Time flies! Another three months, another quarterly summary. For Codeters, the past three months were both a period of hard work and pleasant relaxation. 

Here’s a brief recap of what’s been going on at Codete recently.

Q3 2020 at Codete in numbers: 

✔ 7 new clients

✔  17 new Codeters on board

✔  160 Codeters in total

✔ 0 Codeters on the bench

✔ 4 Codete Speech & Teach (React/Node.js) online events

✔ 1 Codete All-Hands Meeting

✔ 2 Pulse Check surveys

✔ 1 CSR initiative (Codete Sport Challenge)

✔ 1 open-air integration event

✔ 1 beer workshop (to celebrate the international Day of the Programer!)

✔ 2 Codete travels

Codete is growing!

New in our portfolio

We’re happy to inform that in the past couple of months we’ve entered long-term partnerships with 7 new clients. The companies come from Poland, Germany, The United States, and from Hong Kong (and it’s the first time in our history that we have the chance to collaborate with a partner from this region!). We’ve started new projects in sectors such as digital health, marketing and advertising, telecommunications, and energy.

Codete & University Hospital Krakow - partnership for Medtransfer
Karol Przystalski and Artur Olechowski with Marcin Jędrychowski, Director of the Hospital University in Krakow (in the middle).

We’re also proud to announce that for one of our ongoing projects in healthtech, Medtransfer, we’ve signed a partnership with The University Hospital in Krakow. The hospital will take part in testing the platform’s functionalities, both already existing and in development.

New on board

New projects usually mean new teammates, and we’re super excited to say that in the last quarter, we’ve had 17 new people join our company — and we’re still searching! If you’re looking for a new job or know someone you could recommend to us, make sure to check out our career opportunities >

At the moment, we have 160 Codeters on board, and we’ve got our hands full of work — none of our software developers are waiting on the bench!

Codete is teaching

Codete Speech & Teach: React/Node.js

In August, as part of our Codete Speech & Teach series, four of our software developers talked about React and Node.js:

  • Wiktor Malinowski talked about Git from the command line: git bisect + log command.
  • Olaf Cichocki talked about Jest as a development platform in a multiproject world. 

  • Mateusz Bryła talked about Recoil. 

  • Bartosz Szewczyk talked about DOM Testing library: tests resembling user interaction

AWS Web Talks

On the 22nd of July, we co-hosted Web Talks with AWS User Group. Piotr Skowron, a senior DevOps engineer at Codete, gave a presentation titled AWS STS with SAML. Do not hate it, try to love it.

You can watch the AWS Web Talks here.

NLP Magic

Together with SIBB, we’ve initiated NLP Magic meetings — NLP-centered online events for learning and networking. Our CTO, Karol Przystalski, gave two presentations:

  • Introduction to NLP for everyone. A short summertime lyrics analysis (14th of July)
  • How to build an intelligent chatbot in 45 minutes? (16th of September)

More will follow!

To stay up to date with all of our events, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Meetup.com.

Codete is communicating

Although our offices are open, we’ve been doing the majority of our work remotely for nearly half a year already. And even though it’s not always been easy, we can say that it’s been working out really well for us. The Codete team is as productive and as engaged as before, and our clients are satisfied with this model of collaboration too.

We’re staying in touch

To stay in touch, we’ve first introduced newsletters, then online All-Hands Meetings (another one happened this quarter), now we’ve added Pulse Checks to the list of our internal communication tools. Our communication & event manager, Justyna Adach, is working hard with the Board to make sure everyone’s well informed.

On our blog, we’ve already shared some tips on remote work and remote software development process >

We’re staying together

Even though the coronavirus pandemic is not letting go, we’re doing our best to meet with our work colleagues — following all the safety regulations, of course. On the 7th of August, we had a great time during an open air integration party at Bagry, Krakow. Also in August, we organized our yearly sport challenge for charity (you’ll read more about it below!). And our sales specialist — Wojciech Pindel, who’s also a personal trainer, gave us four great training sessions.

This Summer, our Codete travels initiative on Slack resulted in two small mountain trips organized by our teammates. We first went hiking to Beskid Śląski (Szyndzielnia – Klimczok – Błatnia – Wapienica), then to Beskid Żywiecki (Rysianka – Hala Miziowa). Just take a look at the pictures, no wonder that Codeters have fallen in love with the mountains!

Q3 2020 at Codete: Codete travels 1 - Beskid Śląski
See more pictures from our trip to Beskid Śląski here >
Q3 2020 at Codete: Codete travels 2 - Beskid Żywiecki
See more pictures from our trip to Beskid Żywiecki here >

Codete is helping!

The month of August at Codete is not only devoted to sports, but also to charity. We want to promote healthy lifestyle, feel a little adrenaline while competing with our peers, but most importantly — help others. That’s what our Codete Sport Challenge is meant for.

This year, 41 Codeters divided into 14 teams took part in the challenge and biked over 11.000 kilometres altogether, exceeding the goal by 3.000 kilometres! Codete donated 3000 PLN to the charity organization chosen by the winning team.

Congrats and great job, everyone!

Codete Blog highlights

Here are a few interesting articles that appeared on our blog in the third quarter of 2020:

PS It’s already October news, but we’ve just launched our recruitment campaign!

Check the details and help us spread the word: join.codete.com >

Codete recruitment campaign 2020 - #becomeacodeter


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