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What is Software Reporter Tool Used for in Chrome?

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03/11/2021 |

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Dominika Reszke

For those not acquainted with the issue, the Software Reporter Tool in Task Manager is something often regarded as problematic and overburdening the information system. That’s why regular Google Chrome web browser users frequently look for tips on how to disable the Software Reporter Tool over the web, like it was a virus.

Well… It’s there for a reason. It’s used primarily for safety purposes as it aims to report Chrome’s encounters with suspicious (problematic or conflicting) applications or malicious software that could potentially threaten the system.

In fact, Chrome Software Reporter is a legitimate clean-up tool (but not an antivirus software!), built-in within the Chrome browser. It is downloaded along with Chrome installation and thus Chrome users usually are not even aware of its existence.

They often first hear about it when they are trying to figure out why their system has slowed down that much. The answer to this question and the reason for the disc’s and processor’s significant overburdening may be no more, no less than Software Reporter Tool.


Table of contents:

1. Software Reporter Tool in a nutshell

2. Disabling Software Reporter Tool – a few simple steps

3. Chrome Software Reporter Tool boiled down

1. Software Reporter Tool in a nutshell

But what is Software Reporter Tool, in detail? What is the Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool used for? In short, it is an analytical part of the Chrome Cleanup Tool that scans the computer’s disc and reports the data collected back to Google. This may include detecting browser modification issues and instances such as:

  • conflicting applications
  • problematic plugins
  • any other suspicious or unauthorized addons
  • malicious software
  • switched homepages

Following this scanning process, computer users may be informed about the need for cleaning it up – with the use of the Chrome Cleanup Tool – via the Chrome browser.

Software Reporter Tool, a security measure that safeguards personal computers, is also a part of the Google package. Technically, it is an executable file – software_reporter_tool.exe – that can be found in the Chrome device data folder (SwReporter tab), by clicking on Run.

2. Disabling Software Reporter Tool – a few simple steps

If it’s so beneficial, why would anyone want to prevent Software Reporter Tool from running and doing its job? Well, the latter may simply be performed at a time that isn’t right but very inconvenient for the computer users. Also, in some cases, Software Reporter Tool high CPU usage may exceed a staggering 90%. Moreover, SRT’s work may slow down the computer for as long as several dozen minutes, which applies primarily to older PCs.

If that’s too much for you, you can disable the Software Reporter Tool. This way, you’ll get a lot of the computer's memory and speed back. But is it really worth it? When you’ve finished, problematic applications may not be detected anymore, which may pose a risk for your computer’s users and the PC itself.

If, being aware of all pros and cons of taking this step, you still have a dream of disabling the Software Reporter Tool, there are a few simple yet effective ways to make it come true. It may be done, among others, through Chrome Settings, via the Security tab, by editing the system’s registry, using the DisallowRun Key, and by deleting or renaming the software_reporter_tool.exe file.

But maybe you don’t need to go that far. What can also help is simply performing a Chrome update and clearing its cache. Using the Software Removal tool might be beneficial, too.

3. Chrome Software Reporter Tool boiled down

There are many reasons why Software Reporter Tool exists, and why it’s smart to use it as well as some rights why it’s not that wonderful, with bogging down your computer topping the list. Just remember that many other safety measures that are there in our lives may be a little problematic, too, but still, we accept them – just to be on the safe side.

Yes, there are effective ways to disable the Chrome Software Reporter Tool, but if you do, you may get too vulnerable and overexposed to threats it was supposed to protect you from. By taking this step, you are losing all the beneficial functions and features that the whole Chrome Cleanup Tool brings. And if the possible risks can’t be detected, the negative outcomes they entail won’t be prevented.

Although many people may not even be aware of its existence, Google Software Reporter Tool is there – alive and kicking – safeguarding their PCs. And if they are not the newest ones and SRT slows them down significantly, it may be good to simply update Chrome and clear its cache (or clean up the Chrome App Data folder) before taking more serious steps like disabling or deleting the Software Reporter Tool Chrome uses.

For those who still hesitate for privacy concerns (sharing user data with Google) or security reasons, it’s worth mentioning that Chrome Software Reporter Tool is often dubbed „absolutely secure” and „digitally signed by Google”. But if you do disable the Software Reporter Tool, you definitely should become even more cautious than normally when over the web.

And what are your experiences with the Software Reporter Tool? Is it a blessing or a curse for Chrome users? If you were to disable it, what method would you choose?

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Dominika Reszke

IT Content Writer with 12 years of professional writing experience. Prefers facts and figures to any kind of fiction.

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