Language International is a worldwide service that enables finding and comparing language courses and study abroad programs, as well as booking them and paying for accommodation and transport. Over 100,000 students visit the site each month in search of the best opportunities to polish their language skills. 

The project

On the one hand, the Language International service allows students to find the best courses and study programs, book them, and cover all of the basic expenses connected to their chosen course. On the other hand, language schools from all over the world can easily offer their courses and programs through the platform.

With so many features and monthly visitors, the platform was facing numerous performance and stability issues. Our client also wanted to enrich it with several new functionalities.

We took over the development of all of the three components of the platform: the website itself, the customer relationship management system used by our client’s employees, and the content management system used by the registered language schools.

E-commerce Software Development Success Story: Language International

The challenge

We started with a thorough audit of the page and server architecture to determine potential bottlenecks. After completing the audit, we suggested a list of improvements and drafted a plan of their implementation — and, of course, we brainstormed them with our client before moving on to development.

During our audit, we found out that Language International was facing serious issues with performance and stability. Pages were taking a long time to load, and in times of increased traffic, the application was frequently failing. The existing server architecture was unable to handle it, and there were no emergency procedures for the app becoming unresponsive.

Our solution

We formed a cross-functional development team consisting of full-stack developers, backend developers, DevOps engineers, and a team leader. We opted for working in responsive methodologies to ensure short cycles of reaction time in the rapid moving market.

E-commerce Software Development Success Story: Language International

To improve the platform’s performance, we’ve implemented a handful of solutions to optimize the application itself. Most importantly, we’ve taken care of the legacy code – optimizing it, reducing the number of DB queries and even re-coding the frontend application. We have also changed the server environment from Apache to NGINX, introduced load balancing, and added a couple of cache layers (query cache, xCache, memcache/Redis and Varnish). On the server architecture side, we’ve introduced the much needed emergency procedures based on full-time processes monitoring, which allowed us to reduce the response time when the application goes offline.

Lastly, we’ve added a couple of new features, including different payment systems the customer can choose from, and there’s more to come — as we’re happy to continue our collaboration with Language International.

The outcome

Our ongoing cooperation with Language International has started in 2013.

Across the years, we’ve managed to significantly improve the platform’s performance and stability, enrich it with new functionalities, and enhance its interface. Right now, the Language International website is SEO-friendly, but also user-friendly and intuitive, and it offers a delightful user experience. It runs five times faster, easily handles massive traffic, and is secured against long downtimes.

Language International platform in numbers:

  • Over 100,000 users from 165 countries per month
  • Traffic distributed across 50 domains
  • Database of 250 GB size and 350 tables
  • Hundreds of database queries per second
  • Several servers supporting the application at once

Client’s thoughts

Here’s what Michael Reich, the Co-Founder of Language International, wrote about our collaboration in his review:

“We’ve done a lot of functional changes to the site, so a lot of functionality that wasn’t available before is now available because of Codete. We also worked to a certain degree on performance, where we cut down the load time on pages by 60 percent or so. We continue to do more with them in this area. Since we started working with them, our traffic has roughly doubled. We get a lot of unpaid search traffic, and that’s definitely something they’ve helped us with.”


— Michael Reich, Co-Founder of Language International

Tech stack

E-commerce Software Development Success Story: Language International — technologies

Symfony, MySQL, Amazon Web Services, Cloudflare, PHP, Phalcon PHP, Redis, Varnish, Docker


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