CodeteCON #KRK3 Christmas edition took place on 7th December 2017 in charming SpotKawie in Krakow. This time we prepared 3 presentation tracks: in addition to Backend and Frontend related ones, we launched a brand new track: Mobile! Apart from the lectures, we prepared for you some lightning talks, contests and a delightful after party.
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News and premieres: introductory Workshops for data analysis and the third Mobile track

As part of the third edition of CodeteCON, for the first time we organized a free introductory workshop for data analysis. The workshops preceded the conference and were hosted by Kacper Łukawski, our Data Engineer. The aim of the workshop was to present how one can deal with the extraction of knowledge from seemingly chaotic data. Kacper presented the whole process – from collecting, cleaning, structuring and enriching data to visualization. All this was achieved using Python and public libraries.
Also new, third mobile track had its premiere at this conference. But more about that in a moment…

Before I tell you how cool it was, take a look at our short video promoting workshops:

Main Backend stage

On the Backend scene, the first lecture – “PHP: Haskellize my Page” – was presented by Ricardo Sanchez, Software Engineer at Codete. In his talk Ricardo gave us a real-world examples of how Haskell improves the quality of our software and our productivity compared to the last bastion of the Von Neumann languages (PHP), and how to use it to save thousands of engineering hours while our competitors are struggling with their loops and gotos. As Ricardo said, the approach that allows us to describe what our apps should be exists and it’s called “declarative programming”.
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The second speaker of the Backend track was Monika Klimek, Scrum Master at Philip Morris International, who told us a little bit about Scrum. “How is it with this Scrum in remote teams? And why is retrospective the most important?” was the title of Monika’s presentation. She focused on presenting an improvement of project management in IT industry. Monika showed how Scrum copes with IT challenges, how scattered teams can work in Scrum and she convinced us that a retrospective increases the efficiency of IT professionals.

The last speaker on the Main stage was Mateusz Opala, Co-Founder & CTO at Craftinity, who talked about “Object detection using Deep Learning”. As Mateusz said

There’s been enormous progress in object detection algorithms. Starting from multi-stage ones like R-CNN to end-to-end ones like SSD or YOLO, accuracy of the methods improved significantly. Current applications include pedestrian detection for cars and face detection on facebook. Mateusz

Mateusz showed the algorithms for solving the problem, what’s currently possible, and what would be possible in the near future.
codetecon, krakow, meetup, conference, it

Frontend track on the road

Marcin Juraszek, Frontend Developer at Codete, was the first on the Frontend scene. Marcin introduced us to the Reactive Extensions with the example of gesture control using the WebRTC API. He briefly discussed the RxJS library and how we can use it to manage asynchronous data sequences. Then Marcin showed how to create a simple web application that uses the WebRTC API (webcam) and user gestures to control the content. If you would like to learn more about Reactive Extensions – follow the IT events in Krakow! Marcin is a regular speaker!

Tomek Szyborski, Tech Lead QA Engineer at Codete and Trainer at InfoShare Academy told us about Cross Site Scripting and Phishing in his presentation “How to wreak havoc with ease. A tale of Cross Site Scripting And Phishing.” Tomek talked about security tests, which are often overlooked in the process for various reasons, and some bugs which are underestimated. He convinced us why security tests should not be treated as unnecessary, but above all why someone should mind them all the time. The presentation won very high marks and positive feedback from listeners. Tomek, huge congratulations!

The last speaker on the Frontend track was Andrzej Fricze, Software Developer at Lekta, who claims “Programming is… overrated”. Sounds interesting? So it was. Andrzej showed us in several examples that in programming simple solutions are the best and sometimes taking a step back can bring better results in everyday work.
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Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Mobile track!

The third edition of CodeteCON surprised everyone with a new track – Mobile, which turned out to be a success. Participants rated presentations from this track very high, which means only one thing: triumph!

And what happened on the Mobile track …

Hubert Kosacki, Android Developer at Codete told us about Kotlin: “Kotlin Catch-up, part 1.5 (not just the basics).” In addition to the basic functionalities, more advanced topics and possibilities of Kotlin were discussed.

The second speaker was Mobile Tech Lead at Codete, Mateusz. You could have already met Mateusz during the latest edition of MobiConf in Krakow. Mateusz Zając, invited us to his world of iOS with an amazing presentation about Cocoa MVC. Mateusz showed us that MVC isn’t a problem at all.

In 10 years of iOS presence on the market we’ve seen many changes in the SDK. But Cocoa MVC… Feels untouched, even forgotten! (…) We can see that silence around this topic has driven many developers mad, so they’ve started inventing new architectures, and boasting about each one being better than the other, and of course being better than MVC.Mateusz

The last speaker, Przemysław Wośko, told us about “Unit testing in Swift with SwiftMocky”. Przemek thoroughly answered the following questions in his presentation: Why we look down on unit tests in development? Why our managers think that tests are expensive and why it’s hard to write unit tests now?
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Let’s talk about.. Lightning talks!

After a large dose of knowledge in the field of Backend, Frontend and Mobile, it’s time for something light to digest: short talks. This time, we focused not only on topics in the field of programming but also on soft topics from the world of technology.
Fedir Kryvytskyi, Software Engineer at Codete talked about what is Symfony flex and why should somebody mind it.
Jakub Dziuba, UX/UI Designer gave us a brief introduction to User Experience Design – the art of seeking compromise between the business objectives, being friendly and attractive to the user and all within the existing technological limitations.
Tomasz Kunicki, Senior PHP Developer at eZ Systems had his short talk about communication during Code Review.
Agnieszka Krawczyk, Marketing Manager at Codete talked about the hottest trends of the past and coming year in online marketing.
Bartłomiej Kwiatek, Lead Web Developer at VML talked about Decker and how developers deal with it.
If you couldn’t listen to all presentations or you just missed something – nothing is lost! You can see all presentations and lightning talks HERE.
codetecon, meetup, conference, codetecon meetup krakow

3 stages. 3 tracks. 9 presentations. 5 lightning talks. 1 workshop.

Do we have to add anything else? Plenty of knowledge, amazing atmosphere, great catering, interesting competitions and you! You cannot miss the next edition!

CodeteCON #KRK4 won’t happen without our Mobile, Backend and Frontend tracks! What’s more – we are preparing higher quality presentations for you, even better catering and more competitions! We cannot wait, how about you?!

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So… 2018 here we come!


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