Marketing automation platform – custom CRM

Running an online business? Surely, to interact with your customers, a right customer relationship management system needs to be in place. CRM is actually the cornerstone of any contemporary modern online business, which deal with customers. Your marketing platform is the main channel of communicating with customers, getting to know their needs, close the deals and deliver.

Also, allows automatization of certain marketing process. All the above have a direct impact on perceived customer service quality, making the customer experience smooth and a value in itself, and making the most the potential of your sales team.

In this entry, we’re gonna go through several main points, highlighting why automatized advertising solutions, bespoke CRMs may be the best investment at some point of your business expansion.

Marketing automatization platform – cut out the middle man

First of all, point of this entry is not to convince you to cut corners and fire half of your customer manager department away – the job that can be automatized, is. The point of this entry is not to convince you to cut corners and fire half of your customer manager department away, only to get the machine to do it, and then re-invest the funds thus saved into other stuff. It’s precisely the other way around.

Using a marketing automatization platform you can unlock the potential and allow the humans from your department to add a human touch to your customer relationships – work on relationship building, give ear to under defined, yet existent, customer needs, allow your sales team to get to know the people on the other side on their screens, maybe make some calls, too, tailor your offer to them. Like good ol’ Steve Jobs said once, referring to design, but actually making a much broader point – people sometimes don’t know things they want, unless shown those things.

A take home message of marketing automatization platform is: don’t let your team drown in work that can be automatized with a rightly designed and built CRM.

A custom CRM for your mind-blowing customer service

For a digital development company, you are a customer. Therefore, you and your business need to bespoke solutions, digital product tailored to your needs, a marketing platform allows to automate the process you want the machines to do for you.

Say you’re entering a market, for the sake of an argument. You want to turn the tables, disrupt the market – you need to blow the customers away with your customer service, and for that, you need to have a process, an algorithm that your customer service team follows, but also with enough to improvise – it needs to be agile, too. And for that reason, trying to fit your process into a ready-made CRM might be a trouble. In only starting your business with only so much capital to get it all started, sure, you’re gonna use whatever you can get your hands on just to get your business engines revving.

Also, there are pretty successful CRMs out there, already – ZenDesk, is one thing. They already do have all the essential features of a CRM, allowing you to communicate with your customers, store the necessary data in an accessible form, allowing your to react quickly, take initiative, troubleshoot, if needed.

But after some time, when it’s time to scale, a custom CRM might be the best thing you can invest in. If designed just the way you need it, if the design data-based, where data is actually a whole body of well justified opinions of the actual users of the CRM – meaning, your sales / customer managers team – it can do wonders. Especially if your process needs to stay unique, or is going to be, offering the customers new features in their customer experience, and you need certain data types to be well-accessible for that.

Another upside of custom advertising solution, is the perspective of future development. You can lay out a road map – if some marketing processes are not possible to get automatized within the time you want them too, set a timeline for that. Cooperating with a software house that get this things for you, allows you to discuss solutions, get an expert insight about the feasibility of certain improvements, the costs, timeline, technologies needed, and so on.


A professional marketing automatization platform company is going to stay as your business partner – as a custom CRM is a beating heart of your customer service. Getting a custom CRM, open to updates, and cooperating with battle-proven digital / digital business consultancy and development company is pretty much the only way to stay ahead of the game, and deliver competitive customer experience and service quality out there.


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