The University Hospital in Krakow has officially started testing Medtransfer, the platform for contactless transfer of medical imaging test results, with their patients. We’re proud to be Medtransfer’s technological partner. 

Medtransfer enables secure and convenient transfer of medical images such as MRI and CT scans or mammograms without leaving home, via the internet. 

Medical imaging files are usually too large to fit in an email. They need to be delivered personally or through the traditional post or courier service. It’s always time-consuming, and in the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, it can simply be dangerous, especially to people with weakened immune systems. To send the files through Medtransfer it only takes a computer with internet access and a web browser — says Innocenta Dźwierzyńska, founder of the platform. 

How does it work?

The platform is based on cloud computing. To send test results, one only has to upload them to the platform, set a time limit, and generate a special link to be shared with a chosen person (for example, the doctor). The person will be able to view the files after they enter a unique security code. 

university hospital krakow - codete - medtransfer
Codete’s board of directors with Medtransfer’s founder Innocenta Dźwierzyńska and Marcin Jędrychowski, director of the University Hospital in Krakow (photo courtesy of the University Hospital in Krakow)

We’ve been collaborating with the University Hospital in Krakow on the development of Medtransfer since July 2020. The hospital’s experts are helping us in testing the already existing functionalities as well as those in progress, such as AI-powered analysis of medical imaging results or data science-based solutions. 

Testing Medtransfer with patients started on November 4th, 2020. Together with the hospital’s employees, they will try the current basic functionality of the platform, that is cloud-based file transfer. The tests are planned to last for three months. 

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You can also read more about the project in our Medtransfer — digital health case study

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