Last Thursday on the 28th of September you could meet us at the Kunztschule in Berlin where we organized another edition of CoMeet, the first informal networking event dedicated for technology enthusiasts and IT experts. That was our second meeting and we were very grateful for having the opportunity to exchange experiences, share ideas and primarily listen to lightning talks about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Big Data – the most fascinating areas of technology these years.

This time CoMeet Berlin

This year we decided to arrange CoMeet in the heart of Berlin. The place where we met is incredible. The Kunztschule in Berlin is located just a few steps from Checkpoint Charlie. With historic charm and urbanism, a modern and elegant spot was perfect for such an event as CoMeet. The location is characterized by a simple style that makes an impression of a modern atmosphere. Believe me, this is just one of many advantages of that place.

CoMeet networking event Berlin 28.09.2017

Amazing presentations and speeches

We started CoMeet from presenting the purpose of that first networking meeting. We came out with the event schedule and the most important – introduced the speakers.

After having discussed the schedule and introduction, there came the time for the Lightning Talks. This time we had an opportunity to see a performance of 6 speakers. Each speaker had 10-20 minutes of speech preceded by slides, charts and statistics at their disposal. We delivered a high dose of knowledge and experience supported by top managers and executives!

CoMeet networking event Berlin 28.09.2017

Lightning Talks were open by Mark Miller, Managing Partner from CatCap GmbH, who talked about “Financing and M&A Trends in Emerging Technologies”. CatCap is a globally active corporate finance boutique. Mark mentioned how Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) gained in importance especially for M&A and Fundraising. That was a very startling presentation full of reliable knowledge.

Our CTO Karol Przystalski had a speech about his favourites topic, Artificial Intelligence. Everyone was interested in his presentation about “Artificial Intelligence in Healthtech”. Karol talked about how the health industry could be dependent on new technologies and where it was possible to use AI in healthcare. Interestingly, Karol also mentioned that over 80% of medical staff believed that AI would revolutionize the market and improve work with industry clients. The conclusion was that “AI is the new UI”. After the presentation we had a discussion over the issues concerned during the part of Questions & Answers.

We listened also to Uzi Blum, VP Business Intelligence & Analytics at AppLift, who talked about “Recommendation solution: Combining Human Learning & Machine Learning”. The main problem was the question whether Machine Learning will replace Human Learning. Uzi presented the differences and relations between above issues very well.

Anna Bressanelli, Head of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce at Leonardo Hotels Europe touched the topic of “Think simple to think big: delighting our guests through technology & innovation”. Anna presented the vision and mission of the company, the issues affecting the nowadays tourism industry and how Leonardo Hotels managed the technology by creating a cloud-based service. Introduction of Agile and Cross-functional collaboration had guaranteed a success in the company.

Peter Schlecht had a great speech about “Sales & Artificial Intelligence”. He talked about how Artificial Intelligence would change sales. It was really fascinating to hear how many companies use AI in sales and how AI increased costs. Peter also drew attention to a problem how human mind faced the computer over the years. Twenty years ago, it seemed impossible for us that computer would have won with a chess man. Nowadays it is feasible.

It may be a hundred years before a computer beats humans at Go — maybe even longer. New York Times, 1997, quote from the presentation of Peter Schlecht.

Less than 20 years later, it turned out to be possible.

Master of Go Board Game Is Walloped by Google Computer Program New York Times, 2016, quote from the presentation of Peter Schlecht.

The last speaker was Denis Schwibinger from Applause, who talked about “Customer orientated testing – The key to great digital user experiences”. From his speech we could learn how fast the number of apps on Google Play is growing, and how many people use those apps.

The 3rd edition of CoMeet coming soon!

Panel of Lightning Talks ended much later than we expected, which means participants really enjoyed the evening. Speakers should have been really proud of themselves, all presentations were on the highest quality level. Thank you guys for great presentations!

CoMeet networking event Berlin 28.09.2017

Next edition of the CoMeet networking event will take place this spring, also in amazing Berlin. CoMeet is a great opportunity to meet new people including top managers and executives from the technology industry and see professional presentations prepared by selected speakers. Next edition will certainly bring new ideas and knowledge sharing. Meet us next time in Berlin! See you soon!


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