides well known mobile trend, we had the opportunity to hear something about personalization, content marketing, influencer marketing, analyst and chatbots as well.

The audience really enjoyed our tiny marketing panel, what is proved by comments like following:

More soft skills! Thank you!

Next short talk was performed by Arek Krakiewicz, Software Engineer at Codete. His lightning talk presentation was about Fluid Typography, implementation of tricky solution of font sizes in Responsive Web Design. Arek showed that it can be reached by using CSS3 calc() function based on breakpoints. Thanks to that font size changes linear on a website, depended on viewport size of the browser.

Finishing all the CodeteCON show was short speech answering the question: Why shouldn’t you use AI in your business authored by Kacper Łukawski, Tech Lead at Codete.

The presentation described how Machine Learning is currently applied in various areas and why we are still far away from General Artificial Intelligence. Kacper claims there are only 5 fundamental questions any ML system may help us to answer but still nothing more. In his opinion, there are some obstacles every business should be aware while trying to implement such solution, and there have to be a better reason than only the fact ML exists.

If you missed one of the presentations you can view all of it here.

To prove the success of the event we had lots of kindly opinions:

Great place, interesting knowledge.

Excellent event! Congrats!

CodeteCON #LBN2 Lublin technology conference

Food and extras

Besides that everybody could register and be involved in CodeteCON conference we had some perks for persons in need. Our incredibile event organization team did a great job. There were many kinds of beer, from regional to kraft and non-alcoholic. Food and snacks were delicious, everyone could find something for themselves. Fans of salt snacks like mini burgers or nuggets had plenty to choose from, believe me! Special thanks to Trybunalska City Pub for preparing very tasty catering! Guys, you really rock!

Particular thanks to…

Special thanks to our partners: Lubelska Wyżyna IT, JustJoin.IT, Polske Radio Lublin and community Lublin IT for helping us, supporting and promoting our event in Lublin. It was a pleasure to work with you guys and we’re waiting for the next collaboration soon!

We hope you really enjoyed our second edition of CodeteCON and we will see each other again soon! Lublin is a great city with amazing people so be prepared for another CodeteCON soon!

CodeteCON #LBN2 Lublin technology conference

All the updates, information about place and date of next edition will be announced soon on our Facebook page. You can also visit our new website of CodeteCON conference.

If you have any questions about the previous or upcoming edition of CodeteCON, feel free to ask, comment and share!

If you would like to perform on CodeteCON stage with 45 minutes speech or 10 minutes lightning talk – come in and fill the form on codetecon.pl


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