There’s no denying that the process of building software is complex and includes steps such as design, development, or testing, that require the expertise of various professionals. That’s why so many companies looking to develop applications turn to specialized software development agencies that know the ins and outs of this process.

While some software companies focus on a particular aspect of software production (for example, the frontend or backend), others take on more general software projects or deliver IT consulting services.

Read this article if you’d like to know what services software companies provide to their clients and how to pick the best provider for your project.

What are the types of software companies?

IT companies come in different shapes and sizes. Still, it’s possible to broadly classify them into two distinct types: service-based companies and product-based companies.

Product-based companies

These are businesses that work on their own products and deliver them to end-users, which can be both businesses and individual customers. Such companies invest time and money into developing the out-of-the-box solutions which they can later configure and implement on the client’s side. They create software which can be later used by other companies to solve different business problems.

Google or Microsoft are excellent examples of product-based companies. They both offer a broad range of out-of-the-box solutions that can be customized and configured to match specific business needs.

However, out-of-the-box solutions have their limitations, and licensing is often quite expensive, especially if your company doesn’t end up using all of the included components (which is a very common case).

Businesses that want to build a tailor-made solution that addresses their unique requirements usually turn to providers of custom software development services: the service-based companies.

Service-based companies

Such companies work directly for businesses and provide them with a wide range of services – for example, development of custom software projects or delivery of technical expertise in the form of team extension/argumentation, dedicated teams, or project teams.

Here are a few benefits of working with service-based companies:

  • The advantage of working with such companies is that you don’t need to worry about any overhead costs such as salaries, workstations, hardware, or software. It’s all the responsibility of the software development company.
  • Software agencies hire skilled and experienced software developers, but they also invest a lot in their professional growth.
  • When teaming up with a specialized software development agency, you get access to top talent and can leverage the company’s internal expertise acquired through the delivery of many projects.
  • Such companies have extensive experience in building custom software and can assist you in many different areas – from product development and UX/UI design to software architecture and QA processes.

What does a software company do?

Now that you know the two different types of software companies, it’s time to take a closer look at what they actually do on a daily basis. Here are the most common activities of software development companies.

Building software solutions

This is the primary area of focus for every software agency. Such companies usually specialize in a few areas and types of software – for example, web development, mobile development, or fintech

Software agencies often specialize in specific technologies like machine learning or blockchain. They build solutions for various industries and types of organizations, from startups, through small and mid-size businesses (SMBs), to large enterprises.

Developing web applications and corporate systems

Software companies also design and develop advanced websites and corporate systems used by enterprises to automate tasks and provide access to resources on the go thanks to the cloud technologies. Such corporate web-based systems help organizations increase productivity, facilitate workflow management, and boost their bottom line.

Delivering Business intelligence tools

Many software agencies offer expertise in building data science solutions. Data is valuable resource organizations have, but make the most of it they need specialized software able to unlock insights from large data sets. This is where software companies come in. They built data science solutions such as analytical reports, dashboards, and Business Intelligence tools that help their clients implement data-driven decision-making.

IT consultancy

Many software agencies provide their clients with advice for managing their software systems and architectures, building custom solutions, or driving innovation. The primary aim of consultancy services is taking the business to the next level by optimizing analytics, processes, and workflows with specialized software solutions.

What are the services provided by IT companies?

Let’s have a look at the most common software development services chosen by the clients of software development agencies.

Web development

Web development refers to building digital products that operate in web environments. It can be a simple website or a complex web application that includes dozens of services locked in a sophisticated architecture. The emergence of innovative web technologies and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allowed developers to build websites that plug into countless useful features. Moreover, web development services can now deliver applications to mobile devices that feel native and work smoothly.

Mobile development

Another key area in software development today focuses on building applications for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The world of mobile app development is basically divided into two operating systems: Android and iOS. Developers can also build cross-platform applications or hybrid applications that take advantage of web technologies, for example, Progressive Web Apps. Mobile development is a versatile discipline where products range from mobile games to corporate systems.

Data science

Another key area of software development today is data science. Organizations of all sizes to generate plenty of data, but they can only unlock their value if they build analytics tools with the help of data scientists and software developers. To get actionable insights from data, data scientists mine and manipulate data with the help of analytical approaches, which are then used to build software solutions. Some of this software takes advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning that enable predictive analytics and help companies to become more proactive in delivering services to their end-users.

Application development

This service focuses on building applications that perform on traditional desktop operating systems such as Mac, Windows, or Linux. These applications work within the operating system of machines and assist the daily functionalities of organizations. While some companies prefer to have all of their applications in the cloud, others choose server-based apps for security and other reasons.

Embedded systems

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology means that everyday objects can now be connected to the internet. And that’s why the development of embedded systems has become such a rapidly growing area of software development. This type of activity requires specific coding skills for embedded systems such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Embedded software specializes targets the particular software the machines or devices run on.

Cloud computing

Another key service offered by software development companies relates to cloud technologies. Traditionally, files were stored locally on personal computers or local servers. Today, businesses are starting to embrace cloud computing services and take advantage of networks of remote service servers hosted on the internet to store and manage data. Software developers who deliver such services build solutions that integrate with cloud storage applications such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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What are the examples of services delivered by Codete?

We have been delivering software development services to a wide range of clients for many years. Our experience allowed us to shape our service offer in a way that matches the demands of companies that want to drive growth and innovation with technology.

Here are five of the most popular services our clients choose to power their business with software solutions.

1. IT consulting

Our IT consulting services can empower your development teams with critical know-how to give your business a productivity boost. We have IT and business experts on board who are able to provide tailor-made insights that have an immediate impact on the cost and quality of operations. We have been chosen as an IT-for-business partner by leading companies in a variety of sectors, delivering our expertise to support our clients’ digital transformation journeys.

2. Dedicated software development teams

We set up teams of dedicated software specialists who serve as your external IT department. Dedicated teams are the cornerstone of IT processes outsourcing because such teams are fully scalable and flexible. We always adjust the project management methodology to your needs and keep paperwork to a minimum.

3. IT team extension

We can expand the skills set of your internal IT teams with experts who specialize in specific areas or cutting-edge technologies. This service is perfect for companies looking to boost their IT processes with extra talent and keep up their momentum in business growth.

4. IT training

Our software engineers are encouraged to give presentations at IT conferences and events. They’re experienced educators who can deliver training sessions and workshops to companies looking to boost their internal resources within a short time-frame.

5. Research & Development

To stay competitive in their sectors, organizations set up internal R&D departments and invest in bold spin-off initiatives. Our experts help corporate clients to stay up to date with modern business digitization solutions and help them achieve up to 50% early-stage development cost cut down thanks to our support.

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Checklist for choosing a software services provider 

Now you know what services a software development company can deliver to your business. But how do you choose the right provider for your project? Here’s a checklist of things you should take into account when picking the company you can trust to develop great software for your business.

  1. Does the company have the right experience for your project? Check the portfolio page and ask for references from previous or current clients. Read the company’s reviews on and The Manifest. Check out the company’s work on Behance or Dribbble.
  2. Has the company received any awards or recognition? You need to be sure that the agency has the skills and know-how to deliver your project successfully.
  3. Does the company work in the technologies you need? If you’d like to develop a blockchain app, look for an agency that specializes in blockchain development.
  4. What is the company’s team size? Pick an agency that is the right size for you as a company. If you choose a software company that is too small, you risk that they’re not going to be able to support your project. A large company, on the other hand, might not pay enough attention to your project.

We hope this guide helps you to pick the best software development company for your project.

Contact us if you’re looking for skilled and experienced IT teams; we have an excellent track record in assisting companies in various IT areas to help them make the most of technology for business growth.

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