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CSR at Codete – Create Social Responsibility

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14/07/2022 |

10 min read

Dominika Mizerska

CSR is the acronym of the words: Corporate Social Responsibility. It refers to a management strategy whereby enterprises take into account, on a voluntary basis, social interests, environmental aspects, or relations with different stakeholder groups, in particular employees.

That’s exactly how CSR works and that’s what we do at Codete. 

From the very beginning, we wanted to build up a tech community and make up something good together, as a team. When the pandemic came, our willingness didn’t wane, but it even got stronger than before. Despite geographic dispersion and remote work, at Codete we still go on with various CSR initiatives like: 

  • knowledge-sharing activities (Go for IT program fully dedicated to youth, Techies Space as the project thanks to which every tech enthusiast can find something interesting for themselves in the heart of Cracow),
  • ecological initiatives (support given to the “Parkowa” in Cracow),
  • sports events for charity (Codete Bike Challenge, Walk Around the Moon).

Check out what we’ve already done and what plans we still have for the future.


Table of contents:

  1. (Knowledge) sharing is caring: educational initiatives
  2. Together for the environment: planting trees in Poland
  3. Codete Sports Challenges: something for the body, something for a good cause
  4. Creating software responsibly: projects for the better world

(Knowledge) sharing is caring: educational initiatives

The old English proverb says: “If you give a man a fish, he will have a single meal, but if you teach a man to fish, he will eat his whole life”, and it is consistent with the Codeters’ attitude. That’s why we devote plenty of attention to knowledge-sharing initiatives – both for the tech community and those who’d like to become a part of it in the future, namely students or people interested in switching careers (especially women).

Techies Space: our own knowledge-sharing space

Techies Space is Codete’s initiative that builds a tech community and supports a knowledge-sharing policy. Major of events created by Techies Space are organized by Codeters themselves, and there are mostly open tech meetups for both IT specialists and those who would like to broaden their horizons and find new job opportunities. 

But under the name of Techies Space we can organize your event too! Check the latest news on our social media by visiting profiles of Techies Space & Techies resto-bar.

Open tech meetups at Techies Space

Our meetups are open for everyone, so don’t hesitate and join the next event promoted on the Techies social media profiles. No matter if you are a professional or you’re just starting your IT career path, there’s always a place for you and your friends. Do you want to know what it looked like last time? 

In May, we organized our first popular science and intergenerational meetup, giving the local community a chance to get to know more about artificial intelligence in everyday life. Among the Techies Space guests we could find technology fans, Codeters, and even their family members. As the meetup happened very close to Mother’s Day in Poland, there was a special surprise for each Codeter’s mum present at the meeting. 

“Technology - go for IT” – our IT program for high school students

At Codete, we set up a series of meetings with high schoolers named “Go for IT”, during which we presented them the IT environment behind the scenes, possible career opportunities, and the role of women in this industry. 

We focused not only on the software developer career path but also covered project management, design, and business roles. As an extra, each of the workshop attendees received a few tips regarding the first steps in IT. High schoolers could also join individual HR and recruitment consultations, and do a career aptitude test.

All the meetings were launched in two ways:

  • in high school, with Codeters from the business department (communication, HR, recruitment) who talked about soft skills, first steps on the IT career path;
  • at Techies Space, with a front-end developer, UX designer, and a project manager who gave their insights about more technical skills.

The first edition took place in Cracow, with the participation of the students from the 3rd class of a local high school.

“Everything you always wanted to know about Women in IT…” webinar with Cloudinary

Did you know that, according to the Stack Overflow 2022 Survey, only 5.17% of software developers worldwide are women? We don’t forget about them, and that’s why, together with our partner Cloudinary, we organized a webinar for women interested in joining IT: “Everything you always wanted to know about Women in IT (but were afraid to ask)”

It was open to everyone – not just women, though. Experienced developers (both male and female) sharing their thoughts on the subject, a Q&A session, and of course, a discussion on how to bring more women into the IT world were the main points of the event.

Here, you can watch a recap:

Hack4Med CRACoV: Hackathon

In 2021, we cooperated with Cracow University Hospital in organizing Hack4Med CRACoV: Hackaton during which the participants were challenged to create a Covid risk calculator. The tool was designed to classify each Covid-19 suffering patient into one out of three groups of risk. In order to obtain reliable results, the contestants worked with real, fully anonymous patient data, with the option of consulting the parameters with the doctors in attendance. The winning team decided to donate their full price, 30 000 PLN, to the Children’s University Hospital.

Together for the environment: planting trees in Poland

For many years Codete has been working for ecology. While making a decision about supporting the “Parkowa” educational-care center, we also had in mind that it was a perfect chance to take care of the local environment. 

There have already been three ecology-focused CSR initiatives organized by Codeters, and together we have planted a lot of trees!

Making Cracow greener with “Parkowa” educational-care center

One of our first CSR steps was to support the educational-care center “Parkowa” in Cracow. In 2017 and 2018, our company donated money to buy plants that we later planted around the “Parkowa” buildings together with the center’s pupils.

This simple gesture let us not only make this place more friendly for the residents but also made Cracow – the location of the main headquarters of the company – more beautiful and greener than ever before. For all Codeters, this initiative was also a chance for improving the team spirit. 

But the cooperation with “Parkowa” wasn’t the only time Codete decided to do a tribute to the natural environment. 

Reforesting 1714 square meters with The Forest Foundation

Another chance appeared when we heard about The Forest Forever Foundation. 

In autumn 2021, we helped reforest an area of 1714 m2 in the western part of Lodz voivodeship. In the area previously set up by the organizers, oaks, maple trees, and alders were first planted, and then this newly created forest was marked on Google maps

Today, we all can visit this place and have a feeling that together we can do much more than we can do alone.

Codete Sports Challenges: something for the body, something for a good cause

At Codete, we care about work/life balance and our employees’ well-being. That’s why company-organized sports challenges are an important part of our team building strategy. Each of them is fun, but also an opportunity to do something good.

Codete Bike Challenges: cycling for charity

Since 2018, we have been organizing the Codete Sports Challenge, during which we are riding as many kilometers on our bikes as possible. 

To liven up the event, everyone can follow each participant of this “race” on the specifically designed, online leaderboard. But what really matters was (and at Codete always is) team spirit, so the final result of 12 051,97 km in 2021 let us donate 3 000 PLN to the organizations chosen by the Codeters who reach the biggest distance.

Codete Walking Challenges: going the extra mile(s)

The important parts of our CSR activities are also regular Walking Challenges. In this case, instead of cycling, the challenge for Codeters is to go as many kilometers as possible on foot. Every challenge has its own theme and pre-established distances. The more kilometers we walk in total, the more money is donated to a charity selected by the winners. 

This initiative has already taken place twice:

  • In 2021, the title was “With Codete Around the Moon”, and the winner gathered 652 616 steps which means 3 000 PLN transferred to the “Las na zawsze” foundation.
  • In 2022, we dedicated our Walking Challenge to Ukraine, passing together 8.544,499 steps (3 000 PLN donated).

Creating software responsibly: projects for the better world

Codete is a software house focused on projects that can develop and improve the world all around. That’s one of the key criteria that we take into consideration when we’re looking for another chance to grow. 

Codeters work on several healthtech initiatives, like Cardiac Healthcare Application, and Stanford Medical Application. Each of them modernizes the medical industry in a different way, every time increasing the working comfort of doctors and the safety of patients.

Cardiac Healthcare App lets improve cardiac healthcare research, to better understand the human heart, its diseases, and ways to prevent them. The possibility to put the latest achievements of science and technology in the pocket was a revolutionary solution that let its users store sensitive data in their own devices thanks to the IOS application. Read our case study >

Stanford Medical Application is our healthtech project that allows medical researchers to enroll participants and gather meaningful data. It lets its users better understand heart diseases by filling out surveys, monitoring physical activities as well as collecting motion and health data like daily steps number, active minutes, sleep analysis, or participant’s genetic data. Stanford Medical App was created by Codete's developers in response to customer demand. Read our case study >

We’ve also been responsible for creating an online platform that associates diverse actions dedicated to supporting youth activities worldwide. Codete’s team is helping the client company in evolving from delivering campaign-focused youth content to focusing on engaging young people through a longer-term engagement with a cause or issue to develop their understanding and enhance their ability to participate in a collective of other like-minded individuals and deepen the difference they can make.


CSR – we make it real

At Codete, we believe that modern technology and changing the world for the better can go hand in hand. 

If you’re looking for a possibility to grow and to make your company improve its offer, contact us and let’s start cooperation. Our experienced developers (both male and female) will share their thoughts on the subject that is crucial for you, and together we’ll create the future of your business while improving the world around us.

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Dominika Mizerska d75c6e7ac9

Dominika Mizerska

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