Dedicated Android Developers
in Codete Software House (Poland: Kraków, Germany: Cologne, Berlin)

Are you looking for a team of dedicated Android developers that would go all the whole distance – take your idea for an app and transform it into a final product? That sounds like exactly the kind of challenges that Codete deals with on a regular basis. Our aim as a company is creating a space that would on its own lure the most talented Android (and not only that) developers as an opportunity for a self-development.

And this human workforce – qualified, experienced or promising, rising stars or stars already shining brightly – is our greatest asset and foundation of all the services we offer, especially our dedicated Android developers teams. We believe that experimenting with different proportions within the general golden formula is sufficient to bring about both success and constant, rapid development for both us and our clients.

The main ingredients here are awesome people with amazing skills and diverse, explicit project management approaches and techniques. Why do we want to create such dedicated Android developer teams and also teams working in other environments? Simple – we’d like to elevate the quality level of IT services to the whole next level and present that to an international audience.
This is why we decided to rely our work on Android projects on dedicated teams of developers.

From our general team, Codete has established ways of recruiting members for every such team, working on a particular project. Our goal in this process is creating a possibly flexible and close (if that’s required) relationship between the team and the client with simultaneous minimization of paperwork and administrative work required. This is done mostly (however, we avoid dogma in our work at all times and are open to trying out new solutions and scale their efficiency) by appointing a leader of such an Android dedicated team, who will prove himself not only in programming (this he certainly does well), but also in setting tasks, reviewing the performance, identifying the obstacles and dealing with them, establishing permeable channels of clear communication with client which will in turn convert into – your – customer satisfaction and your maintained willingness to use our dedicated teams as a means an end which is building your product and developing your enterprise.

Curious how it works? Please contact us – we’ll tell you about the way and our dedicated Android developers work and how can we use our experience to help you and your product.

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