Another CodeteCON edition behind us. Presentations, inspiring lectures, open scene of lightning talks and unforgettable after party. CodeteCON is an informal event dedicated to all new technologies lovers and IT experts. This time we went to Lublin.

Place in the heart of Lublin

CodeteCON #Lublin took place on October 19, 2017 in Trybunalska City Pub. We met to share new IT ideas with attendees and spend some time together in the center of Lublin Old Town, at Rynek 4 Street on four floors of a restored 17th century tenement house on Thursday evening. The building itself has its own unique history. With a wonderful smell of roasted coffee and various sweetness we had the opportunity to hear really interesting presentations.

CodeteCON Lublin networking event

Presentations and lightning talks at a glance

We could see incredible presentations of 4 speakers on the stage. Our CTO, Karol Przystalski showed up on the stage first. Karol introduced how to build a bot to support HR using some artificial intelligence methods in his presentation “Bots! Bots! Bots everywhere!“. Karol presented an application written in Python. Using the Jupyter platform, he showed the individual elements of the bot step by step. It was very inspiring!

Tomasz Szyborski was the second speaker on the stage and was taking about “Frontend Security Testing with a pinch of phishing”. “Application security testing is usually overlooked – for various reasons: lack of time, budget or skills.” The holes found are “swept under the carpet.” In this presentation, Tomek showed why safety tests should not be considered unnecessary and why shouldn’t be ignored in any way. Every application can have a security hole: from clickjacking, through code injection to complete access to the database from the outside.

CodeteCON Lublin networking event

The third presentation, “Lost with Data Consistency”, belonged to Michał Gryglicki. Michał gave us a really deep insight in what types of data consistency there are, as there’s obviously a lot more than the strong consistency we know from traditional RDBMs. You would be surprised how the score of a finished game can change from certain perspectives!

The last speaker, Hubert Kosacki, gave a presentation about… the Kotlin. 🙂 Yes, Kotlin, but not Kotlin the ketchup. The speech named “Kotlin – ~ ketchuping / catchuping ~ catching up” was about programming language, of course. Kotlin has become the official programming language for Android. Since it is also based on the JVM, Hubert decided to say something more about it. He showed syntax, syntactic sugars, and differences and similarities with Java.

After the main presentations the time for lightning talks has come. After about 9:00 pm we had the opportunity to listen to the short 10-minutes speeches made by participants, also from the outside of the Codete company.

Adrian told us about “SOLID in JavaScript (…)”, Peter brought us closer to “What’s up in Java 9?” and Maciej decided to give a short speech titled: “Is inverting binary tree useless?”.

There was also Bartosz, who decided to give a speech during the event and he did it well! The speech was named: “Wat”.

All the lightning talks were interesting and we are happy about the fact that people from Lublin are so keen on short talks like those.

Halloween mood with an after party

This time in Lublin, CodeteCON had a real Halloween atmosphere! After all the inspiring presentations we all had fun during after party held at Trybunalska City Pub. Thank you so much guys for great catering! The food was delicious!

CodeteCON Lublin networking event

After presentations we distributed anonymous questionnaires to all participants who could evaluate the lectures and write their opinions about the event. We are very pleasantly surprised by the number of positive comments! This confirms our belief that Lublin wants more!

It was great! We want more!”
“Well done! Cool event, presentations at the highest level!”
“Great atmosphere, lots of substantive knowledge and delicious food!

We received positive feedback not only from the attendees, but also from the speakers. We are very happy about it. This was our first event in Lublin and we didn’t expect so many participants! We will definitely return to Lublin with the next edition of CodeteCON to continue our networking event, share knowledge, integrate and spend time with you guys!

CodeteCON Lublin networking event

I am so happy that the interest in the first edition of this event in Lublin was so big. I think that the selection of lectures was good – everyone could find a presentation suitable for themselves. Personally, I am pleased with my first full-scale presentation and the fact that the discussion follows immediately – it motivates me to continue to participate actively in conferences. An interesting (and at the same time successful) idea is to open the stage to speakers outside the company, despite being the exclusive organizer of the conference. It definitely fosters the local integration of the IT environment. Hubert, one of Codete speakers

People here in Lublin are so nice and open-minded! This city is unique! Kristina, Codete

It was really good. All presentations were at the highest level. We look forward to the next editions in Lublin! Karol, Codete

Here you can find all presentations from CodeteCON #LBN. Feel free to watch!  

CodeteCON Lublin networking event

Next time Krakow!

The next edition of CodeteCON will take place in Krakow around St. Nicholas’ Day. Everyone is invited. If you would like to share cool things with us and give a speech – feel free and write to us!

You can submit your presentation via codetecon.plIf you want to hear interesting presentations – just register and join us on Facebook!


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