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Codete, a global information technology company based at the historic cities such as Berlin, Germany, Krakow and Lublin, Poland, is a firm which wants to introduce to you unique software development outsourcing services that can clearly outline both the goals and business requirements of your company. The company provides a good return on the entire value chain from research, design, prototype and testing to the maintenance service stage. As our company is developing itself acquiring best practices, processes and frameworks, we are able to build new applications based on cloud, artificial intelligence, deep machine learning and advanced analytics technologies. Codete puts in-depth IT knowledge and expertise on the table across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors wherever a business partner is located. Our international development team capabilities are instrumental in helping to develop both your local and global business processes and consequently quality management systems providing high quality professional services.

As every project has its own unique story, Codete helps accelerate the evolution of both startups and enterprises in achieving approved outcomes with technology-based services. We deliver to you optimized business processes based on smart applications and intelligent infrastructure supported by our software solutions, professional services and expertise. All the digital services offered today have made customers more powerful and transformed business to become agile, secure, customer-oriented and delivering high quality.

Our company is focused on numerous software outsourcing areas of business. Codete’s IT smart services offer the experience, talent and tools required to help you design, create, run and manage the next industrial revolution.

Agile Development Process

The next generation of digital companies expect services that are truly agile and tailor-made to ensure the right outcomes. Redundant data entry will become a thing of the past as Codete uses an agile development methodology for streamlining project execution processes and allowing your organization to collaborate seamlessly within and beyond your supporting business processes. Codete knows the importance of priorities that’s why our services are able to respond to change faster and more scalably.

Powered by deep IT knowledge and agile framework, we are able to achieve rapid delivery and deployment of services. Codete is successfully winning larger and more complex orders requiring the expertise of skilled and experienced teams to ensure we meet on-time, on-quality and on-cost delivery. As our organization is agile, we always put you and your customers first. By providing agile vertically and horizontally integrated services, Codete fulfills the need of digital technology services driven by data and intelligent approaches.

Emphasis on communication

On the subject of how an organization is set up to support communication channels in successfully executing projects, we are developing processes to identify improvement opportunities and actions to ensure that communication approaches across the business environment and projects led by our company work well. The Codete team provides strategic communication approaches to enable the company to deliver the highest quality standards and create a sustainable business chain.

In each of our business partner countries, in diverse and exciting ways, Codete is making a positive impact on customers and truly playing a part in building up our partners’ company brands. But we can only pull it off if we work together. Our goal is clear: to strengthen our family by sharing and exchanging ideas and information as well as collaborating on new ideas and projects together. With the talent our organization has, we have the potential to achieve excellent and outstanding results. Together, our capabilities can take your business to the next level.

Team forming process

Leading software development outsourcing teams is not exactly a simple task. We do this in a lean, efficient and effective way, focusing on strategic priorities, your business needs and outcomes, driven by your strategic company goals. Hence, we do understand that a consistent and proven project management approach for leading software outsourcing services is an important factor in your and our business success.

Workforce planning is a basic step in developing an efficient and talented team. There is no standard team forming process that can be used across all companies. That’s why Codete focuses on each business partner individually recognizing essential priorities and a company’s long-term strategy. Codete relies on human resources making strong teams which work together in multinational and multicultural teams. But, most importantly, as a team we can reach targets that would be impossible otherwise. Our team building is largely about coming together to accomplish a shared purpose.

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Talent sourcing

A rapidly changing business environment requires processes which are able to keep your best human resources. A strategic and professional approach to recruitment can help enable your company to attract the most talented internal and external candidates with the necessary skills and attributes to fullfil your strategic aims and values. Codete understands that being the best in its fields requires the best recruitment services and this is why our company has its own approach for this process. Our talent sourcing strategy is being built on your overall business plan and long term company goals. As we diversify search tools and leverage recruiting technologies, we are able to find talent that fits your open positions perfectly.

We always try to build up your company brand and we never look for shortcuts. Our experience in strategic talent sourcing along with our practical experience in software development outsourcing technologies are transforming how our customers plan and acquire talent around the world.

Onboarding process

By concentrating and reusing the knowledge and skills acquired in different scale projects, Codete is ready to take part in building new teams at your company. Our unique approach where we delegate the most talented employees to your business where together with your employees we can complete assigned tasks and projects following the best project management concept of software developing, giving your company an opportunity to reach a new standard.

Our main goal as a company is to make your technological processes as good and engaging as possible. Codete’s onboarding process based on your requirements can help your business to get as much positive results as possible. Supporting a part of your business process we take into account the fact we are responsible for delivering additional values to your company. Based on the long term partnership our employees can be a part of your teams sharing their knowledge and expertise as well as giving potential ideas for innovate improvements within your organization.

While we provide the overall architecture for development, we make sure that every employee of our company can give a significant input into your company. Consult it with us whenever you feel that Codete would be able to help you in your work tasks and company development.

Success story

Putting smart applications and services into the operations of our customers has been a key goal at Codete. We deliver hundreds of projects a year worth a lot of money and time. The projects vary from small to very complex with a large number of people and resources engaged. It is a critical aspect of the success of Codete and all employees to professionally stay in top form; with that idea in mind, the company keeps a cool head and easily stays ahead of the game in managing software outsourcing projects. Our team of domain and technology experts leverage existing investments to cost effective IT solutions that drive organizations into the future of the digital world.

The global growth must be inclusive and sustainable. Codete answers both of these requirements and brings this vision to life adding a new chapter to many industrial sectors as a pioneering software technology leader. The company is developing software applications and consulting services across a broad spectrum of industries. One of them is automotive where together with our partners, we deliver new data driven solutions to companies such as Porsche or BMW. The customer was running a data warehouse that contained aggregated data from different internal reporting systems across geographies. BMW wanted to receive a system which was able to track each car on the way from a factory to a car dealer. Codete was responsible for integrating the 3rd party services and creating Spark jobs that were suitable for visualizing car locations in real time. Our company also created a web-based interface allowing to access data through the Internet.

Software outsourcing – check our offer!

We build Codete consciously so that we can build products for owners from all around the globe in an efficient, standardized way, by means of outsourcing dedicated software development teams, specializing in various tools and programming environments – Android, Java, whatever’s needed for web development etc.


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