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Dedicated web development teams
are Codete’s way of achieving what is in cases like this considered to be a usual goal – delivering an excellent product and service – which is software, its updated, care our experts are taking of it etc.

At Codete we’re particularly focused on delivering the highest of quality, bespoke web solutions, especially when it comes to enterprises and businesses.

We believe that the key to success here is understanding how the clients’ businesses work and for this purpose, as well as for the sake of yielding a smooth workflow, our work relies on dedicated web development teams that we create for a sole project.

So far, working this way, we’ve accumulated a considerable body of experience about how to deal with diverse aspects of team management.

We’ve been exploring the ways differed methodologies work and how to manage the top coding talents that work for us so that the effect would be the best possible – this is a rough description of how we approach our clients with our dedicated web development teams methodology.

If one would want to go int details of a process of dedicated web development team building, it would start from our own crew, instead of looking for services outside.

A big focus of Codete is creating a working environment that would be desired by the engineers themselves. The second phase is team creation and its subsequent onboarding. We believe in dynamic process of that – we put work on people’s plates and continue to bring more specialists into the team until we’re certain that the squad is perfectly fine. The third phase, launched also dynamically, together with proper dedicated web development team building – this is establishing communication channels and method of team management.

As we mentioned above, we’ve got a lot of experience in that. Then the process of web development is launched, coordinated by the Team Leader, in quick iterations perfecting each product release.

We hope that after you’ve tried our way of work and seen the results as a great software solution and their development process, you’ll be satisfied – in fact, we can guarantee it!

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