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Tech in 2023: Here’s What Is Going To Really Matter

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07/02/2023 |

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Dominika Reszke,

Piotr Wawryka

The year 2022 was a significant one, also technology-wise, and a 2023 trend forecast concerning this area is very interesting, too. Of course, there are certain tech or IT trends for 2023 that we should pay special attention to, and some of lesser importance. 

The beginning of a new year is certainly the right time to take a sneak peek at tech trends, and Codete – an IT consulting and software development company that helps organizations accelerate their growth through technology – is surely the right guide to the tendencies in the world of tech.

It’s good to know what is going to really matter in tech soon – to make use of the trends best and get prepared for these developments in advance. But what’s exactly in the cards for 2023? Let’s have a brief look at tech trends in some of the most head-turning technologies of the coming months.


Table of contents:

  1. Tech in 2023 – a sneak peek
  2. Tech trends – forecast for 2023
  3. Tech trends for 2023 wrapped up

Tech in 2023 – a sneak peek

Digital transformation is on the rise, and new emerging technologies appear on the horizon one by one. Plus, the existing technologies continue to grow, expand and change our world lightning-fast. Cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, 5G, nanotechnology, and robotics – are only some of the biggest smash hits of the last decade in this regard.

In 2023, we’ll certainly hear more about these technologies, but they will reappear in new shapes and in the form of new devices, tools, or gadgets. Some of the buzzwords worth following in 2023 include AI-led growth, Blockchain, and VR, to name but a few interesting areas to look out for.

Tech trends forecast for 2023

In 2023, emerging technologies will still be trending, and we may expect significant developments in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, Web3, Quantum Computing, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, 3D printing, and virtual or augmented reality.

Inevitably, sustainability – or “the balance between the environment, equity, and economy” – still will be king. Indeed, sticking to sustainable resources and „sustainable technology” in general not only can bring relief for the planet but also sustainable growth for a business. There are many ways technology can support sustainability – you can read more about it in Codete’s insightful article on the top 5 applications of AI and Data Science in EnergyTech

Now, let’s look at the most exciting predictions regarding specific industries or areas – the technological improvements in farming, Blockchain, VR, and healthcare. These areas have already undergone rapid development in recent years, but further advances are on their way.

The future of farming technology

The farming industry has been experiencing a technological revolution on all fronts. Complex data analyses and AI-led growth are already there, and so are GPS technologies that adjust the use of fertilizers or control how much cattle eat, machine learning used for predicting crop response, or the Internet of Things that enhances sensors reporting on soil conditions in real time.

In 2023, we may expect the trend of precision agriculture to grow. Spraying, crop scouting, livestock monitoring, seeding drones, automatic harvesting – with robots replacing strawberry pickers, GPS collars with cameras attached, and autonomous electric tractors will undoubtedly be in greater use in the future.

The bottom line of these efforts is, of course, to make agriculture more efficient and lucrative. To achieve that, farmers need to stop relying on unpredictable factors like weather conditions or soil properties and control the use of fertilizers, herbicides, or water more precisely. And the razor-sharp precision of high-tech farming tools and devices will certainly be a holy grail for their manufacturers.

The future of Blockchain technology

Compared to cutting-edge farming technology, Blockchain use is way more encompassing and widespread. Coming out of the cryptocurrency boom and initially associated mainly with Bitcoin, it started to affect surprisingly many aspects of our lives and industries.

For example, Blockchain becomes a game-changer in tourism, helping streamline processes and services that are very much fragmented, like car rentals, flights, or hotel reservations. Another crucial area is banking and finance, as Blockchain has the power to facilitate things like digital payment models or cross-border payments swiftly.

In 2023, this technology is poised to change commerce even further, making supply chains more efficient, transactions smoother, and online frauds – more challenging to carry out. Near real-time frictionless transactions, with intermediaries removed, are to change ways of making business, too.

But, first of all, the security-oriented Blockchain will be used for verification purposes as well as sensitive data exchange, maintenance, storage, and protection. Blockchain is commonly regarded as immensely secure, and thus possibilities to use it in processes like digital identity verification seem to be countless.

Obviously, Blockchain will enhance cybersecurity and cloud storage, making their adoption very beneficial for particular organizations. Very soon, companies may be forced to use Blockchain-based technologies not only to stay ahead of competitors but to stay afloat.

The future of technology in healthcare

Interestingly, the Blockchain – or distributed ledger that stores transactions in a chain of blocks – technology may also further enhance the healthcare sector. It will probably soon improve health documentation by providing secure encryption techniques. Moreover, Blockchain can potentially make remote patient monitoring more accessible.

But it’s not only Blockchain that’s involved in the MedTech revolution. For example, it's the Internet of Things that is used in many healthcare tools, devices, and wearables, such as remote health monitors, insulin pens, hearables (that mimic hearing aids), and ingestible sensors – tiny computer chips that are swallowed by patients.

In 2023, such tools and gadgets will become more accessible, and their possibilities will broaden. That’s the case of smartwatches that not only are to monitor heart rate or blood oxygen levels but detect heart failure called left-ventricular dysfunction and, possibly, even cancer, as well as early signs of developing flu or cold.

Healthcare will surely become more flexible – with telehealth, medical data transmissions, and remote diagnostic tools available even when the COVID-19 pandemic is over. MedTech will also help solve some of the major problems that health systems worldwide deal with, like shortages of health professionals.

Interestingly, healthtech is one of the major areas that Codete focuses on and specializes in. There are many advanced healthtech projects our company is proud to have been engaged in. The most noteworthy ones include: 

  • Infofinder – a system that optimizes and performs all the essential logistics behind administering the right dose of the right drug to the right patient,
  • Cardiac Healthcare Application – a mobile app designed to improve medical research in cardiac healthcare, as well as gather and store sensitive clinical data.

The future of VR technology

Yet now, virtual reality, associated with the use of distinctive headsets, is not only about entertainment, gaming, art, and the media. VR is present in surprisingly many places and spaces – like medicine, education, industry, or even the armed forces.

Although VR lets users get immersed in a variety of totally artificial digital experiences, it’s still seen as rather a niche tech. But soon, it is to take off worldwide and conquer many markets as more and more household names – like Google, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung, or Apple – engage and invest in virtual reality technology.

In the foreseeable future, VR devices are to get more personalized and more affordable but, at the same time, more powerful and realistic. They will probably get cable-free and offer access to real-time HD images and screens of huge resolution. We may also expect that some flaws like clipping or side effects like motion sickness will be reduced.

In general, the future seems to be bright for virtual reality. Still, if you’re planning to carry out a project that involves VR, it’s good to keep track of the current developments in this area. Although VR is trending, there’s no guarantee that spectacular success is just around the corner, just as Meta’s example shows.

Tech trends for 2023 wrapped up

Inevitably, emerging technologies will underpin more and more areas of our lives and a growing number of industries, organizations, and mobile apps. Cutting-edge technologies will embrace both physical objects and the virtual world, with augmented and mixed reality growing stronger. Providing innovation and delivering immersive experiences may be critical to succeed in tech in 2023.

In the next decade, more high-tech companies will also have to align their operations and their products to the necessity to curb carbon emissions due to climate change. This will simply become something expected by consumers, and golden standard organizations will have to keep.

Want to keep track of the most recent developments in the tech industry? If you need further advice on how they may enhance your business and accelerate its growth, contact Codete now.

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Piotr Wawryka

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