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Did you know that Codete has been already operating in Lublin for two years? And actually even longer, because we have been in coworking since the beginning of 2016. But, first things first… how did it all start?

Programming with true love in the background

The story is quite interesting, you can even say romantic, and when it comes to “romantic” as you can guess it is always a woman who is the cause of all the confusion. 🙂 Hubert, who is now our great Lead Android Developer used to work in our main Krakow office but one day he followed his heart and decided to go back to his hometown to be with the love of his life. Long story short, our bosses appreciated Hubert’s work so much that they stated that the company can not part with him, therefore they decided that together with Hubert’s transfer a new Codete branch office would be created in Lublin.

I finished my studies in Krakow, so calmly I could go back to Lublin to arrange my private and professional life in my neighbourhood. I already managed to say goodbye to Krakow mentally (as nothing more outside the company and the university did not connect me with this city), I even managed to find employment in another company before the bosses found out about my planned departure and relocation. I did not expect the company to stop me in this way and decide to take such a step in its development – when it turned out that Codete wants to open its second branch office in Poland using my move as a chance for development, I took it at face value. I decided to stay in the company. This is how my career in Codete has been going on for over 5 years now. says Hubert

We gonna party like it’s our birthday!

In the beginning, Hubert worked with several other programmers in coworking space. But when we started to employ more people in Lublin, we decided to open a dedicated office and this way in February this year we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the office (and three years of Codete presence in Lublin).

Codete 2nd anniversary Lublin birthday

Currently, our office in Lublin has over a dozen or so people and we are still growing! Actually, we love our candidates and want to care about their experience so much that we’ve prepared special action. Since March we will provide our candidates with a free ride to and from an interview with a private driver. Great right? Ok, it’s just a taxi but still something really convenient 🙂 – you don’t have to take a bus or worry about parking or looking for the address!

codete office in lublin software house

Passion to collect and share knowledge!

In Lublin we work in many different technologies: from JavaScript and Ruby as Front-end to Java, Scala and even .NET as Back-end. We have also iOS and Android Developers, DevOps Engineer and Machine Learning Team.

Codete Meetup #AI in Lublin

And when it comes to Machine Learning we are the organizer of a unique meetup about AI in Lublin. We will feed you not only with great knowledge but some pizza slices as well. 🙂 As always in our office, the atmosphere is relaxed and casual, you don’t have to work with ML and AI to join, it’s enough if you’re interested in it or want to check whether it’s something for you. And it’s all for free! Meetups are conducted by our CTO – Karol Przystalski who is a PhD and lecturer at the Jagiellonian University and Machine Learning expert.

If you want to develop in the field of Machine Learning and AI (and others), then we have something special for you. An even greater dose of high-quality knowledge, in theory and in practice in one! You can take advantage of the workshops we organize. So far in Lublin, we have carried out a workshop entitled “Developing bots. A primer“. Here you can find more details, the whole range of our classes and great Trainers.

Is ML not your thing? We have something else too! As gathering knowledge and sharing it are crucial things for us, a few years back we decided to organize our own conference – CodeteCON! It takes place twice a year: in spring in Lublin and autumn in Krakow. The conference has a few tracks so everyone will find something for themselves.

The conference in Lublin has already been held twice. Recently, we were in the Lublin Conference Center where we hosted over 200 participants! Next edition is planned for Spring this year, so stay tuned! You can read more about CodeteCON in Lublin here.

codete office lublin software house codetecon

Our goal is to constantly develop the office in Lublin, so if you want to learn more about us, our projects and technologies in which we operate, or maybe you would like to join our team – you can boldly write to us on jobs@codete.com or visit our career page: https://codete.com/career


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