Let’s go networking

We are passionate about what we do. We believe that when you do something what you love it can infect others instantly. That’s where CoMeet came into being – the first informal networking event for technology enthusiasts. We have decided to put together amazing people in amazing place who are the followers of the sentence “do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life”. Preparing of this event was a challenge for us, but took the risk and try something new. It turned out that it was worth it.

Location is important

The organization of the incredible event also requires an incredible place, so the choice fell on Cricoteka – a modern cultural institution founded on the initiative of artist Tadeusz Kantor. It functions as an archive, museum, gallery and scientific institution. On the 30th May Cricoteca has additional role -gather in one place more than 40 people from IT industry.
CoMeet - informal networking event

We start from the beginning

The event began with presenting the purpose and vision of the meeting and discussing the whole schedule. Speakers from individual companies have the opportunity to showcase their concepts, experiences and knowledge in the latest technology. Each person had at disposal 10 minutes to share their ideas with others, and after that comes a moment for discussion with participants.

Panel Lightning Talks was open by Frank Alexander Reusch from Lemonbeat. He touched the topic of “Decentralized IoT and self learning in Edge devices”. What caught attention the most were interesting facts about automation and quoted statistics. Frank also drew attention at future oriented products and services, which included among others e-mobility, connected home and energy services.

The technical presentation panel could not have been held without favorite subject of Codete CTO – Karol Przystalski. He betrayed the business perspectives of machine learning, covering issues related to current trends, problems and data science. After whole lecture there was a time for Q&A session which listeners took full advantage of.

Two further presentations were devoted to the topics of “Machines on software teams” by Michael Bucko (Deckard.ai) and “Website-Relaunch Insolvency” by Philipp Paul (Uhura).

The last speaker was Domile Janenaite (Digital Knights) who finished the panel with speech about “Digital Transformation of Labor Markets”. Listeners had an opportunity to learn about the functioning of the networking hierarchy, its structure and development prospects.
Networking event - CoMeet

After … PARTY!

The end of the presentation is not the end of the event. After finished session time has come to continue networking in another location. Our speakers had the opportunity to visit the best cocktail bar in Cracow (check google ranking if you don’t believe me) called Lastriko. They took an immediate liking to new scenery after reaching the place. As proof, I can only say that the last guests left the place at 4am. Sounds convincing, doesn’t it?

What’s next?

Speaking immodestly Co-meet was very successful and that’s why we already know that in September we will repeat it with double strength, amount of ideas and invited people. We pay close attention on variety so the next edition will take place in new location. We hope that the Berlin climate will be of all to your taste.

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