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JPA & Spring Pitfalls

Michal Marciniec 7ff5ed9975

11/01/2019 |

1 min read

Michał Marciniec

Advanced command of Spring framework and JPA (especially Hibernate) is simply a must for a professional Java developer on the current Java market. Although both are indeed simple to get started and work with, they both are also capable of making hard-to-debug surprises even to experienced developers (especially right after deployment to the production...).

In this series of articles, I’ll be writing about situations which cost me lots of time at work, about mistakes that I commonly see when doing code review, and about hard-to-find threats that every Java developer should be aware of.

Below, you’ll find the list of available articles (I’ll make sure to keep it up-to-date).

Spring pitfalls

  1. Spring: Common @Transactional Pitfalls
  2. Spring: Mixing Transaction Propagation Modes


JPA pitfalls

  1. JPA: Common Pitfalls
  2. JPA: N+1 SELECT Problem
  3. JPA: Pagination Pitfalls


Enjoy reading and... beware of Spring & JPA traps!

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Michal Marciniec 7ff5ed9975

Michał Marciniec

Tech Lead at Codete. Michał is an eager fan of the fresh approach to Java programming. Enthusiast of Spring tech stack and refactoring techniques. Enjoys solving Java quirks, algorithmic puzzles, and... Rubik's cube. Privately, amateur drummer.

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