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IT Recruitment Process at Codete in a Nutshell

Dominika Mizerska d75c6e7ac9

28/03/2022 |

16 min read

Dominika Mizerska

Are you looking for your dream job? Do you want to join the fast-developing software house with the office in the heart of Cracow or Lublin or to work remotely with us? Do you feel like IT is your cup of tea, and now you’d like to take another step on your career path? That’s perfect because at Codete we’re waiting for you!

Before you join our hiring process, gain as much knowledge as you want, and get to know all the smart tips that will help you become a part of the Codete team soon. In this article, we’ve described the recruitment process at Codete in a nutshell, and we’ve answered the most often asked questions. Read it quickly and be prepared for the next step in your professional development.


Table of contents:

  1. How does the recruitment process start?
  2. Referral program – what is it?
  3. Clear job description
  4. Stages of the recruitment process at Codete
  5. Welcome onboard!
  6. Perks & benefits
  7. Codete x CSR

Ready? Set? Go! First step in your recruitment process: find the right role

There’s no doubt that the first step in every recruitment process is opening a set of positions by the company. Our recruitment team is doing its best to keep you updated with all the news, and there’s a place for the latest job offers too, of course. 

No matter if you’re thinking about changing your job, or you’re just killing time by scrolling the internet while drinking morning coffee, there are a few places where you can always find some information about our open positions easily.

The best you can do is to start from our official website and the bookmark Codete Career. This online database is definitely the biggest source of currently opened positions for all the company’s departments. Next, check Linkedin – that’s where Codete keeps posting the latest updates about all the personal changes and growth. If you don’t want to miss out on anything, just set an alert and start receiving notifications every time a new open position appears.

Don’t forget about Codete’s social media platforms, especially Facebook. Follow our account and keep checking the news regularly, so that there's no chance for a new chapter in your career to pass you by.

And there are also the biggest trade web portals, where you can subscribe to newsletters or just turn on notifications so that there will be a new email in your mailbox every time Codete will announce a new open position that may interest you. 

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Employee referral program – recommend or be recommended

At Codete, we value non-obvious solutions, and that’s why we have been running regular referral campaigns for several years. What’s going on? Working with people you already know can be way easier, nicer, and less stressful than starting a job in a completely unknown environment. What’s more, thanks to the referral campaign, we can boost our teams with well-verified, highly recommended, and prospective candidates that not only can boast of many years of experience but are also highly focused on teamwork.

Did you know that in 2021 alone, as much as 107 people recommended their friends to us? This means Codete must be quite a nice place to work, right? :)

Each referral recruitment campaign is a chance for both (or actually even three!) sides:

  • Your friends gain a chance to get a new job, take the next step in their professional path, and work side by side with you every day.
  • For you, every recommended and hired candidate means not only a more friendly atmosphere in the office but also more money in your wallet. We believe that the best recommendations deserve a bonus, so why not say “thank you” with a financial reward? Plus, our referral campaigns always come with an additional prize for those who score the highest number of successful referrals.
  • And what about Codete’s benefits of choosing your buddy? We’re mentioning it every time we can, so let’s do it one more time: a great team is the best base for creative work and top results.

So, if you feel like you know someone who would fit the Codete team, and you can see an open position in our database or social media accounts – don’t hesitate and recommend them to us as soon as possible. Each recommendation is a chance for gaining extraordinary awards, so there’s another reason to… start referring right now! Shoot us an email at jobs@codete.com to recommend your friend and we’ll take care of the rest. 

We constantly work on making our Codete Referral Program more and more attractive, that’s why particular rules are subject to change, but at this point the main rules are: 

If the conditions referred to in §6 are met together, the referrer will receive a cash award in the amount of:

  • For internal referral PLN 5,000.00 (five thousand) PLN gross (basic prize),
  • For external referral PLN 4,000.00 (four thousand) PLN gross (basic prize).
  • Provided that the conditions of §6 are met, the basic prize rises by 1,000.00 (one thousand) PLN net (internal referral) or gross (external referral) for each consecutive candidate.

Most often, there are two types of the referrals:

  • Internal referral is about dividing the money award into two parts: 50% is due in the first month of the commencement of the candidate’s work. The second installment is credited to the referrer's account if the candidate keeps working with Codete after 3 months, and receives positive feedback from their superiors.
  • While talking about the external referral, an award is gained if the candidate continues the cooperation after 3 months of the trial period.
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Just remember that there are several conditions that must be met:

  • The candidate cannot be listed in our database, and hasn’t been referred by anyone else yet.
  • Candidates can’t have been rejected by Codete within the last 6 months before the referral is made.
  • Moreover, the referral has to become an employee of Codete on any legal basis.

Clear rules – fair expectations

No matter where you’ve found our offer and job description, there’s one thing you can be sure of – there will be no legal tricks or hidden content in it. At Codete, we believe in frank cooperation and trust because it’s only thanks to these values that a long-lasting agreement can be created. That’s why our recruiters put all the necessary details in every job offer that is published both on our internal social media channels, and externally. There’s no doubt who we’re looking for and what we’re expecting from the potential candidates. Required level of experience, key competencies, tech skills – you can easily find all of these already in the first step of Codete’s recruiting process.

But our expectations are not the only part of each offer, of course! There’s also a wide range of benefits and precise conditions of employment. Is the work mode remote or stationary? What about the type of agreement we can offer? B2B, or maybe a regular contract of employment? 

All of these questions are regularly asked during job interviews, no matter which position you’re applying for. At Codete, we don’t wait until you ask us – instead, we’re giving you a complete job description right at the beginning of the hiring process. And during the actual job interview you’ll get to know more, for example what equipment you will be provided with and all other daily work details.

We value your work (experience) 

Our job vacancy database includes dozens of job offers for positions requiring different levels of experience. Despite this diversity, we assure that there’s salary banding shown in every technical announcement. That’s how we practice financial transparency, but remember – even the best-fixed salary range can be… REfixed! 

If you feel like working with us, but your salary expectations are higher than those provided in our offer, let us know! Impress us and we’ll do our best to convince you to stay with us and face your financial expectations. At Codete, we’re always open to discussion.

“At Codete we're constantly conducting recruitment and selection processes for the mid and senior positions in our IT teams. Our recruitment strategy for this department is to provide clients with the opportunity to cooperate with specialists, and that's who we're focusing on. But don't worry – if you're looking for a chance, but have a bit smaller experience, try your best while applying for Akademia Samouka, show your best side to us, and win an internship!” 
Agnieszka Jakubiczka, HR & Recruitment Director

Let us see you(r potential)

The whole recruitment process really starts with you sending us your CV or showing your full Linkedin profile. Sometimes we’ll ask you not only for the regular résumé typed on one A4 page but also for a portfolio or a code sample. That’s how we’re choosing the best candidates that may suit us and Codete’s way of work. The best idea to catch our eye is to present your best projects to us.

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At Codete, we use English for official communication, and that’s why we’d really like you to demonstrate your language skills too – but don’t worry, we’ll make sure to check if your English level is sufficient during the first phone screening. B2 English level is the norm we aim at, but if there’s still some work to do in your case, you’ll be provided with the opportunity to attend regular English classes when you join Codete. We have weekly English lessons for our employees.

Let’s meet! Another stage of the interview process

If everything goes well, soon one of our recruiters will contact you. Await the phone call and be prepared for the basic recruitment questions:

  • Why are you looking for a new job?
  • What caught your eye in our offer?
  • When could you start working for us?
  • What’s your level of English?

Don’t worry! The first, as well as any other phase of the recruitment process, will go smoothly and in a really friendly, non-official atmosphere.

What is important for us, besides your experience and skills of course, is your attitude and the ability to work in a team. That’s why we plan another meeting during which we’ll take a closer look at your soft skills.

“I think that it is important not to treat this interview like an interrogation. From my point of view, it was more like a really funny and friendly conversation, where I was able to find out more about Codete, possible ways of growth (which Codete gives plenty), and to determine if I am the right fit. In my opinion, the interview is beneficial for both parties because it gives them an insight into the eventual cooperation.”  

– Bartłomiej Lindert, Senior .NET Developer

It's time for details

If your first pre-screening call goes well, you will be invited to a full interview. Once again, we’ll be talking about your experience and expectations, but there will also be time for you to check out details about Codete. You’ll be told who exactly we’re looking for and how your potential future team is built.

  • If you apply for an IT role (e.g. software developer), your interview will be divided into two parts: HR and tech. The whole thing will take about an hour and a half. After this step, each candidate receives a Codete Evaluation Report with extensive feedback.
  • If you apply for a business position, you’ll have an interview with your potential supervisor (possibly also someone from Codete's management board or a future team mate).

Whether it's the pandemic or not, we practice remote job interviews – but you can always come to the office if you feel like it!

It’s time for a challenge in the hiring process

There's typically one more step ahead of you if you do well in your full job interview with Codete: it's either an interview with the client whose project you would be working on (in the hiring process for IT roles), or a task to verify your skills in practice (usually for business roles). This will allow us all to make sure that we're a good match.

You can count on our feedback

There’s nothing worse than no answer from the HR department after so many stages of a job interview, but don’t worry – we’ll get back to you with all of our thoughts. This model of IT recruitment process works for both sides: you can find out what’s still worth working on, and for us it’s the best way to know you more. Every conversation is a chance for new, creative solutions!

We believe that every recruitment process should be beneficial to both parties involved in it – that’s why we do our best to provide our potential team members with a flawless candidate experience. When you apply for a job at Codete, you can count on our extensive feedback.

Each candidate we get to know better during a full HR & tech interview receives their personal Codete Evaluation Report (CER) regardless of the outcome of the hiring process. The 2-4 A4 pages-long document contains a wealth of insights from our recruiters. It identifies the candidate’s strengths, things they should work on, and personalized recommendations. Everything they need to know to grow and take their career to the next level!

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Here you come!

After such a long journey, there can be only one last part. No matter if we decide to hire you, or if we finally choose someone else, you’ll receive a clear answer from us. Each of us has been in your shoes before, and we perfectly know what it feels like not to receive any call in the end. In Codete’s recruitment policy there’s no place for that, so you’ll hear from us once more soon.

If the answer is YES, and you still want to joat Codeters, the door is open! We're doing our best to inform the candidate about our final decision as fast as possible. Once again: your time is precious to us, so we're not going to stop your professional career development any minute more than it’s really necessary.

As you can expect, at this stage, we will give you all the details of the job offer that we tailor for you – and there will also be time for you to negotiate them, if you feel like doing it. When both sides agree on the working conditions, it's time for signing the contract and your official start at Codete! We can sign the documents online or meet in one of our stationary offices in Cracow or Lublin. It’s up to you.

Did stress hit you before the start? Don’t worry! At Codete, we have a full onboarding process designed for all the newcomers, so sit back, relax and enjoy your adventure with us from the very first day. ;)

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Dream job? Let's talk about the benefits!

Dream job is not just about the salary, right? 

Work-life balance is as important as your income, so we’re more than sure that what you’re looking for in the job offers is not only the salary brackets. Check out how we care for our team and what you can gain when you start working at Codete.

Being provided with the company’s email address, you automatically gain access to the Worksmile online platform. Here’s where you can find all the non-cash benefits, like Multisport cards, Medicover healthcare services, vouchers to be used in online language schools, and way more. Some of them are partially financed by the company, so you only have to pay a bit to enjoy it fully.

How can you pay for the Worksmile benefits? That’s simple: you don’t have to take any money out of your pocket or fear your net salary will decrease. Each month, you will receive a dedicated Worksmile budget. Use this money on your favorite activities or accumulate a bigger sum by saving them for a few months in a row and then spend it on any dream gift that can be found in the Worksmile online cafeteria.

“Since the very beginning, at Codete we know that there's no better way to boost any current or new employee than give them a chance to develop. With Worksmile benefits we're providing them with extra rewards, because creativity starts where there is a space for both: professional work and leisure time.” 
Marlena Gorczyca-Wojciechowska, HR Business Partner

Hey, job seekers! Keep improving your skills!

No matter if you’re one of the new employees or you're with us for years, at Codete we’re giving you the possibility of continuous development. You can join our professional meetups, take part in thematic webinars conducted by more experienced workers and external guests, and don’t forget about using our library to improve your knowledge, too! 

And once you’re on board and feel like suggesting us an idea for an interesting event (like a webinar, meetup, or so) that will enrich Codeters’ daily routine and skills, don’t think twice and contact our Community & Culture Team department. The recruitment process is only the first step on the way to building a perfect, highly-skilled team, so if we can support your development – share this idea with us as soon as possible.

Codete meets CSR: get to know more about us before joining the recruitment process

Working at Codete means being a part of the Codete community. Together we're stronger, and we can do much more than separately. That's why before joining us it’s good to know that we’re regularly involved in many various CSR activities.

Codete supports various organizations in Cracow and Lublin, organizing – among others things – charity sports challenges for Codete employees. Each kilometer, mile or activity attempt means another sum of money donated to help hospitals, foundations and others – whoever needs it. The beneficiary is, each time, chosen by the winner of the challenge. Thanks to internal social media channels, we can support each other, cheer each other on and work together to achieve better and better results every day.

In 2021 we organized the walking challenge "Around the Moon with Codete" and that's how we helped the "Forest Forever" foundation plant several hundred trees. This year we're waiting for something new! 

Justyna Adach, Communication Manager

Our IT job offers database is constantly growing, so if you're looking for a place to develop your skills and face exciting challenges, join the hiring process that suits you best, meet our recruiter, and become one of our new employees soon!

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