Codete is also an eCommerce software development company with a strong R&D team located in Poland that works side by side with eCommerce companies from all over the world. We help you to create a new, smart and innovative approach to customer eCommerce software development.

Add agile to your eCommerce project

eCommerce is an enormous market. To grow and succeed, we have to follow new tech trends and develop our own skills. Nevertheless, without the proper eCommerce processes in place and knowledge of eCommerce project management, it is easy to fail before your online app launches. One of many available frameworks used by our eCommerce development team during implementation projects are agile methods of project management. We believe that while creating software applications and helping others in this field, we discover how we can do our work even better. As a result of this approach, we are able to think thoroughly, widely and deeply underlining the roles of people and integration between them; deliver a complete software product above extensive documentation; cooperate with our clients on a daily basis more than creating new managing processes and tools as well as respond to unexpected changes more quickly than following a plan and schedule directly.

The development of an online app, system or even store consists of many small processes and pieces such as business analysis, choosing a proper eCommerce platform, design development (UI/UX) and other. For many businesses, it is difficult to keep all things under control, especially when working with a very small team. In order not to fall behind the schedule and avoid any budget overruns, you would need to have a clear strategy and vision for managing your project. Codete and its eCommerce development team, as the professional business partners, can help you to achieve your goals and face all challenges which could happen during eCommerce projects.

A project management methodology is the first step to the success of your eCommerce project. The right approach in managing a project enables the eCommerce development team to implement the most effective product, however through daily communication within the team, we can adjust the result at each stage of development. With this approach, we can achieve the best quality of the final app.

You need to be on the board

Communication plays a critical part in the success of a technological solution. There are a lot of the communication techniques that we use at Codete, however the more frequent the communication, the more productive will be the project’s convergence which results in better performance of our development team and therefore, a better final product.

Unlike traditional methodologies such as the cascade model – Waterfall, where a client places an order and a development team executes it – in our project framework, our clients and development teams work more closely together, making the feedback cycle faster (sprints) and ensuring at each stage of the project the development meets the customer’s requirements and final expectations.

Ecommerce project

The daily and regular review, planning and retrospective meetings allow us to be synchronized with our clients to achieve the goals. To manage communication on agile projects such as eCommerce projects we have to understand clearly how different agile communication techniques work and how to use them together in the most effective ways. If you think this understanding is similar to yours and your company is also considering a new eCommerce project, don’t hesitate and contact us.

At Codete, we point out that face to face daily talks are the heart and soul of eCommerce development projects and that is the reason why we pay so much attention to communication channels in our projects. It is essential to define and generate with a customer the tools and communication channels as early as possible to guarantee that a development team can start the project properly and optimally. This is one of the first topics we talk about with our customers at the first meeting before developing an application. From that point forward, communication should be as horizontal as possible to avoid rework and be ready to prepare potential solution evaluations.

Embrace a concept of solutions evaluation of developing eCommerce app

Without relevant professional guidance, it is difficult to properly implement an eCommerce plan to ensure the privacy and safety of your business are met. This is why we are preparing a deep analysis of your requirements and a plan how to monitor and evaluate the performance and success of your projects. Our efforts are aimed at creating perfect evaluation reports of information through practices of collection and analysis of key data at different stages of a project. Our solution evaluation in business analysis is the assessment of existing and potential solutions before and after a business goes into operation. Our dedicated experts with practical experience and a tech background are able to help you to prepare a comprehensive conception of an evaluation that contains both IT and non-IT components as well as rules, processes and systems.

At Codete, we pay attention to details and innovative technological solutions. Based on this, in our approach we take into account both internal and external perspectives on the final project goals as well as evaluation criteria and their weight in solution analysis. During development stages, our experts eagerly discuss and help you to understand any doubts regarding the entire project processes.

Creating a culture of data use

Big data is one of the greatest advantages of online commerce in comparison to other industrial sectors. Modern technology can aggregate a huge amount of data and information to provide every single user with personalized content using a single mobile phone or a computer.

The importance and value of data is increasing, making it more lucrative than gold and oil. At Codete, we are aware of this and want you to use your data effectively getting more and more useful answers for your business based on the systems we have built for you. The activities that you perform every day, our information technology engineers can digitize in ways that give you additional real value. When working with data and experimentation, we do not take a one size fits all approach to all of our work. Depending on the nature of a problem and our customer business, we are trying to solve a challenge you happen to be in, employing different methods and techniques in our scope of the final solutions. We like to talk about this as being aware what is your company strategy and what is possible to be done by our company in the proof of concept you will be engaging in during our potential cooperation.

To underline this, our customers can easily share their experience of the cooperation with us, to ensure you that our company is the best choice for your business and you.

Working successfully with eCommerce projects

Codete is a team of experts who create and develop eCommerce projects of every complexity. Our developers provide you with high quality services such as application development, customer development or support and maintenance services. In the last few years we have completed plenty of projects delivering performance improvements and high customer satisfaction. One of the most interesting projects we would like to share with you is Total’s case study. One of the five of the world’s biggest petrochemical companies wanted to receive a complete plan of how to improve the communication and procurements channels with Total business partners. The project was assigned to a dedicated team consisting of front-backend and architecture engineers who would be able to work with tight deadlines.

The project was focused on creating a new website for business partners who would like to buy Total’s products. Because of the long list of Total’s requirements, the project was even harder to be delivered on time. As such, the company didn’t like to lose anything it put into the bucket. As the result of this, Codete wanted to work with the customer on a daily basis to be sure that the final product will include all necessary business requirements of the project.

The basic goal of the project was to deliver a functionality–rich web application which would be easy to use, work efficiently and allow to manage all business partners’ orders effectively. To succeed, Codete used plenty of easy available frameworks such as Django – implemented to create the backend of the web app, AngularJS – was running the frontend of the application. Additionally, we also implemented NPM and webpack to manage extra models that would be used for the frontend versions of the web application.

The final web application allowed Total to improve the total conversion, business partner loyalty as well as acquire new customers.

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