The user experience is one of the most important part of any software product. A perfect UX is a rocket jet for product growth, the bad – the fail and death. Even perfect architecture and best software solutions can’t be the key for success, but UX can. In this article, I will share some simple solutions with you to improve your mobile application in 5 minutes.

But first I would like to ask you: “How would you describe the perfect application?”. For me, a good product follows one simple principle: “Minimum actions to achieve the goal”, I  would say even more briefly, “One button that solves all your problems”. It sounds funny, but it is really true.

To be realistic, of course, it is impossible to make “One button”, but you can follow this principle in order to improve your application. Every day I meet the applications from famous companies that have high skilled developers who make elementary mistakes. I’m not talking about errors that are difficult to fix, I’m talking about simple warnings that can be fixed in 5 minutes.

Login screen

Let’s take a look at the simple login form. It is the first contact with an application, a really important time for UX.

how to improve user experience in 5 minutes codete blog

Simple login form, there is the same in millions of applications.

Imagine the use case: user has entered email and realized that he forgot the password, a very common situation. What does the user do next? – sure, click on the “Forgot” button and see the screen with the email field and the “Reset Password” button. On this screen, the user must enter the email and click on the “Reset Password” button. But why app should ask for re-entering email if the user has already entered it on the login screen? This really requires only a few lines in the program code and 5 minutes of time to implement it, but unfortunately, in most applications this doesn’t work. Not good and good – left to right:

improve user experience - login

The same case with the registration screen, I often see cases when a user enters an email and only then realizes that he has not registered.

What conclusion? You should transfer data from one screen to another one. Do not need to force the user to enter data twice.

UX Keyboard

Let’s take a look at the following form:

increase user experience - keyboard

Do you feel something is wrong with this screen? You should have noticed that the keyboard with the letters looks weird for the “Phone” field. Definitely, we need only numbers for this field and nothing more. The next screen looks much better:

how to improve user experience in 5 minutes codete blog

It takes only one line of code and a few minutes to implement it for a mobile application, but I still see such errors in millions of applications. Even business applications such as the Internet banking and online stores contain similar errors.

Conclusion: you should remember one rule – each field should contain instructions for displaying only the adapted keyboard.

Make error messages more understandable and detailed

Another case that I often see is some abstract error messages. For example, the user receives the following message:

how to improve user experience in 5 minutes codete blog

What do you think a user will do after receiving such a message? Fix the problem or get confused and trying to understand what is wrong?

Messages in your application should be extremely clear and clearly describe what happened, if user inserted incorrect email – ok, show message with something like ”incorrect email”, if there is no such user – great, just write “User not registered yet”. No need to play game with user :).

And do not hesitate to ask UX/UI developer about it!

Touch area

Oh, this topic is in my top :), most frequent mistakes: the user tries to press the button but cannot, for example, when the icon(button) is very small and the user’s fingertip is too big.This happens when a touch zone – the area on the screen that is clickable is very small.

improved user experience - buttons

To fix this you just need to increase the touch zone :). It is easy in most of cases, so you shouldn’t skip it.


As you can see, UX of the application can be improved in just a few minutes, it does not require much knowledge or experience, all you need is attention to detail, do not take time of your potential customer. If your users want to use functions in your application – make it easier and smoother for them ;).

I think each of you can share a hundred examples of what can be improved in a few minutes. Glad to see your experience in the comments!



Lead Android developer, teacher and mentor