The Codete team will manage the entire development process to support the expansion of the current platform functionalities with blockchain licensing and securing copyright with smart contracts

KODAKOne is an image rights management platform that provides its users with a broad range of features for identifying, registering, and tracking photographs. Combining innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, KODAKOne intermediates post-licensing agreements while it enables secure storage of images, providing a new revenue stream possibility for digital creatives.

Codete is a software development company that supports enterprise clients with innovative technologies that fuel digital transformation. The company has been supporting KODAKOne with tech consulting on its mission to become a global leader in rights management for the last two years. Recently, the technology expert has become a strategic IT partner for the future development of the KODAKOne platform.

kodakone codete partnership 2020
Artur, Codete’s Managing Director (on the left), KODAKOne CPO Philipp Köhn and Jan Denecke, CEO of KODAKOne at ImpactCEE 2019

The Codete development team is now responsible for managing the entire development process, from the choice of architecture and technology stack to team composition and priority setting. Codete is now an official partner, participating in the strategic development of the KODAKOne platform as an essential stakeholder in planning new features and optimizing the current existing ones.

“ We are proud to lead the development efforts of the KODAKOne platform, one of the rare applications where Blockchain technology actually makes sense and brings tremendous value.” – Artur Olechowski, Managing Director of Codete

By teaming up with Codete, KODAKOne plans to expand the current platform functionalities with blockchain licensing and securing copyright with the help of smart contracts. The company is looking to build an oracle solution that would identify the author of a specific image, its license, and distribution limitations — with all the information stored on a secure blockchain. Implementing innovative technologies to address the problem of image copyright, KODAKOne is on its way to building a unique rights management platform on a global scale.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with a reputable market name like Codete. We trust this close relationship will not only support us in enhancing our platform’s functionalities but also in adding new features, boosting our expected roadmap in 2020. We look forward to achieving great things together, providing more and complete assistance to photographers in years to come.” Philipp Köhn, KODAKOne CPO



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