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The Benefits of IT Consulting for Small and Medium Businesses

Dawid Pacholczyk 3622ceab56

16/02/2023 |

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Dawid Pacholczyk

Professional consulting services are not for large companies only, and IT consulting for small businesses is becoming a growing part of the market these days. The truth is that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) need various types of advice, otherwise, they may be in big trouble as – statistically – a huge amount of them don’t even survive the first year. 

In Poland, as many as about 30% of SMEs don’t make it past year one. However, it’s vital to keep as many of these new companies alive, as they make up nearly half of Poland's GDP. Openness to new technologies is definitely one of the ways to stay competitive and stay afloat.

This article will explore IT consulting advantages for small and medium businesses (SMBs), including increased efficiency, cost savings, and access to expertise. It will also discuss how IT consulting can help small and medium companies stay competitive in today's digital landscape.


Table of contents:

1. IT consulting for small businesses in brief

2. How SMEs can benefit from IT consulting

3. Staying competitive in the digital era with IT consultants

4. IT consulting by Codete: an all-encompassing offer

5. IT consulting services – key takeaways


IT consulting for small businesses in brief

In times of digital transformation, more and more small and medium companies need professional advice on IT-related issues. IT consulting firms provide consulting services in all areas of information technology, and IT consulting is sometimes referred to as technology consulting.

Spending money on IT consulting services may seem an unnecessary expense for many small businesses’ owners or managers, while, in fact, they should treat it as an important and multi-faceted investment. There are a lot of areas that professional IT consulting may enhance and improve.

Some of them cover software development and implementation services, security systems handling, as well as managing operating systems, databases, networks, virtual platforms, and server infrastructure, to name but a few IT consulting services available. 

And the benefits of IT consulting for SMBs are countless.

How SMEs can benefit from IT consulting

There are many ways small and medium companies can benefit from hiring a full-fledged IT consulting company. Let’s shed light on some of them.

Increased efficiency

Optimized processes, new systems, or best tech tools for small and midsize businesses that are well-suited to these organizations’ business goals, market position, and other circumstances – can all be gained thanks to professional tech consulting.

Of course, all these can add up to the increased efficiency of a company’s day-to-day and ultimate operations. IT infrastructure – as well as people who use it – gets more efficient, which may quickly translate into significant cost savings and revenue increases.

Limited risk

The post-COVID world – where people work remotely or shop online way more often than before – offers huge opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of this switch to online services or workplaces. However, it also poses a huge threat – in terms of safety – to all parties involved.

Luckily, the right IT consultants can help make all data on your company’s computers and network secure, minimizing the risk of cyber threats, and advising on which technology to use in which case. For example, AI systems can be used by SMEs for things like cyber incident detection and response, email spam filters, securing authentication, or fake customer reviews identification and handling.

Cost savings

Preventing a disaster in the long run is one thing, and saving money now is another. You save money by outsourcing IT consulting because hiring an in-house tech specialist full-time would cost you way more. Most probably, you don’t need to have this person on board permanently, anyway.

Besides, it would be very difficult to find the right person – that is competent and experienced enough, and had to deal with various clients, industries, and market circumstances – and that is what a professional, full-fledged IT consultant can certainly offer.

Access to unique expertise

Indeed, access to the right information is something that is simply invaluable. It lies behind many spectacular financial successes and has helped build many fortunes. But you don’t have to run a multimillion business to take tangible advantage of it.

On a more mundane, down-to-earth note, the unique expertise IT consultants offer can save you from serious (and very costly) cyber threats. Also, you may get a significant competitive edge by choosing the right software, creating a cutting-edge platform, or enhancing an app for making orders.

Staying competitive in the digital era with IT consultants

In today's digital landscape, you need to be bold and act fast to keep afloat. Flexibility counts, too, as the technologies that are trending – and clients expect you to use or offer – change lightning-fast. Tech-wise, things can be very different even in a few months’ time, so staying alert is vital.

Of course, you can’t be a master of all trades, and it’s better for you to focus on expanding your business and let IT experts do their job for you. IT consultants’ assistance is especially important if your company has to operate in extremely competitive markets, like e-commerce and retail, where there are thousands of similar entities offering similar products.

How to get noticed and succeed? Yes, it’s marketing and customer service that matter, but they are powered by IT infrastructure, systems, platforms, and applications, that can make a huge difference – for the clients, your employees, and the revenue.

Let’s take Poland as an example.

Interestingly, many small and medium enterprises in this country already use Information and Communications Technology, but that’s still not enough.

According to PARP (that is, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development), 19.1% of small and 45.5% of medium enterprises in Poland hired ICT specialists in 2020. Also, 27.5% of medium businesses used the Internet of Things, and 12% – robots and robotic devices. 

As far as Poland is concerned, 67.3% of small and 87.5% of medium companies have their own websites, while only 37.7% of medium and 20.6% of small companies use cloud computing. This PARP’s 2020 data clearly indicates a huge room for improvement – and a need for IT consulting, on various levels.

IT consulting by Codete: an all-encompassing offer

Codete – a renowned IT consulting and software development company – can be very helpful in many areas that are vital for SMEs. Our business consultants have vast experience in advising companies of all sizes, from all over the world, to tackle tech issues. We’ve helped organizations representing virtually all industries, including E-commerce and Retail, Logistics and Transportation, Travel and Hospitality, and Advertising and Marketing.

Some of the consulting services we offer include digital product vision workshops (to define a workable schedule, budget, or IT consultancy business plan), CTO as a Service (for business owners who require assistance in developing a sound IT strategy), and auditing.

IT consulting by Codete >

As for the audit and consulting services, we can provide a thorough analysis of your company’s software development process, code, infrastructure, and potential for digital success. At the end, you get a comprehensive report on prospective product enhancements, performance improvements, cost and risk reduction strategies, and ways to verify the feasibility of your product idea.

IT consulting services – key takeaways

The decision to invest in an IT consulting service may not be easy for SMEs’ owners and managers, but, in fact, it’s one of the best decisions they can make in their professional lives. And in the lives of their businesses – that can soon be over without professional guidance. Appropriate actions are necessary so that the company remains competitive.

The small vs medium-sized business opposition is not important here. As a great deal of small and medium companies only survives for several months, it’s crucial to get professional advice in advance or at the initial stage of the organization’s existence.

Very often, the company’s location is bad, the funds are insufficient, or the product it offers doesn’t satisfy any vital needs. However, in times of digital transformation, the new business may simply not be aligned with the challenges of modernity. And IT consultants may quickly change it.

How does technology help your business, be it small or medium? Professional IT consultants provide – huge expertise and practical guidelines to make your business kick off with a bang. Of course, if you've made it and it’s up and running today, it doesn’t mean that you’re secure – you still need a safety net and a helping hand to rest assured. And IT consultants are ready to give it to you.

Want to make your company better prepared for the challenges of modernity and digital transformation? If you’re interested in IT consulting – or consulting services of other types – don’t hesitate to contact Codete now.

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Dawid Pacholczyk 3622ceab56

Dawid Pacholczyk

Consulting Manager at Codete with over 15 years of experience in the IT sector and a strong technical background. Seasoned in working with multinational companies. Ph.D. student and lecturer at Polish-Japanese Academy of IT, focused on software architecture, software development and management.

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