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Techie's Space by Codete: a Place for Tech Community

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06/05/2022 |

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Dominika Mizerska

More than a decade on the market let Codete become one of the most recognizable software houses in Poland. What stays behind this success is definitely the Codeters team, but also an unconventional approach to the employees. We are more than a software house – says the company’s motto, and – looking at the implemented solutions – it’s hard to disagree.

Take a look at Techie’s – one of the most unique resto-bars in Cracow. Join us and gain a bunch of reasons to visit Na Zjeździe 11 street in Cracow Podgórze (again & again).


Codete – more than a software house

Constant development in the Polish and international market that lasts for over 10 years – that is how Codete runs. From the very beginning, our idea was to create something more than a traditional IT company. This goal is supported by the motto: We are a tech community, and by having it in mind, we want to keep building the best place to work.

tacos code tequila at techies e1bb03efab
Techie's motto: tacos, code & tequila

This background shows clearly the circumstances of creating Techies – an atmospheric resto-bar localized in the Cracow Codete’s headquarters. In the center of the Podgórze district, a unique spot was set up where both IT enthusiasts and professionals can meet, get to know each other, share interests and boost their careers.


What happens at Techie’s (doesn’t have to) stay at Techie’s

Techie’s resto-bar was created as a result of the combination of two crucial factors. One of them was a need to build a space dedicated to tech-community representatives. Codete’s leaders have been wondering if a perfect match between professional relationships and friendship is possible, and that’s why Techie’s came to their minds.

“Since the very beginning, we’ve seen Techie’s as a place to cooperate, work and make friendships. There’s no better way of achieving professional success than to do it while working in a well-integrated team” – says Agnieszka Jakubiczka, HR & Recruitment Director at Codete.

Although the first mentions of Techie’s appeared in 2021, the place was officially launched in January 2022. Since then, our tech community regularly organizes IT meetups, webinars, and workshops both online and offline. This variety of means of communication lets Codete organize events no matter what the circumstances are. It was plainly visible and effective, especially during the pandemic when the company’s calendar remained filled with many initiatives.

For these 12 years on the market we’ve been constantly growing, and after a mandatory break in offline meetups and events caused by the pandemic, today we can finally come back to organizing stationary events.


Techie’s: our non-material benefit

At Codete, we’re doing our best to take care of our employees. That’s why we’re giving them plenty of chances to grow and develop skills. We know that the best place to work can be created not only by regular, material benefits like health insurance or sports cards, but also (or maybe even MORE) by these non-material perks. Techie’s can definitely be included in the second group.

codete team at techies aa1670c82f
Become a part of Codete team! Browse our job opportunities at >>

A non-corporate atmosphere better known as friendly vibes only makes this place special, and that’s why it’s crowded every day. Despite the fact that Techie’s is officially a part of Codete, this resto-bar is open for everyone: Codeters, future Codeters, and non-Codeters. Each visit is a chance for getting to know developers, recruiters and IT enthusiasts all in one place. Because at Codete we’re more than colleagues – we’re friends!

Techie’s is a place where you can get to know more about the company. While grabbing beer, you can meet developers and recruiters in their natural environment. Are you thinking about changing your professional path? Are you looking for a turning point in a challenging project? It’s a perfect place to find it all. Just chat a bit with Codeters and find a job opportunity tailored to your needs. Check out our current software developer job opportunities at  >>

What Techie’s really is?

At Codete, Techie’s is one of the keywords. Constantly repeated in conversations, being mentioned while chatting and drinking morning coffee, quite often appeared in e-mails. We’re absolutely not surprised, because it’s Techie’s that makes our company unique.

But it’s worth knowing what Techie’s really is and what’s the difference between Techie’s and Techie’s Space. So – here we come!

Techie’s itself is a resto-bar where the previously mentioned series of IT meetups and other events is regularly organized. It’s located on Na Zjeździe 11 street, in the Podgórze district, on the ground floor of Codete’s headquarters.

“In 2021, we decided to create a place where technology enthusiasts can meet, talk, and grab something delicious to eat and drink – and that’s how Techie’s was born.” 

– Artur Olechowski, Managing Director at Codete

As Techie’s Space, on the other hand, we understand a tech community that includes IT enthusiasts and professionals who want to share their interests, hobbies and experiences.

“It’s a reflection of Codete’s perception of working in IT – (...) people want to come [here] and learn from each other in a good atmosphere.” 

– Justyna Adach, Communication Manager at Codete

Techie’s Space is also an initiative – a space where many events take place, and where everyone can exchange their knowledge with others.

As part of Techie’s Space, we organize a series of meetings called Meetup at Techie’s.

It’s dedicated to professionals and those who would like to start their adventure with coding. Join us and see the software house behind the scene. During each meetup there’s a chance not only to get to know something new on your business path, but also to make new relationships in a casual atmosphere.

techies space fullstack developers meetup 0156c8479f
Recap from one of Techie's Space meetups

At Techie’s Space we’re open to new challenges, and that’s why we invite you to organize your own event here too. Let’s grab a beer or a snack, and give us details of what you’d like to arrange with us! Every last Wednesday of the month there’s also a boarding games event open to everyone. Meet Codeteres and win the title of the boarding games master!

Both names – Techie’s and Techie’s Space – came from the term techie.

Techie, techy [noun, informal] – a person who is very knowledgeable or enthusiastic about technology and especially high technology.


In this single word the whole idea of the Codete’s course of action is included. Behind the motto: “We are more than a software house” there is a group of creative people, who would like to link the casual atmosphere of the IT environment  with the most modern development solutions. Only one thing could arise from such a combination – a company that instead of being a corporation where everyone feels anonymous, turns out to be a perfect place to work.

Techie’s – Codeters-friendly space

Although Techie’s is a place open to any IT and retro vibes enthusiast, originally it was designed as a crucial part of the Codete’s headquarters in Cracow. This is where our employees can meet each other, grab a beer after shift, or chat a bit during lunch break. 

techies breakfast for codete 8b580df6fa
Codete monthly breakfast at Techie's

To strengthen the sense of community, every Codeter has a unique card with Codete’s logo and an individual QR code. It guarantees a 20% discount for snacks & drinks, and a 10% discount for alcohol at the bar. Spending time with friends and colleagues has never been so easy (and cheap) before!

But don’t worry, the Techie’s team doesn’t forget about all the guests of our meetups and cyclical events that take place at the resto-bar, too! This is why every occasion means a small surprise for the new and always-comers. Feel the beat of the 80s and 90s, enjoy the meetup, share your knowledge and experience. This is what Techie’s was set up for, right? And who knows how we will surprise you next time…?


Techie’s design – what does it look like?

While thinking about Techie’s, what comes to the guests’ minds are the memories of the past. That’s exactly what we wanted to achieve – evoking a feeling of nostalgia in guests, bringing them back to their childhood.

techies interiors ba66d11ca0
Techie's nostalgic interiors
techies gadgets b4a50b5336
Can you spot the computer insides on the wall?

The atmosphere of Techie’s was created based on the climate of the 80s and 90s. Characteristic, vintage furniture, pastel colors on the walls, well-known electronic games (Mario rules!), a projector instead of a modern TV screen… All of this makes our resto-bar (more than) a bit old-fashioned, but in a way that definitely brings smiles to our faces.

“[Early 80s and 90s] was the time when technology started to enter our homes and influence our daily lives” – Artur Olechowski explains the idea of Techie’s interior design.

Networking & learning = perfect match

Techie’s remains open to Codete’s initiatives, but not only. If you feel like organizing your event here, but you don’t work with us (yet ;)) don’t hesitate. We can offer you one of two rooms: 40 or 80 m2, so you can choose how much space you really need. Projector, flipchart, screens and way more are ready to be used. Invite your guests, share announcements on social media and set up the most anticipated event of the season with us!

Food (and more) with a twist

Techie’s wouldn’t be a real resto-bar if not for the menu, of course. It contains all you can think about while having in mind fusion between modernity and the past. Freshly prepared, colorful tacos with meat and vegetarian fillings. Crispy and spicy nachos and fires. Chicken, pork, beef, seafood… Here everyone can find something for themselves. 

Mexican food with Californian twist – that’s how the Techie’s menu could be summarized in only a few words. But it’s not about describing – it’s about tasting!

techies bar 0a2ed30b46
See you at the bar at Techie's!

As a key part of Codete headquarters, Techie’s team doesn’t forget about Codeters. From Monday to Friday, between 12 pm and 4 pm they offer lunches in a vegetarian and meat version. The lunch offer changes everyday, and if you want to keep updated – follow Techies Kraków on their social media.

There’s no perfect meal without beverages:

  • 14 taps with different craft beers and bottled beers as well
  • Wide selection of tequilas and wines
  • Original cocktails
  • Hot beverages and soft drinks including freshly squeezed juices

Techie’s bartenders know what you need, and they’re ready to serve it from 12 pm to 12 am throughout the whole week.

After a few hours of tasting, it’s time for a bit of fun. It’s waiting for you in our chillout room, just around the corner. Active break with table football or just lazy rest? It’s up to you, but whatever you’ll choose, our chillout room is ready!

At Codete we believe that there’s no better way of integration and learning than in a non-official atmosphere. At Techie’s, friendly vibes are all around, and music hits from the 80s and 90s won’t let you sit for too long. Join us for the first time or come back as soon as possible. Follow the Facebook fanpage to be sure that any of our initiatives won’t pass you by.

See you at Techie’s!

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Dominika Mizerska d75c6e7ac9

Dominika Mizerska

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