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Codete develops both smart and intelligent web designs and applications that help business owners grow their user base. As an in-house software development team, we offer a dedicated offshore team giving your company measurable value added benefits such as saving time, optimizing costs, reducing risk and providing good communication standards. As international software practiced adepts in our fields, our professional web development services come from years of experience and a proven record of success. A manager’s role is fundamental for driving a culture of integrity and made a success possible. Our teams of the most valuable managers are able to complete assigned key performance goals and move your company towards a strong position on the market. In fact, Codete is proud that a large amount of the work the company does today comes from past customers and clients who have experienced success thanks to cooperation with us. To enable the highest level of services offered by Codete, we provide top talent and best resources for each of our projects delivering the highest quality products for your business.

The way we do things around here relies on the following basic principles of Codete’s system of management:

Agile in Codete’s essence

Codete can build a world-class dedicated web development team for your company based on your company requirements and goals through the agile methodology. The agile framework helps us to plan, manage and execute the project requirements and products effectively making the entire project scalable, cost effective and flexible.

As agile is a software development approach that presents solutions for delivering work on a timely basis. Codete follows the pure agile rules regarding e.g. team forming process and much more. With a number of available options and customer stories, together with a customer we assign priorities and statuses to each requirement. We do understand that a business strategy can change and the final project’s goals can be different. That is why we take time to communicate with our customers on a daily basis discussing any potential thoughts regarding a project. Making sure that we understand a company’s strategy and culture we are able to prove a tailored solution with minimum effort and maximum value relying on the scaling agile methodology.

Finally at the team level, we use agile practices to define, build and test working software in defined timelines. Our web development teams adopt many of the roles that businesses expect to find in agile; this approach is really useful when you would like to integrate your development teams with ours smoothly and painlessly.

Codete’s team communication

Transforming your ideas into a great product is not an easy task. What’s more, one of the most challenging processes in a software project is the approach to communication. Agile communication differs slightly from communication rules in a traditional project. Our agile dedicated teams follow up with project management principles communicating with each other according to agile rules.

In order to improve the communication channels between our offshore development teams and a customer’s, every day we are looking for new improvements and ideas which could bring us closer to business and customer’s needs. Valuing working software over comprehensive project communication (agile manifesto) we always make sure that functionalities work well and based on it, deliver documentation. By providing and using a range of communication tools we ensure that there are no communication barriers and the best working conditions have been created.

Besides the fact that communication is important itself, Codete also focuses on customer locations and society and culture differences which could have an influence not only on development project results but also on web applications. Codete is also considering our customer’s clients’ needs who will use web applications created by us. This approach plays a significant role in the success of our projects.

Building amazing dedicated web development teams

We are always keeping an eye out for talent that is ready to contribute, not only to support our customers, but also to refine our business processes and solidify Codete’s reputation of quality and efficiency. As these terms motivate us to action, we maintain and build a dedicated offshore team based on both the most talented and senior engineers and middle management. Although basic business beliefs inevitably vary from company to company, our employees follow high ethical standards in external and internal business relations for maximum success.

Our unique business model paves the fastest and safest way to offshore success. Working with our agile dedicated team, you will never again have to worry about unexpected expenses, hiring processes, administration work and physical infrastructure. As opposed to many other team-building companies, Codete delivers a real value which is a result of many years of experience on the market in developing new or existing strategic web-based solutions.

Dedicated team development

Engaging with talent

A talent sourcing process is a part of our team building process. Following proactive methods for finding and engaging talent to man our teams and then your companies, Codete is building the most experienced and diversified teams which are able to complete more and more challenging and unusual tasks. Our dedicated web development teams are actively looking for new innovative alternative solutions which can improve your business processes.

Aligned with your company management teams, we stay in lockstep early and often to ensure that we are on the same page about what human resources your organization needs and how our company can build a perfect team for your projects and processes. Reviewing the overall company requirements, Codete is able to find, train and delegate our employees to your organization making sure that a selected person or team is highly experienced in skills needed for a process.

Apart from talent sourcing for web development teams, Codete is also sharing its human resources and building offshore software teams which lead and run a part or entire business processes keeping efficiency and quality at a high level.

Taking talent onboard

As a web development studio, we also delegate our employees to your teams. In the case of a temporary workforce shortage, employee onboarding and payroll processing is one of those non-core business functions which can be outsourced. We know that outsourcing employees can free up time to pursue more important value added activities and that is why Codete is ready to take over some processes at your organization.

Our quick onboarding process allows our workforce to fit your organization fast and starts working immediately. Quick access to qualified and motivated human resources is the main benefit of cooperation with us. Because of our diverse clients, we are able to deliver and respond to diverse needs. As a result, your business gains access to a range of services, the most recent technologies and most talented experts in web development. Furthermore, we also offer opportunities that are perfectly suited to both small and large companies.

Success story

One of the greatest things about our competitive profitable services, is the ways we build trust and long-term relationships with businesses.

Speaking of practise knowledge, Codete has got a portfolio of products which are being delivered to best global brands. This time, the National Football League (NFL) was our customer. The NFL is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America and the highest professional level of American football in the world. The project was focused on creating a management system which would allow the customer to manage social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Like in other similar projects, Codete was responsible for both the technological and strategic project management phases leading a dedicated software team assigned to this task.

Codete’s idea was to create a smart website that exactly meets the customer’s requirements saving time and any future potential maintenance costs. Using PHP Symfony open source framework we designed a platform which consists of a main page and subpages corresponding to the NFL’s objectives. Finally, according to the agile framework, the project was divided into 5 stages over 3 weeks delivering small pieces of the project every sprint.

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