We’re hiring! 

There’s plenty of exciting projects at Codete right now, and we’re looking to expand our teams with new top talents. If you’re a software engineer searching for a place to stay & space to grow, make sure to take a look at our current job openings.

You may want to recommend some of your friends to us, too, because we’ve got great rewards waiting! More details below.

Software developer jobs at Codete

We’re looking for software engineers to join our teams in Krakow, Lublin, or remotely.

Software developer jobs in Krakow

Krakow developers! We’ve opened up a number of exciting opportunities for experienced software engineers, here’s a couple of them:

Remote software developer jobs

Wherever you are in the world, we’ve got a place for you at Codete too! We have many remote projects going on, so you can collaborate with us from your own home office anywhere you are (but you’re still welcome at one of our offices of course). Here are some of the remote roles that we’re currently looking to fill:

See more software developer job openings at codete.com/career >>

Codete Referral Program

Feel free to recommend your friends for Codete jobs! If we hire your colleague, you’ll get a special reward. Only in September, the prize goes up to 10 000 PLN!

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Codete Evaluation Report

We want our recruitment process to be valuable to everyone that takes part in it!

That’s why we prepare a Codete Evaluation Report for every candidate that we get to know better during a full HR & tech interview. It’s a personalized document with tons of insights, tips, and suggestions for further growth.

More info on Codete Evaluation Report here >>

Codeters say…

What makes working at Codete great? Nobody can say it better than Codeters themselves. Here’s what they have to say about their job!

“I came to Codete when I was looking for a company that is grown enough to operate on large scale projects and is still small enough to be agile and care about every human on board. It’s great to feel that someone is listening to your needs and you are not just another no-name ant in the anthill.”
— Oktawian Sokołowski, Senior PHP Developer

“At Codete I met a lot of great colleagues with big experience in software development. Their passion and willingness to share their knowledge allowed me to learn and grow a lot as a developer. The atmosphere in Codete is very friendly and easy-going and the company provides many opportunities for you to shape your career path.”
— Natalia Borowska, Software Engineer

“I started to work at Codete five years ago, when it was a small software house with several developers in a small office in the city center of Cracow. Since then things have changed, but the atmosphere is still the same — friendly and relaxed. We got lots of cool parties, away days and other great activities in Codete and I really appreciate it.”
— Andrej Mikulevitch, Senior Software Engineer

We’d love you to join us!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at jobs@codete.com


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