Data Engineer (14 000 - 17 000 PLN)
Workplace: Kraków, Lublin, Remote
Project Essentials
Hyperlocal community mobile app that shows you what's happening in your area in real-time. Already millions of users in Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, USA and many, many more! You can share all news, jokes, events, funny experiences and even lead discussions quick and easy. You can create a local community and strengthen your relations or reach worldwide with the community by your design. It's up to you. We just help.

B2b: 14 000 - 17 000 PLN NET
CoE: 11 000 - 14 000 PLN GROSS
Project Team Size: 5+
Technology stack used: Python, AWS, Kubernetes, MongoDB, Redis, ElastichSearch, Graylog, Promotheus, Grafana, Kafka, Cassandra, SQS, S3, Kinesis, Athena, Parquet, Presto, Redshift Glue, Luigi, Terraform, Ansible, Go, NodeJS
Experience & Knowledge
  • 3 years + of experience in Data Engineering, with a focus on data storage formats (Parquet, ORC or others), database (AWS Redshift, Druid or others), data pipelines (Luigi, Airflow or others) and
  • Working experience with Python and test-driven environment
  • Working experience with AWS data stack
  • You have experience in setting up monitoring systems (Grafana, Prometheus or others)
  • Experience in ETL processes
  • High SQL proficiency
  • You are interested in analytics and machine learning and feel confident in mapping different use cases and data requirements from these areas to the right technologies
  • When making decisions, you think about the future already and always keep scalability to the next order of magnitude in mind
  • You have business-oriented thinking and you keep a balance between costs and value
  • Technologies & skills
    Data Engineering
  • Working on the backbone of analytics and data science by supporting us in maintaining and growing a reliable, fast, and scalable data infrastructure processing hundreds of millions of interactions per day
  • Critically analyze where we stand today in terms of data infrastructure and plan together with us where we want to be in the future
  • Compare different technologies and tools to help constantly improve our data infrastructure
  • Work on data pipelines and processing of data
  • Use a combination of programming languages and database technologies to extract, transform, and load data
  • Make sure that we have dependable monitoring in place so that we always have a good overview on the entire data infrastructure and ETL processes
  • Being a key to a good decision making in the company which will have a direct impact on millions of users
  • Benefits
    At Codete we value your skills and passion you bring to our projects. On top of the competitive remuneration, we offer you additional benefits:
    Values & Atmosphere
    • fair & supportive community
    • individual career approach
    • international bussiness trips
    • social events & awaydays
    • support for your ideas
    Personal development
    • external conference participation
    • technical & soft skills trainings
    • switching between projects/technology
    • English courses
    • well-stocked internal library
    Health & Relax
    • health care package
    • MultiSport program
    • sport, fun & recreation events
    • chillout room
    • fresh fruits & juicer
    Knowledge & culture
    • open source initiatives
    • frequent CodeteCON Conferences
    • open R&D department initiatives
    Recruitment process
    We make an effort to assess your skills best and match them to a project which meets your expectations.
    Send your resume. Successful applicants will receive an invitation for a job interview in our office or remotely via Skype.
    Job interview
    You will meet our HR and Tech Recruiters. Your knowledge will be assessed during the interview process.
    Meeting with Product Owner
    You will find out more about the project and meet key people in the team.
    Welcome on board
    Extended feedback
    The Codete Evaluation Report™ is individually tailored for every candidate. It identifies strong points and possible deficiencies to work on with recommendations. CER is an extensive document, which will be sent by mail.
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