In response to the spreading coronavirus, Codete has decided to go fully remote until it’s safe for our team to go back to our pre-pandemic routine. As part of our remote work policy, we have also introduced 100% remote job interviews.

We’ve actually been doing occasional remote job interviews for quite some time already. But now, for the time being, we have decided to switch to remote job interviews only. We care about our employees, clients, and candidates — and of course, we want to do our best to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Despite the global chaos, the situation at Codete is stable. We have plenty of exciting ongoing projects, and we keep on looking for new IT talents. The only difference is that now all the job interviews happen online.

From this article, you’ll learn the details of our remote recruitment process. We also have a few tips on how to prepare for a video job interview — straight from our recruitment team.

What does the remote recruitment process look like?

Our recruitment process hasn’t changed, but instead of inviting the candidates for a coffee in our office, we’re inviting them for a virtual coffee on Google Hangouts. 😉


After you apply for one or our job positions, the next steps are:

✔ a short pre-screening interview over the phone,

✔ video job interview consisting of 2 parts:

  • HR interview (30 minutes),
  • tech interview (1 hour).

✔ video job interview with the Product Owner,

✔ job offer,

✔ onboarding.


Right now, our onboarding is also 100% remote. During a series of video calls, you will:

✔ learn all you need to know about our company,

✔ receive all the important instructions,

✔ meet your team.


It’s worth noting at the end of the recruitment process, each candidate receives a Codete Evaluation ReportTM. The document contains a detailed assessment of the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses (or better put: things to work on), and recommendations for further professional development.

What software do we use for our remote job interviews?

We usually do video job interviews via Google Hangouts Meet. The candidate receives an invitation with a link. All they have to do is sign in to their Google account and join the meeting at the scheduled time.

For some tech job interviews that require live coding, we use Skype (Skype for interview). It works similarly to Google Hangouts. The candidate receives a link to the meeting, and all they have to do is click and join the conversation.

Our candidates don’t have to download any software or create any new accounts.

How to ace a video job interview?

Here are a few tips on how to make a great impression during your remote job interview:

✔ Make sure your equipment, software, and internet connection work.

✔ Use headphones for better sound quality.

✔ Use a camera, it makes the conversation more natural.

✔ FInd your best camera angle.

✔ Pick a quiet spot with good lighting and neutral background.

✔ Have a pen and paper at hand to make notes (try not to click and type during the call).

✔ Wear something comfortable, we don’t have a dress code at Codete.

PS If you’d like to test the video call with your recruiter before the scheduled interview, let them know in advance.

Open positions at Codete

If you happen to be looking for a job in IT, check our Career page. Right now, we’re searching for:

And don’t forget about our referral program! If you have a friend who could be interested in one of our job positions, send us a recommendation at and we’ll do the rest. If we hire them, you’ll get 5000 PLN in reward.

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