Our 3rd edition of CoMeet event, was held on 16th May 2018 in Berlin. CoMeet had featured lightning talks from experts who have achieved significant results by integrating data science in their business. This time we met again in Kuntzschule in the heart of Berlin.

How Data Science can create real value for your business?

We decided to organize CoMeet event to connect the experience of experts in the field of Business and Data Science. Our main objectives for this edition was to learn and share knowledge about how data science can concretely improve our bottom-line, decision-making and customer satisfaction and to get actionable advice from top data scientists in a dynamic lightning talks format.

“We designed #CoMeet as a tech event for business leaders. We want to show them how Data Science offers real and tangible opportunities to create value for their business.”

said our Managing Director Artur Olechowski.

Besides the networking and know-how we had a fine wine tasting, good cuisine menu and great music. There was nothing to prevent the attendees and speakers from connecting and exchanging their knowledge and experience.

3rd edition of CoMeet in Beriln

CoMeet on the sideline of the Rise of AI Conference 2018

It is also worth mentioning that we’re a partner of Rise of AI Conference. Just like CoMeet is a great place to network and get practical knowledge about AI that all of us can apply in company. We organized CoMeet on the sideline of Rise of AI conference, where you could also join us and meet us at our booth.

Inside CoMeet

Our 3rd edition of CoMeet was a satellite event from Rise of AI 2018 conference in Berlin. Event started at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, 16th May and included 5 lightning talks. Let me introduce you our special speakers and their hot topics.

First lighting talk was about How you’re leaving money on the table by not leveraging smartphone data authored by Silvan Rath, CEO at predict.io.

Silvian has worked for American technology disruptors since 2006. He was with Cisco Systems while online video was turbo boosting the network requirements. A time when the only challenge was to get more supply out of the factories. During his time with Comscore he helped leading brands take advantage of cutting edge Online Analytics. At eBay he built an all new Business Unit helping classical retailers to navigate the changed landscape. He worked with the world’s largest retail groups and brands to establish multichannel strategies. His inspiring speeches regularly deliver >80% Net Promoter Scores among industry professionals so it was a great opportunity to listen such a good speaker like Silvian. The CEO at predict.io talked about some surprising insights we can draw from mobile data and how to use them to create a business value.  

CoMeet networking event 2018 Berlin

Second speech at CoMeet was performed by Volker Brendel, who is a CIO at Wenn Digital, which is building a photographic ecosystem around the KODAKOne platform. He is also a Creator of KODAKOne platform. Volker started its career 30 years ago in the field of pattern recognition in the banking industry. He specializes in research and enterprise computing. As a senior manager of the Deloitte Analytics Institute he was responsible for many big data & AI driven analytics projects for big customers in automotive, finance, chemicals and manufacturing; as a lead big data architect and now he focuses on the platform development of KODAKOne. Volker had a short talk AI use cases are crucial for enterprises.

During the presentation Volker explained the idea of KODAKOne platform which combines blockchain technology with a proven post-licensing platform and helps solving many problems of the professional photographers. Images registered on the KODAKOne platform are protected from infringements, for example.

Brendel explained how AI and blockchain solutions are combined together in KODAKOne, and for many of us it was a very productive and convincing talk.

At CoMeet we could also listen to Amadeus Tunis. Amadeus manages the Deloitte Analytics Institute, a center of excellence for Big Data, Advanced Analytics, AI and Analytics Strategy in Berlin, where he oversees all market activities, the project portfolio and a team of over a 100 motivated data scientists, engineers and data strategists. He greatly enjoys helping clients conceive analytics and big data solutions to address complex problems and speed up valuable insights. Amadeus talked about Advanced Analytics in the Automotive Industry. It was very inspiring talk, moreover, Amadeus raised an issue about connected vehicle & asset analytics. He described how data science helps Deloitte to solve different issues of the automotive industry at almost all the levels, starting from the vehicle assembling up to recommendation systems.

A representative of Codete was our Tech Lead, Kacper Łukawski with his speech Why shouldn’t you use AI in your business?. Kacper is currently involved in Big Data projects and internal research in the field of Machine Learning. He is an enthusiast of applying data science in various sectors, so he couldn’t waste the opportunity to be at CoMeet. Kacper’s short talk started from an overview of AI applications in various areas, he told us about the most typical reasons of applying ML and presented 5 fundamental questions, any ML system may try to answer. He claims we are still far away from General Artificial Intelligence, at least with the current state of Machine Learning.

CoMeet 2018 Berlin


Our last, one and the only female speaker at 3rd edition of CoMeet was Dr. Maryam Ramezani-Bartsch Senior Director at Adidas Group with her speech How to set up a successful agile data science team. Dr. Maryam Ramezani-Bartsch is an innovative leader with deep expertise in Data Science and insight-driven marketing. She drives for creating the new by helping adidas on their digital transformation to be more data-driven and utilize Big data technologies to its full potential. Maryam has years of experience in leading advanced analytic projects in different organizations such as Xaxis GroupM, SAP, IBM research, and DePaul University. She holds a PhD in data mining from Karlsruhe University, Germany. At CoMeet Maryam had opportunity to talk about the values and principles of Agile. Data science is often thought not to fit the agile principles, mostly because the difficulties to define success in such projects, but during the talk we were convinced, it is possible. The claim in Maryam’s talk was, as she said:

Key is to have a cross-functional team.

CoMeet networking event Berlin 2018

As we mentioned before, we’re also an official partner of Rise of AI, full day conference. Rise of AI was held the next day, 17 May 2018 at Hauptstadtrepräsentanz der Telekom also in Berlin. It was a real pleasure to be the official partner of Rise of AI. The conference gave everyone opportunity to network and learn how to apply AI in businesses. If you want to understand and learn more about Artificial Intelligence it is absolutely worth to attend such a valuable conference as Rise of AI.

Our CTO, Karol Przystalski had a session during Rise of AI. Karol talked about Artificial Intelligence in Fintech and he gave us real use cases. He touched the issue of Sentiment Analysis, which can be used for analysing customer satisfaction to be better informed about our customer service and how the market reacts on news related the company. If you’re interested in Real-time Sentiment Analysis you can read more on our article here. Karol also got audience near the subject of Blockchain, IoT and Chatbots. Certainly for enthusiasts of AI it was an interesting topic.

Hope to see you on the next edition #CoMeet

Thank you for attending 3rd edition of CoMeet and making it memorable event. We’re hope you enjoy the event and the topics raised during CoMeet.

Special thanks to our speakers: Dr. Maryam Ramezani-Bartsch, Silvan Rath, Volker Brendel, Amadeus Tunis and Kacper Łukawski for attending and first of all sharing the knowledge and your experience in Data Science. We would like to thank our partner Bold Push and our media partners: Berlin Valley and Orbanism for support and event promotion.

Now it’s time for charging batteries, however, we want to organize an event at the highest level, so we’re already thinking and planning our next edition. Stay tuned!


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