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Growth at Codete: Internal Mobility Behind the Scenes #3

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01/12/2022 |

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Dominika Mizerska

Success Stories and Plans

Here we go with the 3rd part of the interview with Kinga & Kamila – our Internal Mobility Team. This time we’ll be talking about successes and plans related to the IM initiative. What was the most challenging task? What kind of lessons did Kinga & Kamila learned, while creating and improving the Internal Mobility Program? Let’s check it out!


D.M.: Let’s go back in time a bit. Which case do you remember as the most difficult or demanding?

Kinga: At my work, I’m focused on the people for whom this break between projects is a bit more difficult than for others, so I can’t pick just one situation from the past. Unfortunately, it happens that some employees finally decide to leave the company. My task is to analyze the situation together and possibly re-think it one more time. Maybe they can be engaged in some smaller, but also very meaningful projects on an ongoing basis, or contribute in another way. At such times, Kamila and I keep searching for the best target project for them. Sometimes it is a matter of 1-2 weeks of patience, till the dreamy project pops in, after all!

I recall the case when one of our Codeters kept approaching me (we talked three times), telling about their eagerness to quit their job. I kept that Codeter in the IM process and intensified the effort of the final search, to make sure that we did everything we could to succeed.

What I try to keep in mind, though, is that being handed a notice has happened, happens, and will happen from time to time. It doesn’t change the fact that every person leaving Codete is a difficult moment for me.

Kamila: The most demanding projects for me are those that result from the unexpected ending of the cooperation. The employee suddenly stops doing what they used to do for a long time, so we need to face these situations, and believe – that makes the Internal Mobility Program more and more valuable with each such challenge.


D.M.: What about a case that you’re really proud of? 

Kamila: I’m really proud of the whole project! When I started working at Codete, there was a lot of work going on with Internal Mobility, and many aspects were getting clearer. After all this time, we’re in a totally different place, and so is the whole initiative.

Kinga: I clearly remember one of the programmers who came to us after having a not-so-successful interview with his Delivery Manager. He complained that he didn’t quite know how to answer the questions. He also kept telling us about the entire context of the meeting. As a part of the Internal Mobility process, we “decomposed” this interview, deeply analyzed each of its stages, and our work soon gave some great results.

D.M.: What has work on Internal Mobility taught you? What’s the most useful “lesson” you’ve learned from this project, or what has surprised you the most so far?

Kinga: Firstly – humility. It may seem that my perennial and diverse baggage of experience let me already answer all the possible questions and create all the scenarios. I couldn’t be more wrong. Every day we’re in contact with a “living organism”, each of us is different, and that’s why personal contact can turn out to constantly be a great adventure and a challenge at the same time.

What’s more, I am constantly developing multi-context thinking and the ability to “connect the dots”. All of this to be able to look widely at every possible situation that Codeters are or could be in. Those standard and non-standard methods of working are used to make the beginning of a new project as effective as possible for our employees.

Last but not least, I’ve also learned to appreciate our small and big successes. It’s interesting to see that from the start of Internal Mobility we’ve already found new projects for several dozen of employees. I really hope that with time we’ll be able to work on an even larger scale.

Kamila: Internal Mobility is a huge challenge for me. Working with people requires a lot of responsibility, but it also teaches me patience and comprehension. I’ve already learned that each Codeter has their own, different story, and that my main task is to focus on it as much as possible. This experience has definitely opened my mind, showing me that – paradoxically – keeping some kind of distance sometimes helps to step into someone else’s shoes. There are different attitudes and approaches, and not everyone laughs as much as I do. [laughter]

I consider this project to be a good way of working on self-improvement and courage. The fact that I’m younger than the rest of the team sometimes makes other people think that I may not be qualified enough, or even be a bit “carefree”. This makes it more difficult for me to gain respect. Doing my job as well as I can, I keep growing in the feeling of having important and necessary tasks. Thanks to Internal Mobility, I’ve received a lot of chances to be decisive and to become a leader in some aspects – so I trust the process! [laughter]


D.M.: And here is a question that many readers may have: is there any mathematical formula or code that lets you go through Internal Mobility easily? Or maybe each case is different, and the meeting with every employee is something unique?

Kamila: Every single person who joins Internal Mobility is an individual case, so we don’t even try to compare it with any other. And even if we have some kind of guidebook, one of the biggest values of this job is that every time we can, and should, treat our “clients” uniquely.

Kinga: As a matter of fact, we do have a kind of wireframe / guidelines which are designed to help us gather all the important information and details we need to reach the goal. Yet, Codete is all about people, and everyone is different, therefore, we treat everyone individually – that is the best formula, and it works pretty well! [laughter]


D.M.: What are your plans for the next few months?

Kinga: I will be extending the Internal Mobility Program by increasing the variety of activities / projects within Codete, as well as raising effectiveness of data flow, along with intensifying cooperation with Tech Communities and the EB team, at Codete.

D.M.: Thanks for finding some time to talk about Internal Mobility behind the scenes. See you soon!

Kinga & Kamila: Thanks! In fact, we have created some kind of anniversary interview here, because 12 months have passed since the creation of Internal Mobility. And it keeps going on! [laughter]


You can find the previous parts of the interview here:

If you want to know more about Internal Mobility, visit our website, and find all the necessary information, as well as contact details to Kinga and Kamila. And if you would like to learn more about our IM division, read the introductory article Your Professional Growth at Codete >

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