Already forgot about our new event? Yeah, we didn’t either. Without further overdue, take a look into how, why and with whom was all that commotion.

FuckITup Nights #1 is an idea borrowed from already well known initiative FuckUp Nights but our focus went to IT world. Why? It’s simple. We were tired of everlasting praising projects, technologies, solutions and products when we all know, that at the end of the day, with your own team and a drink in your hand you will talk about what actually went wrong. All of those are fine but here we’re showing that there is another thing – technical issues and human factors. Let’s face it. There were never a project where everything went smoothly, without troubles, problems and simple – “fuckups”. We wanted to talk about things that are close to our daily work with all flaws and problems that we actually encounter. And all of those topped with some 80’s/90’s climate!

The idea was to make it simple, quick, focused on technical side with some space for questions and answers. And it was a jackpot!

fuckITup nights #1 codete event krakow

FuckITup Nights #1 in Kraków

Our first edition took place on Barka – a restaurant barge moored on Wisła river, in the heart of Kazimierz district, next to Podgórska street. It is a very cool, spatial place (not so much then we have more guests than initially planned!) on Tuesday, 29th of January 2019. It was a cold, still-winter night when…

We were very positively surprised about the number of people interested in our event. Our tickets were sold out after 24 hours after publishing this event! After second registration, with guests, final number went from 80 to 120 people at one, single night! You were there! You came! Awww… <3

We need to be aware, this is actually the barge with very cool, marine interiors and accents, parted to two different spaces – (below the deck) bar and conference. Even with some space limitations, we made it 😉

fuckITup nights #1 codete event krakow

Let’s talk about fuckups…

6:30 pm we started with full room and one of the main co-organizers and originator on the stage – Mateusz Bryła, as the opening mic and first fuckup in our evening – How much can you screw up with a test database. 4 lecturers, 15 minutes for the story and 5 minutes for Q&A. Perfect combination. Essence of the technical issues, with space for a few jokes. Our next guest, Przemysław Wośko talked about Friday’s Release. After first two we went for a quick break and then moved forward to another guest, Marcin Lewicki with awesome case-study story about How to invest millions into startup and earn 20 PLN and the last, with closing speech of Michał Gurgacz about How much a ticket can cost or power of social-media.

And regarding our speakers – that’s it! We wanted to keep it simple and that’s exactly how we did it. All of our guests were active, not bored at all, with a lot of “hit home” questions and really enormous amount of laugh.

Food and Extras?

Learning from mistakes of others might cause people hungry and we know it. That’s why every single of our guests could choose a drink of their choice at the bar, and at the end we were feasted with mini-burgers from local kitchen. Space for getting to know each other, talk a bit, eat and maybe even reveal secrets about their own fuckups. 😉

fuckITup nights #1 codete event krakow


It went absolutely awesome! We wanted something different from a world of meetups and conferences – and we made it. We were so surprised about positive energy, good laugh, learning from each other and cool atmosphere that we will do it again!

27th of February in Lublin at Trybunalska City Pub we are hosting FuckITup Nights #2. It is going to be as awesome as it was this first time. After that we will come back with #3 to Cracow, so stay tuned and watch closely our Facebook Page!

Take care!


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