Collaborations are fine, I would say. Double our minds, knowledge, experience and strengths. But what happens when the best Polish IT company (in my humble, humble opinion) and the world-trembling start-up combine their forces?


And meet up, of course. This is what stands behind our latest event.

FrontClouders (Codete x Cloudinary)

I will not introduce you to Codete. You are currently on our blog so I’m pretty convinced you can find a piece of interesting information about us. But what about Cloudinary? Sit comfortably, pour a glass of something and listen to an epic story!

Cloudinary is not an ordinary start-up and we want You to know it as much as Codete does! With us, you can develop a platform that’s used mainly by developers (not only) in order to manage all of their media needs in the cloud (AWS). Specially designed solution for quick and easy uploading, converting, using filters on images and videos for development needs (websites and apps). From upload, storage and security to a complex platform that speeds up the development process to a whole new level. There is also DAM (Digital Asset Management) solution focused more on a solution for marketing people, graphic designers and content people.

In numbers:

Over 450 000 registered users, 5000 paying customers (just a few of them: Nike, Adidas, CNN, Taboola, Netflix, TED,, Redbull and more).

They manage more than 1 Billion images & Videos every day and work on an extremely large scale. Almost all of the news and e-commerce sites in Israel and abroad manage their images & Videos using Cloudinary – sounds awesome, huh?

We’re quite sure, this is the most interesting thing that you had a chance to see lately… or, you know… EVER! And Codete has exclusive access to it!

So here we are. It’s the 28th of May 2019, we are in Cracow, at this magnificent place – Barka placed on Wisła river in the historical part of our city. We have gathered our participants, guests and Cloudinary friends Ronen Burin, VP R&D and Eitan Pe’er, Frontend Manager – it was a great pleasure to host you in Cracow and an amazing opportunity to dive more and more into Cloudinaryתודה! (“Thank You” based on Google Translate – we really hope this is correct…). Everything is set up, we have some drinks and refreshments, snacks, we’re ready – let’s see how it goes!

frontclouders meetup - presentations frontclouders meetup frontclouders meetup - Codete

FrontClouders lectures

The opening presentation started with our Tech Lead – Mateusz Bryła – Promise is a promise”. Besides a general idea of how and why he explained various caveats that you can encounter when dealing with them, like what happens when you resolve a promise twice or how does their execution align with the event loop and the microtasks.

Presentation: Promise is a promise

frontclouders meetup codete cloudinary frontclouders codete cloudinary Doug Sillars

Our second guest was Doug SillarsFreelance Developer Evangelist: Mobile and web performance. Google Developer Expert. Author: High-Performance Android Apps. Digital nomad and father of four – /Twitter/ with his talk I Stream, You Stream: How Do I Make My Video Stream?”.  Doug talked about media performance. His first talk was focused on video. He pointed out some of the worst examples of video handling in the web like 30MB large video that was never played.

After a short break, we moved to the third presentation led by Paweł Dyrek – Technology Consulting Manager Machine Learning Powered Regression”which means only one thing – our brand new open-source test platform – QAcheck (Yes, it’s “Kłaczek” and we love this name!).
Presentation: Machine Learning Powered Regression
QAcheck Official Website

frontclouders codete cloudinary - Paweł Dyrek

We couldn’t get enough of Doug Sillars who is Cloudinary’s product expert and knows probably everything about it (seriously, we were positively overwhelmed!) so for the last talk we went to “Fast and Beautiful: Modern Image Delivery Techniques Stream”. His second presentation changed focus to images. Besides pointing out some hilarious bad-practice examples he also explained how you can measure your website media performance, what are the reliable metrics and what you can do to improve them.

All of those awesome talks ended with Q&A. We had some flying unicorns all over the place for the most active participants and smartest questions – it was a challenge but you faced it very well!

Finishing touch for the evening? Extraordinary food (burgers and sandwiches), a space to talk with our lecturers and Cloudinary’s guests to dive more into presentations and tools that they made.

The whole evening was one of the best! There were almost 100 people there, we had some fun, we had a chance to get to know each other and bring you closer to things that we do on our daily basis.

frontclouders meetup - After Party frontclouders codete cloudinary

Save the date for the ShIThappens #3 Meetup

We are not slowing down, so be prepared for the June and ShIThappens #3 in Cracow. Stay tuned and watch closely our Facebook Page!


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