Codete is starting its own blog. We’ve decided to share our knowledge and ideas with the IT community. In this first entry, I would like to introduce the purpose behind this initiative.

Our main goal for 2016 is to aggregate and share the know-how which we have accumulated during over 6 years on the IT market. We did manage to work with lots of different organizations and solve tremendous number of technical and non-technical problems, now it’s time to recap and build our knowledge bank – this blog will be a part of this process. We will write about IT through the prism of our experience in:

Web & Mobile Development

Surely this topic is very close for us. Codete had started with software development of web and mobile applications and at this point we feel confident of advising other professionals. We will publicate tutorials and describe best practices for software creation as well as most recent trends in backend and frontend development.

Agile Project Management and Delivery

While working on the number of projects, we have managed to learn how to cooperate with various organizations spread across the globe. We will publicate articles and case studies about agile project management methodologies and DevOps approach. Our main goal here is to present useful techniques, tools and hints on how to connect different development teams together and with the business more smoothly.

Blog Codete: Mobile and Web Development

Quality & Security

We are proud to cooperate with the most demanding clients with the highest expectations of quality and data security (e.g. in healthcare, finance sector). We will share our experience on how to merge top quality with being agile and discuss challenges in the field of data security.


Research and Development of cutting-edge IT solutions is strategic for Codete. We would like to be a technology partner for our clients and help them to create innovations. We are working on various IT challenges, like:

  • Research and development of PoC for Big Data ingestion with IBM infosphere Data Replication for Oracle CDC into HDFS
  • Research and development of PoC for data prefetching in web applications based on the user behaviour prediction to reduce the number of requests and improve the speed of web and mobile applications. Facebook’s Top Data Problems list
  • Research and development of PoC for the selection of most suitable framework – comparison between React.JS and Polymer.JS for high traffic, multilingual eCommerce

We will publicate the most interesting results of our researches and reflections on our blog.


We believe that presentation is equally important as technology standing behind it. Creating user friendly interfaces for complex applications means a great deal for us. We will share our experience gained while working on SaaS tools, eCommerces and other mobile and web applications. We will present how to connect the design part with the development by creating guidelines and describing best practices.

We hope to create interesting content for the professional readers with a practical value in the fields mentioned above. We are open for the discussion and willing to share our knowledge with the others. If you like this approach, please spread the news about this blog!

Managing Director

Responsible for business strategy and development. Trying to connect technology with business on a daily basis.